Stuart Black ‘didn’t join Codemasters to make Bodycount,’ will have “something to show in New Year”

Stuart Black’s career in games development hasn’t progressed as smoothly as he would have liked. Since the release of Criterion’s Black in 2006, the well-known industry professional has struggled to make much of an impact. From Enemy Front to Bodycount, his projects haven’t turned out as planned. This is for a number of reasons.

Black headlines

  • Confirmed: Cosmos Black, Aqua Blue 3DS SKUs for European launch

    Nintendo’s just confirmed that Cosmos Black and Aqua Blue will be the colours of choice for the launch of 3DS in Europe in March.

  • Black: "We couldn't make Black 2"

    Bodycount boss Stuart Black has told OPM the prospect of revisiting his Criterion shooter, Black, is now an impossibility.

  • Black creator: Latest shooters are "fucking boring"

    Stuart Black, senior designer on EA Criterion’s Black, has told OXM that the latest shooters on the market are “fucking boring”.

  • Codemasters hires Black senior designer to work on new shooter IP

    Codemasters has confirmed to CVG that its hired Stuart Black to work on a brand new shooter IP for the studio.

  • Criterion: No more Black "any time soon"

    They probably get bored of saying it, but according to Burnout Paradise lead designer Craig Sullivan in the latest edition of D-Pad, Criterion isn’t working on a sequel to shooter Black and isn’t planning one in the near future. “Sorry to disappoint you, but as we’ve mentioned many times on our podcast we’re not looking […]

  • Black, Ninja Gaiden and Pirates! make US Live

    Microsoft’s confirmed that Black, Ninja Gaiden Black and Pirates! are going to be made available in the Xbox Originals section of America’s Live Marketplace on February 11. This is very cool. Black was brilliant, if mental, and a healthy diversion for Criterion from endless Burnout games. Ninja Gaiden Black’s one of the hardest games ever, […]