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  • may eventually include Activision games, but not any time soon project director Greg Canessa has said someday, Blizzard may add Activision games to the service, but for now, it’s all Blizzard and nothing else.

  • Cataclysm digital pre-sale now available on

    Blizzard has sent over word of a digital pre-sale for Cataclysm going on via

  • Bobby Kotick “very supportive of” project director Greg Canessa said so. It’s a “top five strategic initiative,” don’t you know.

  • Blizzard “miscalculated” over Real ID forum furore director Greg Canessa has told Joystiq that Blizzard had “miscalculated” over the controversy surrounding Real ID earlier this year.

  • Blizzard adds opt-out option to Real ID system

    Blizzard has added an opt-out option to the Real ID system being implemented with World of Warcraft and StarCraft II and likely Diablo III.

  • Blizzard bans or suspends over 5,000 users for cheating in StarCraft II

    Blizzard said it would ban StarCraft II players for cheating last month, and sure enough, the developer laid the smack down on those who failed to heed the warning yesterday.

  • Blizzard answers Real ID community questions through Q&A

    Blizzard’s sent over a Q&A regarding the whole Real ID meltdown that took place over the last couple of weeks.

  • forum posts to require users’ real names

    This will not go over well.

  • gets Facebook support

    Activision’s announced it’s added Facebook support to the upcoming 2.0.

  • Pardo: Blizzard may licence out

    Blizzard EVP of game design Rob Pardo has told The Escapist that while will remain with the company for the foreseeable future, he doesn’t rule out licencing it out to third-parties.

  • Acti-Blizz full-year financials 2009: Starcraft II to be downloadable from

    Acti-Blizz has just confirmed Starcraft II will be downloadable at launch from 2.0 when it releases this year.

  • Blizzard previews new

    Blizzard’s posted a large preview of 2.0 on the StarCraft II site, giving hope that the SCII beta may not be far behind.

  • Diablo III coming in “next few years”

    Acti Blizz CFO Tom Tippl has shown a slide in New York that appears to push Diablo III passed a 2010 release, Kotaku reports. While StarCraft II, the Battle.Net revamp and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm were all shown to be hitting next year, Diablo III, StarCraft II expansion packs and Blizzard’s next MMO will release […]

  • now a requirement to continue playing WoW

    Today is the last day to move over to a account should you wish to continue playing World of Warcarft. Blizzard has said that it is now a requirement, per Cinemablend, and if you wish to play future titles like Diablo III and StarCraft II, you might as well go ahead and sign up […]

  • Blizzard sets account merge deadline

    Blizzard said today that all existing World of Warcraft accounts will be merged into the new by November 11. Beyond that date, all WoW players will need to log in to the game using a username and password. Anyone who wishes to create a new World of Warcraft account will need to start […]

  • StarCraft II has 58 voice actors, terrain sets named after planets

    Over on, there is a StarCraft II Q&A, where the developers answered a few questions on the RTS. There’s some interesting information in there, most of it you may already know. What you may not have known, though, is that the game made use of 58 voice actors, and that “terrain sets are named […]

  • StarCraft II to support premium player-created maps

    During its BlizzCon panel, Blizzard announced that StarCraft II will allow players to put price tags on their created maps. Creators will, of course, see some cash for their hard work, but Blizzard didn’t give an exact percentage. The hope is that this will encourage players to form small dev teams and craft complex […]

  • StarCraft II to utilize a save game Cloud

    Your StarCraft II save games will always be with you, Blizzard’s just announced, so long as you have a reliable Internet connection. As part of its panel at BlizzCon, the developer noted that StarCraft II will take advantage of cloud computing for game saves. At work, at home, on a train, on a plane, […]

  • StarCraft II has online verification, but connection not necessary for single-play

    StarCraft II will require both an online verification check and a account to play, Blizzard’s confirmed to VG247. “You need to connect once to install the game,” said lead game designer Dustin Browder, speaking at Blizzard’s HQ on a recent press trip. Offline single-play is allowed, however. “After that you don’t need to be […]

  • Blizzard lowers full-year guidance on SCII delay

    Activision Blizzard has significantly reduced its full-year guidance on the now-confirmed StarCraft II delay, pulling revenue estimates for calendar 2009 down to $4.05 billion from $4.3 billion. The publisher admitted the slip in its Q2 earnings last night, saying the delay was necessary to match the upcoming relaunch of Both will now happen in […]

  • Acti Blizz explains delay, points to “premier online gaming destination”

    The upgraded needs extra development time to be critical to Activision’s vision for the service, according to a mailer just sent our way. The service will now launch in early 2010. StarCraft II has now been delayed to match its release. “Our mission is to develop games that deliver an epic entertainment experience,” said […]

  • Kotick: New will be “a service similar to Xbox Live”

    Acti Blizz boss Bobby Kotick said tonight that the upcoming relaunch will be comparable in scope to Xbox Live. The service is now confirmed to be launching “early next year.” “To put into context, it will be a service similar to Xbox Live, and it will leverage the technologies, infrastructure and expertise that […]

  • New is “up in the air”

    From comments made to Shacknews by StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder, it sounds as though the next version of isn’t exactly imminent. “I can’t tell you a whole lot because in reality, anything I say might be a lie,” said the developer. “We’re still working on it, and it’s kind of up in […]

  • StarCraft II beta logos appear on BattleNet

    Nearly there. Blizzard’s put a StarCraft II beta logo on BattleNet accounts, as you can see in this story’s image. We’re down for the beta, so this may only be true of accounts registered for the test, but at least we now know it’s going to be happening imminently. We’ll let you know when it […]

  • Reports: StarCraft II beta invites releasing now

    According to various reports, Blizzard’s started sending out StarCraft II beta invites to random users by email. We can’t verify this as fact at the moment, but we’re asking Blizzard now. The company launched the new overnight, and you can tick a box saying you’re interested in betas in the sign-up process. Should have […]

  • New launches

    Blizzard’s launched the new-look Actually, it launched last night, but we were asleep. We should take more drugs. “Beginning with World of Warcraft, the new account grants access to Blizzard Entertainment games, websites, and online services – all with a single e-mail address and password,” says the service’s blurb. The service’s revamp paves […]

  • StarCraft II: “We’re in the final stretch”

    StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder has given a clear indication that you’re going to be playing the strategy game sooner rather than later. “We don’t want to lie about the Beta, and we don’t even want to lie about the next Battle Report,” he said in response to an FAQ question about release timings. […]

  • Blizzard bans 350,000 cheaters from Battle.Net

    Blizzard’s issued a statement confirming the axing of 350,000 accounts from Battle.Net which were found to be using “third-party hacks” in StarCraft and Diablo II. “The Diablo II CD keys associated with the closed Diablo II accounts are now restricted from playing on for approximately 30 days,” said the firm. “Repeat offenders will have […]

  • Blizzard on Battle.Net: We’ll never block “the full game experience” with charges

    Speaking to Joystiq, Blizzard’s Rob Pardo has clarified comments made at BlizzCon over the weekend about seeking to “monetize” the new version of Battle.Net, assuring that charges will only be made for optional extras, and never for core game elements. “With Battle.Net we’re definitely looking at possible different features that we might be able to […]

  • Blizzard’s Wilson: Some features to be ‘monetized’

    According to this Joystiq report, Diablo III boss Jay Wilson said at BlizzCon this weekend that you’re going to be paying for some elements of the new version of Battle.Net, releasing alongside StarCraft II. “We are looking to monetize Battle.Net so that we get to keep making these games and updating features,” he said during […]