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  • Dead Rising 2 dev starting on “new action project”

    Dead Rising 2 developer Blue Castle Games is starting on a new “action project,” according to a job ad, requiring the successful applicant’s “finger” to be “on the pulse of open world and FPS games like Prince of Persia, Assassins Creed, Halo, and everything in between.” So that’s everything, then. Read the full thing on […]

  • Capcom releases a lovely fact sheet for Dead Rising 2

    Capcom has released a fact sheet for Dead Rising 2, and it provides you with a background story on our new hero, ex-motocross rider Chuck Greene, and the zombie outbreak in Fortune City. Here is just a smidgen: Like millions of Americans, Chuck is gripped by the TV sensation that is Terror is Reality. Hosted […]

  • Multiplayer details emerge for Dead Rising 2

    You’ve heard about the moose head helmet, the weapons, the wheelchair, and many other wonderful things regarding Dead Rising 2 this morning, but now comes some more details on the multiplayer aspect. Turns out, a series of multiplayer challenges for up to four players online include “jumping into giant hamster balls and mowing down the […]

  • Capcom “spice” is intact for Dead Rising 2, says Inafune

    Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune has assured fans that Dead Rising 2, despite being made in North America, won’t betray the ‘flavor’ of the original Japanese game. “[Blue Castle Games] really understood the Japanese flavor that made Dead Rising so unique,” he said in the latest Capcom podcast, adding that the original team is still […]