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  • Blur dev diary focuses on story progression

    Bizarre’s released a new video for its racer, Blur, which focuses on story progression.

  • Job listing shows Bizarre working on unannounced title

    Bizarre are working on a “unannounced title” right now, if a job listing for the Activision studio is proof.

  • USK listing outs online Blur demo

    A USK listing (as noticed by SI) has apparently revealed that Activision’s planning on online multiplayer demo for upcoming Bizarre racer, Blur.

  • EastEnders doctor says he plays Bond in the new game

    EastEnders’ Adam Croasdell has revealed to BBC Asia that he is playing James Bond in Bizarre Creations’ new game in the franchise. “Oddly enough I have just played James Bond in the new James Bond video game – how weird is that? I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m always into varying up […]

  • Eurocom CV reveals next Bond game is to do with Goldeneye

    If a CV from Eurocom staff member Craig Peck seems to indicate what we think it does, the next Bond game from Activision looks like it has something to do with Goldeneye. The CV shows: Eurocom Entertainment Software, Derby, United Kingdom July 09 – Sept 09 Animator – GoldenEye 2010 (Wii) Animator on Activision’s James […]

  • Blur video shows split screen co-op, powerups

    There’s a new video out for Blur, and it’s after the break, courtesy of BigDownload. It shows the different powerups you can use to outmaneuver your opponents. Also, it gives you a look at the four-player split screen multiplayer. Game’s out in 2010.

  • Acti pushes Blur into 2010

    Activision’s delayed Bizarre’s Blur, pushing the shoot-and-racer into 2010. “We are committed to making Blur a great new racing franchise, and we are very encouraged by the game’s design,” stated Mike Griffith, president and CEO of Activision Publishing. “The additional time will allow the studio to fully optimise the vision they set out to create […]

  • PAX 2009: Twitter support confirmed for Blur

    Bizarre Creations has announced Twitter support for its racer Blur. The news was confirmed during PAX today by Joystiq. No word on whether Twitter in the game will be integrated with Twitter on 360 this fall, but we sent a mail to see if we can find out more. Hit the link for the rest.

  • Pro Gotham Racing series has sold over 7 million units, Acti to pay $40m if Blur hits target

    Bizzare Creations associate producer Chris Pickford has revealed that the franchise has sold over seven million units to date. “We were absolutely astounded at how well Gotham 1 sold,” said Bizarre Creations associate producer Chris Pickford at Develop last week. “I think we projected that the game would sell around 500,000 units, but we absolutely […]

  • EA boss: Bizarre’s Blur is “completely underwhelming”

    This won’t end well. Patrick Soderlund, senior VP of EA Games Europe and dev lead on Need for Speed: Shift, told VG at E3 that he’s baffled by Bizarre Creations’ Blur and that his game is “better” than Forza 3. “Let me tell you this,” he said, sounding very pumped. “I think Split/Second looks great. […]

  • Blur hands-on describes “passable damage modeling”

    Blur made an appearance at E3 this year, and loads of people got their hands on it. Gamespot was one of ‘em, and according to the site, the damage that can be done to vehicles was extensive, and in order to get repairs, you may have to sacrifice a bit. “Panels were deforming, doors were […]

  • Blur – first proper shots [Update]

    Bizarre’s put out the first proper screens of upcoming racer Blur, as found on Gamersyde. The titles was finally announced today, as an autumn release for PC, PS3 and 360. You can see the same screens on CVG. They’ve even still got Gamersyde watermarks on them, which is sweet. Update – Aw. They just linked […]

  • Blur to make racing “fun” again, says Chudley, game detailed

    Bizzare boss Martyn Chudley said today that upcoming Bizarre racer Blur is to put fun back into the genre. “We did our homework and saw a huge opportunity to move beyond traditional racers and create a game completely focused on making racing ‘fun’ again,” said Chudley. “Blur delivers a new style of racing experience for […]

  • Report: New Bizarre racer is Blur

    French mag Joypad has apparently reported that Bizarre Creations’ 2009 racer is a weapons-based affair called Blur. The game has been likened in many circles to Mario Kart. Armour and a damage model are also supposedly included. More from E3, hopefully. Thanks Kotaku.

  • “Brand new Activision property” for Edge 202 reveal

    A “brand new Activision property” is to be revealed in the 202nd issue of Edge, as you can see at the bottom of this piece. What is it? Let’s guess. DJ Hero? Probably. It’s either that or the Bizarre racer. AB’s got three new IPs releasing this year: Prototype, Singularity and the Mario Karty thing […]

  • PGR DLC is Live Deal of the Week

    Live’s Deal of the Week this week is The PGR4 Premium Challenge Pack. Normally priced at 400 points, it’s now available to Gold Members for 240 points, a saving of 40 percent. That’s literally amazing. Get your 360 on and save pounds pounds pounds, right now.

