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Sonic Boom making of documentary includes first gameplay footage

Sega has released a ten minute making of documentary for new transmedia endeavour Sonic Boom, granting us our first look at the hedgehog’s latest adventure.


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  • Sega announces new transmedia universe Sonic Boom

    Sega has announced today that they are establishing a new sub-universe for the Sonic franchise which will span games, a TV show and a line of toys. Dubbed Sonic Boom, Sega calls this a “new look” for the famed characters that make up the Sonic universe.

  • Big Huge Games' big huge games revealed

    This Kotaku story has revealed Big Huge Games’ now-canned projects as God: The Game (Wii) and an RPG called Ascendant (PC, PS3, 360). There’s screens, art and a rough trailer through the link. THQ is now looking for a buyer for the studio in lieu of closure, so the games have been whacked. Thanks, Blerk.

  • Former Naughty Dog staffer launches Big Red Button

    Bob Rafei, former Naughty Dog art director, has launched Big Red Button Entertainment. There are no details of any projects on the company’s site, but it does say that it has “six original IPs currently in concept development.” The company’s philosophy, according to the site, it to create, “Games you want to watch and films […]