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  • UK charts: Arkham Asylum maintains No. 1 spot

    Batman: Arkham Asylum’s managed to maintain the number one spot in this weeks UK charts, and a surprise inclusion in the top three is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The two year-old Infinity Ward title crept in at number three thanks to the game being bundled with the recently-released PS3 Slim. Find this weeks […]

  • VG247 podcast #7 - Capcom's Christian Svensson and Chris Kramer Vs Rocksteady's Paul Crocker

    Bit of a humdinger this week. We were lucky enough to get Capcom US’s senior business chap Christian Svensson and Unity ubermeister Chris Kramer on the phone for a brilliant chat about all the firm’s major products: tons of news in there, so definitely listen. In addition, British development refused to be outdone, you’ll be […]

  • Batman 2? "We're just waiting to see if people like the game," says Rocksteady

    The most obvious question in the history of obvious questions: is Rocksteady working on a sequel to the almost universally acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum? Shall we ask Paul Crocker, AA’s lead narrative designer? Oh, go on then. “We’re just waiting to see if people like the game,” said Paul, speaking in this week’s VG247 podcast. […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Nvidia PhysX PC screens and video

    Eidos has sent over some lovely Batman: Arkham Asylum screens for PC showing off how it looks with the Nvidia PhysX real-time, hyper-realistic physical and environmental gaming effects. Sounds like a commercial, we know, but still they are lovely to behold. Game’s out for PC September 15. The gallery is posted below the break along […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum awarded Guinness record for ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’

    Batman: Arkham Asylum has been awarded a Guinness World Record for being the ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’. It has achieved the highest average score of 91.67 from reviews around the world. Cool. “We are so pleased to be awarding Batman: Arkham Asylum a Guinness World Record,” said Gaz Deaves from Guinness. “It is […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum completely spoiled in 90 seconds

    WARNING: Very, very obviously, do not watch this movie unless you want Batman: Arkham Asylum’s plot completely spoiled. GamesRadar’s posted a 90-second movie of all the major plot points in Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. This may come in useful for people that don’t with to play the game, yet hanker to know what happens at […]

  • Batman Arkham Asylum release trailer is positively batty

    Batman: Arkham Asylum? Never even heard of it. Oh well, Shacknews has a new trailer for it, so — since it’s a slow news day — we thought we might as well tell you about it. Seriously, though — what an obscure game. Bet it’s not even any good.

  • Batman reviews swing in, EG goes with 9

    This is looking pretty much unanimous. Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum’s sitting pretty with a 92 percent MC average, with even the “tougher” pubs coming out with glowing praise. It’s out this Friday. We’re sending you subliminal messages to buy it by having our website covered in Batman ads. Actually, fuck it: just buy it. Eurogamer […]

  • Arkham Asylum for PC free with Nvidia graphics card

    Nvidia has an offer running, allowing you to get a free downloadable version of Batman: Arkham Asylum when you purchase one of four different graphics card from the company. Not bad if you were wanting a GTX260, GTX275, GTX285 or a GTX295. When we got our GeForce 7900 GTX we got Blood Money free, so […]

  • Report - Batman: Arkham Asylum to receive free DLC

    According to a report by JustPushStart, Batman: Arkham Asylum will be receiving brand new DLC soon, and that it’ll be available for the nice sum of free. What shape or form the DLC will take is unknown. Go through the link for more info. The game’s out next week for PS3 and 360. The PC […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum video shows off cool gadgets

    The latest video for Batman: Arkham Asylum shows off the cool gadgets the Dark Knight uses to thwart enemies, escape, and do other cool stuff with. Game’s out August 25 and in September for the PC. The video is after the break courtesy of BigDownload.

  • Batcave Outpost Apartment coming to PS Home

    Batman: Arkham Asylum releases soon, and Sony has you covered should you purchase it. The game will unlock a special Batcave Outpost  space for Home, and it looks rather cool. So, log into Home with your game on August 25 to get these snazzy new space. More though the US PS Blog, here.

