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  • Best Buy Black Friday Door Busters include Wii bundles, EA Sports titles

    As US police officers prepare for Black Friday by donning riot gear and stocking up on new cans pf pepper spray, Best Buy has revealed its Door Buster deals for the biggest shopping day of the year, and we’ve got the lot listed for you below.

  • Black Friday deals for Best Buy leaked

    Best Buy’s Black Friday advert has been leaked, just like Target’s, and we’ve got all the information for you below the break.

  • UK gets Best Buy Online store starting tomorrow with free shipping

    Best Buy has launched an online shop in the UK. Now you can shop from home instead of visiting one of the seven stores across the country.

  • Target launches used game trade-in service, to be in 850 stores by year's end

    Live in the US? Have a game? Wanna sell it? Don’t feel like making the trek to one of the five million GameStops on your street? Well then, just head across the street to one of your five million local Targets.

  • Report - Move kiosks to start popping up at US retail on September 11

    Sony has plans to put Move kiosks in retails stores starting on September 11.

  • Best Buy lists Kinect with "TBA" game

    US retailer Best Buy has listed in it’s pre-order details for Kinect that the motion device comes complete with a game.

  • Blur in-store demo program launched at Best Buy

    To get the word out about Blur, Activision and Best Buy have teamed up in the US to launch an exclusive in-store demo program.

  • Best Buy launching its own videogame magazine

    Best Buy, your one stop shop for all things electronic, digital, and cutting-edge, is jumping headlong into the fast-moving world of… print videogame magazines?

  • Apple could be running short on iPad, Best Buy may get some units

    Those who are just now getting around to pre-ordering an iPad will not be able to get Apple’s latest invention on launch day.

  • Watch grown men say "boom" in new PS3 ad

    The US PS Blog has live the new TV commercial for the latest piece of “It Only Does Everything” campaign for the PS3. The campaign outlines a deal which sees you get a PS3 with a Sony Bravia, a free Blu-ray and game, with savings up to $1100 from Busy Buy. Oh, and two grown […]

  • Rumor: Best Buy Black Friday deals are rather fantastic

    What appears to be a leaked Best But sales flier for Black Friday has popped onto the net, thanks to Gear Live. Here’s what it advertises: PS3 bundled with Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition for $299 120Gb Xbox 360 Elite bundle with four unnamed titles […]

  • Best Buy lists Modern Warfare 2 midnight opening stores

    Best Buy’s put up a list of store opening at midnight across the US in celebration of the release of Modern Warfare 2. There’s “quite a few,” meaning you should be able to not use dedicated multiplayer servers wherever you are. No idea if UK retailers are planning anything on the same lines. We’ll check.

  • Wii price cut on Friday - more evidence

    Wii is getting a price cut to $200 on Friday. In case you’re still unconvinced this is happening, take a look at the Best Buy email Engadget published last night. It’s going to be announced on Friday. OK? Thanks, Peter.

  • Best Buy flier adds fuel to Wii price drop fire

    First Toys ‘R’ Us, then Target, and now Best Buy. Kotaku received the above flier from an alleged Best Buy tipster, and it looks mighty official to us. The crowd’s gathering. “Off with its head!” they’re screaming. Then, a metallic flash. The Wii’s price tag sits, rent asunder, splurting $50 bills all about. That’s the […]

  • Some retailers already sold out of PS3 Slim

    Looks like some retailers have already sold out of PS3 Slim. According to a report from Gamespot, local GameStop and Best Buy stores in or around San Francisco started selling the console a bit early, and have subsequently ran out of the fist shipment. Amazon still has some left though, at least in the States. […]

  • Activision announces Blur preorder bonuses

    Activision sent over a mailer detailing the pre-order bonuses for Blur. You can view the full thing ater the break. Bonuses include extra goodies for each different retail offering. GameStop bonus includes an exclusive Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit unlocking the Ford Bronco, Double Fans bonus for the first ten multiplayer races (nets you more money), […]

  • Best Buy PS3 bundle includes MGS4 and Killzone 2

    Next Sunday, Best Buy will stock shelves with a lovely PS3 bundle that includes Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2. It’s the 80Gb model, and you get all three for $400. Basically, that’s getting both games free because that particular SKU retails for $399.99. More over on Kotaku.

  • Best Buy store kiosks now selling used games

    Best Buy now has trial kiosks set up in some of its US stores full of used games. The stores are also allowing customers to trade used games for store credit. Analysts predict this could result in the used game market earning $3 billion annually combined with GameStop and other stores that sell used games. […]

  • CrimeCraft to be sold exclusively through Best Buy

    CrimeCraft will release on August 25, and Best Buy has the exclusive rights to sell it. That’s right, you can’t buy it anywhere else thanks to the hand shaking between the retail giant, Vogster, and THQ. The good news, though, is that you can get it online instead of walking into the store if you […]

  • Sony to release a new PS3 SKU according to Best Buy data

    Sony may be releasing a new PS3 SKU, according to Best Buy stock data. According to the product database, a new limited edition bundle is to ship complete with the 80Gb system and two games, and will release on June 9 for $399. It will be a Best Buy exclusive. It’s unknown what titles will […]

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