  • Activision announces Guitar Hero 5, new Hawk, Bizarre racer and more at in-game ads conference

    According to this MTV post, Activision yesterday confirmed what appears to be a big chunk of its 2009 line-up at a Massive in-game ads conference in New York. The publisher confirmed Guitar Hero 5 to attendees, showing a shot of gameplay with a Burger King ad included. The next Tony Hawk game was confirmed to […]

  • Geometry Wars hits 1 million leaderboard entries

    More than 1 million combined leaderboard entries have been made for Geometry Wars 1 and 2, Bizarre Creations has announced. And no, this doesn’t mean 1 million people have played it. From the developer’s site: Unfortunately it’s impossible to tell whether these leaderboard entries equate to one million real life people. It’s possible to have […]

  • Bizarre launches Geo War 2 live leaderboard page

    Bizarre Creations has launched a new web page that allows you to view your status on the Geometry Wars 2 leaderboards any time, anywhere. It’s here, so now you can watch your highscore being thrashed in real time as you sit at the office counting down the minutes until you can go home and put […]

  • Microsoft “wasn’t in the right place” to buy Bizarre Creations

    Speaking to VG247 at Develop today, Bizarre Creations head Sarah Chudley said that Activision, and not Microsoft, bought the Gotham developer as Microsoft’s “internal structure probably wasn’t in the right place to buy things at the time.” “Obviously as the publisher they had to know what was going on, but their internal structure probably wasn’t […]

  • Bizarre Creations boss: “Do we do Gotham 5?”

    Speaking to VG247 at Develop in Brighton today, Bizarre Creations boss Sarah Chudley has revealed that the Activision-owned developer co-owns Project Gotham Racing’s Kudos dynamic. Although the firm can still use the series’ trademark idea, however, the notion of a Bizzare-developed fifth game in the much-loved racing series – being considered after the release of […]

  • Activision financials: No more Bizarre racing until fiscal 2010

    Speaking in an investor call after the announcement of record financials last night, Activision publishing CEO Mike Griffith said that we’re not going to see more racing from Bizarre until sometime in the publisher’s fiscal 2010, which ends March 31 2011. “Bizarre is deep in development on two multi-platform titles and we are looking forward […]

  • No more PGR4 DLC, says Bizarre

    UK developer Bizarre Creations has confirmed that there’ll be no more DLC for Project Gotham Racing 4 on the company’s official forum. “Sorry, but you won’t see any more PGR4 DLC from Bizarre Creations,” said a spokesperson. “We’ve handed over the reigns to Microsoft now. It’s possible that they may create some more content in […]

  • The Club demo out for PC

    Tired of Sunday? Us too. Waste the rest of it with this, the 1.9Gb demo for Sega shooter The Club. The taster contains two single-player locations and the Siege mode, whatever that is. Worth a nose, anyway.

  • Bizarre Creations fears racing genre is becoming “niche”

    According to this, Bizarre Creations’ Gareth Wilson is scared the racing gene is too limited to acheive what needs to be done with the company’s first Activision-funded racing title – making a game people will want over the next Call of Duty game. “The focus for our new title,” said Wilson, “is how can we […]

  • PGR4 DLC pack brings power-value

    Full details here of two packs of DLC for Gotham 4, some free, some not. All available on February 14. Here’s what to expect. Free Challenge Pack (Free) “Download the new Free PGR 4 Challenge Pack from Bizarre, and you’ll drive the hydrogen-powered 2007 Peugeot Flux, winner of the 2007 Peugeot International Design Competition. Plus, […]

  • Bizarre Creations made “concerted effort” to minimize gore in The Club

    Bizarre Creations has made a conscious effort to keep the red stuff out of its next-gen shooter The Club, the developer told VG247 today, and instead concentrated on a “Hollywood” style to convey action in the game. “I don’t agree that the game is super-violent,” said Ben Ward, community and web boss at the Liverpool-based […]

  • The Club on track for “head shot heaven”

    The Club’s now gold and is releasing this week for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, so what better time to take a look at a man shooting people in the face for 1.23 minutes? Shoot enough people in the face at the game tells you you’re in “head shot heaven”, which is reason enough to […]

  • The Club goes gold

    Bizarre Creations’ multi-kill action effort The Club is complete and is ready to hit manufacture. The game’s shipping for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and is on sale in the US on February 19 and Europe this Friday (apparently).

  • Bizarre ad asks for shooter experience

    This job ad for Liverpool developer Bizarre Creations looks for single-player level designer with “proven ability to design and create engaging gaming experiences (preferably a 1st/3rd person shooter)”. As far as has been announced, the PGR studio is currently working on The Club and, presumably, another Gotham game, so this could mark a new project. […]