  • Behind-the-scenes video for Arkham Asylum talks art design

    New behind-the-sceens video for Batman: Arkham Asylum talks art design and animation. It’s very interesting, and posted after the break courtesy of BigDownload. Game’s consoles later this month and on PC in September. Demos for all versions are out now.

  • US PSN update, August 6

    The US PSN update for this week’s up on the PS Blog, and it looking very similar to the Euro version. The Batman demo’s the star, but there’s other big stuff in World at War Map Pack 3 and a Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood add-on. There’s a Worms demo there, too. Full thing […]

  • VG247 podcast #4 - Acti vs EA number showdown, Batman demo interview

    Speaking in your ears time. Below you’ll find the fourth VG247 podcast, featuring an interview with Batman PR rep Gareth Williams on the game’s now-released demo, as well as some detail on the upcoming Championship Manager 2010 and IO’s Mini Ninjas. The rest is banter about the week’s news, mainly focused on the EA and […]

  • Batman demo now up on Live

    The Batman: Arkham Asylum demo’s now up on Live, Nelson’s confirmed. It was released for PC this morning and PS3 last night. Take a look. It’s awesome.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum PC demo released

    Batman’s PC version may have been pushed back into September, but at least Windows fans can get a look at the demo now along with the rest of the world. You can grab it from Fileshack for 1.57Gb. We took a look at the PS3 demo last night, and you must try it. The presentation […]

  • Batman PC moves to late September, will support PhysX

    Squeidosenix just confirmed that the PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum will not release until September 15 in North America and September 18 in Europe and Australia. The console SKUs will hit on August 25 as planned. The publisher also said today that the PC version will support Nvidia’s PhysX tech, which has allowed Rocksteady […]

  • Square - "Times may vary" on Batman demo release [Update]

    Update: It’s on PSN now. A mere 1.46Gb to you. Is, as Sony claimed this morning, the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo releasing on PSN today, as opposed to tomorrow as was previously announced? Is it? We asked Square. The firm said: The Batman: Arkham Asylum demo will be available from August 7th worldwide for Xbox […]

  • SCEE - Batman: Arkham Asylum demo hits Euro PSN today

    According to the Euro PS Blog, the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo will release for PS3 today. Which is a bit odd. Square said earlier this week that it was out for PS3, 360 and PC this Friday. And we’ve just checked the UK Store and it isn’t there. We’ll ask some questions now.


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Batman: Arkham Asylum Latest

  • Batman demo out this Friday

    The Batman: Arkham Asylum demo will release this Friday, August 7, Eidos just confirmed. Tasters for all formats – PC, 360 and PS3 – will be available. The full game’s out August 28. PR after the break.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum gets a 9 from OPM

    Subs issues of the latest Official PlayStation Magazine have shown a Batman: Arkham Asylum review score of 9/10. Game’s out near the end of the month, August 28 in Europe, on PS3, 360 and PC. PS3Vault has all the mag’s scores.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum demo news coming this Friday [Update]

    Update: Eidos has confirmed the demo will release this Friday. Original Story: Eidos has confirmed that news concerning a Batman: Arkham Asylum demo will be coming on Friday. Speaking on the game’s official forums, an Eidos moderator, posting under the alias of chip5541, made the announcement last Friday. “I just got word that news concerning the […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum critiques start to surface

    Hands-on write-ups for Batman: Arkham Asylum are starting to trickle onto the net. Two worth having a gander at, so far, are from GamesRader and Gamespot. Here’s a quote from the GR look-see: “Think of a great superhero game. No, not a good one — there are plenty of those around — but one as […]

  • Pre-order Arkham Asylum through GameStop, get a challenge map

    Those who pre-order Batman: Arkham Asylum through GameStop will get an exclusive Scarecrow Challenge Map called Dem Bones. Apparently, the map is full of skeletons and you get to bash them to bits. Good times. All is revealed through the link.

  • Arkham Asylum developer diary shows how to be like Batman

    The latest Batman: Arkham Asylum developer diary has Rocksteady expressing how itwants players to feel when running around Arkham Asylum as Batman. It’s definitely worth the watch, and is posted over on Shack. Game’s out August 25 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Play Arkham Asylum in London this weekend (if you’re lucky)

    Eidos is inviting lucky winners of a competition over at Videogamer the chance to play Arkham Asylum in London this Saturday, July 18th. All you have to do is post in the comments section to enter. If you’re chosen, all the venue details will be sent to you. Winners will also receive what we’re told […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum baddy profiles look wicked

    Joystiq just posted a literal rogues’ gallery of villainous screenshots, profiles, and concept art from Batman: Arkham Asylum. Honestly, it all looks fantastic. Click the link to learn about all the costumed nutcases you’ll encounter in Arkham Asylum. After all, you’ve at least got to be on a first name basis with someone before you […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum video shows a bit of villainy

    Batman: Arkham Asylum will ship in August, and to get you prepared for it, IGN has pics and background information on some of the villains in the game. There’s also a new trailer featuring these insane folks after the break. Hit the link for a healthy does of insane.

  • Batman features PoP-style death-save mechanic

    According to this MTV piece, Batman: Arkham Asylum features a death-saving mechanic along the lines of Prince of Persia’s ever-present female hand. Apparently, if you fall off a ledge onto some spikes, or what have you, the game slows down and prompts you to hit a button to shoot out your batarang and getting back […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum video gives small tour of the loony bin

    A developer diary for Batman: Arkham Asylum is posted after the break showing off the insanity present in Gotham’s prison for the criminally bent. It’s not a very long video, but Eidos and Rocksteady call the game the “ultimate Batman-fighting scenario”. We sure hope so. Game’s out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 August 25 […]

  • 10 minutes of Arkham Asylum… in Polish

    It’s Monday, and what better way to start than to watch ten minutes of excellent looking footage of Rocksteady’s Arkham Asylum… in Polish. See ‘Bats’ skulking around Arkham’s grounds taking out goons as The Joker’s voice mocks him in the background. Arkham Asylum is out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in August. We can’t […]

  • New Arkham Asylum vid shows playable Joker

    Shacknews has a video of just how The Joker – voiced by Mark Hamill and looking totally awesome to boot – will play in Rock Steady’s romp, Arkham Asylum. Remember, the playable Joker character is only available to PS3 owners. Game’s out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on August 25.

  • No multiplay for Arkham Asylum

    Rocksteady’s confirmed to Joystiq that Batman: Arkham Asylum will be a single-player only game. “We’re just focusing on being Batman,” said lead narrative designer Paul Crocker. “We could have spent less time on that, and more time on adding stuff in, but really the game is successful because you feel like you’re Batman.” The game […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum to release on August 25

    Eidos has told MCV that Batman: Arkham Asylum will release on August 25 in the US, and three days later in Europe. The news will delight bat-fans: the game was pushed into “late summer” at the beginning of May. Plenty more on this at E3 next week.

  • Eidos confirms E3 line-up

    Eidos just confirmed its E3 line-up. The publisher’s showing three games in LA next week. And they are: Batman: Arkham Asylum Mini Ninjas Just Cause 2 Press release after the break.

  • Poison Ivy stars in Batman: Arkham Asylum video

    Poison Ivy is the highlight of the new Batman: Arkham Asylum video posted after the break. Can just imagine the cosplay outfits to come out of this one. Still, she looks pretty smashing. See for yourself.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum – tons of story footage

    G4′s posted a heap of story gameplay footage from a hands-on with Batman Arkham Asylum, as you can see on BadAssGamer. The quality’s not the greatest, but there’s an awful lot there to be going on with. The game was delayed recently in the US. Watch E3 for an update.

  • Batman walkthrough shows “free flow” demonstration

    In this new developer diary for Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill provides a walkthrough of the combat system. The video Hill demonstrates with shows the combative free flow mode, which allows you chain together combat moved. It’s rather cool, and after the break. Game’s out in September. Thanks, 1UP.

  • Ian Livingstone talks Batman delay, Hitman, Kane and Lynch 2

    Ian Livingstone has said that Batman: Arkham Asylum was delayed for the right reasons in order to maximize the game’s potential. “We’re expecting review scores in the 90s and clearly when you have an amazing game like Arkham Asylum, you want to maximise its potential” he told GamingIndians. “So we think it’s worthwhile going that […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum pushed to the “end of summer 2009″

    Following a Game Informer rumour that Batman: Arkham Asylum had been delayed until the fourth quarter, Eidos has confirmed the game’s dropped from June 23 to the “end of summer 2009″ in the US. A statement from the company said only that the game was being moved back in order to allow extra time for […]

  • Eidos UK: No change to Batman date

    Eidos has told VG247 this morning that Batman: Arkham Asylum is still on track for its summer release, despite a now widely-reported Game Informer rumour of a slip to Q4. “Batman: Arkham Asylum is currently scheduled for a summer 2009 release date,” a rep said today. Put it this way: the game’s scheduled for a […]

  • Arkham Asylum video shows loads of fists, tossing, and kicks

    A new Batman: Arkham Asylum video is posted after the break. It shows Batman tossing baddies about, punching them, doing some nice air kicks, and some nifty cape fluttering. Oh, and Bane is in it too. Dunno how well our hero fares in that bout, because that’s where it ends. See for yourself.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum PC specs released

    The PC specs for Batman: Arkham Asylum have been released via the Eidos forums. It’s not for slouches, from the look of it. Minimum: CPU: Intel single core 3 Ghz or AMD equivalent Memory: XP = 1 GB, Vista = 2GB GPU: Shader Model 3 NVidia 6600 or ATI 1300 or higher Recommended: CPU: Pentium […]

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum site goes live

    The Arkham Asylum site’s gone live, including Bat-related downloads, pre-order details and more. Still no date on it, but watch like a hawk. From what we’re constantly told, it’s “all good”.

  • Rumor: Xbox 360 has Joker DLC for Arkham Asylum too

    According to the latest Twitter post from UK rag, XboxWorld360, the Joker DLC is not PS3 exclusive to Batman: Arkham Asylum. It’s coming to Xbox 360 as presumably paid for content, and the game is the cover story for the May issue. “You’ve heard The Joker is playable in Arkham Asylum on PS3, right?” says […]

  • Arkam Asylum: Eidos confirms Joker as PS3 exclusive playable character

    Eidos and Warner Bros. has confirmed that the Joker will be a playable character in Batman: Arkham Asylum exclusively on PS3. The Joker will be available at launch as a free downloadable item on PSN, but will only be playable in the Challenge Maps. Looks like the PlayStation Home ad just went up a bit […]

  • Play as the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3

    An advertisement appearing in PlayStation Home has revealed that the Joker is a playable character in the PS3 exclusive challenge map levels for Batman: Arkham Asylum. Kotaku readers sent in shots of the billboard which shows off the famous villain and the mention of him being a playable character. The challenge maps are in addition […]

  • Arkham Asylum special edition gets UK price

    Eidos has just confirmed to VG247 the bad-ass batarang-loaded Arkham Asylum Special edition will cost £59.99 on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A release date for the sexy-looking stealth action game still hasn’t been confirmed, but hit the link to find out why we can’t wait. Better get saving.

  • Arkham Asylum movie grabbed from US game store

    After the break. There’s no denying it this time: it is a demo of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Looks as though it’s one of the game’s Challenge Rooms being played. Great cape going on there. It’s shot off-screen, so don’t expect too much by way of visual quality, but it does give a good indication of […]