Xbox working on next-gen Avatars and new project from Kinect creator

Xbox has a couple of new projects in the works this year.


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  • Xbox working on next-gen Avatars and new project from Kinect creator

    Xbox has a couple of new projects in the works this year.

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 Avatars and Gamerpics now available on PSN, XBL

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Avatars and Gamerpics are now available on PSN and Xbox live.

  • Get your face in Max Payne 3 in Rockstar contest

    Rockstar announced today that it is holding a contest for fans of the game that will grant the winner a chance to get their face put into Max Payne 3′s multiplayer mode. The developer has said that they are looking for more faces for multiplayer avatars, and if you follow @rockstargames and tweet using the […]

  • Armor expert expounds on women’s battle armor

    Most of us have recognized at this point that women’s armor in video games is generally ridiculous. Barring a few scarce exceptions, women’s battle raiment leaves them underprotected and in some cases, in more danger than if they’d gone to war nude. An armor expert explains.

  • MW3 Xbox Live Avatar sales to benefit Call of Duty Endowment

    Activision has announced proceeds from the sale of all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 avatars on Xbox Live between now and December 16 will be donated to the Call of Duty Endowment. There are over 30 items for MW3 available, and two additional avatars, the American Special Forces and Special Ops Juggernaut have been […]

  • More avatars coming to PSN today

    A total of 36 new PSN avatars are being released on today, as detailed on the PS Blog. There are images there from GTA, Assassin’s Creed, Tron and RDR. Take a look.

  • Rockstar holding XP event for Red Dead Redemption

    Rockstar’s encouraging everyone to get back into Red Dead Redemption by holding an XP event for its multiplayer.

  • Rumour – Microsoft set to announce Avatar Kinect at CES keynote

    Glimpse Dog is reporting that a new Kinect-centric service, known as Avatar Kinect, is set to be announced at Microsoft’s CES keynote on Thursday.

  • Avatar gear headlines first Live Deal of the Week for 2011

    Your Avatar. It screams in glee.

  • Coming soon to XBLM: Alien Breed 3 and Crazy Taxi for 800 MSP

    Major Nelson has posted a list of games heading to Xbox Live Marketplace, and along with Alien Breed 3 and Crazy Taxi, there’s some nice Deals of the Week and game add-ons listed as well.

  • RDR Avatar items hit XBLM, lasso included

    Some Red Dead Redemption Avatar items hit XBL Marketplace today, and there’s a lasso, a couple hats, and some outfits for your little fake person.

  • Gears of War 3 Avatar goodies land on XBL

    As promised, Microsoft has released some Avatar goodies for Gears of War 3 on XBL.

  • Darksiders Avatar goodies hit Xbox Live Marketplace

    Darksiders item and clothing goods for your XBL Avatar popped up on the Marketplace today, and for those who love all things horses (us), there’s even a Ruin mask.

  • Microsoft details pricing, partners for 360 Game Room

    Microsoft has handed out a fact sheet detailing pricing for the Krome Studio-developed Live Game Room, announced last night. Looks like users will have three different payment options, with the initial download being free.

  • Assassin’s Creed II and DJ Hero Avatar clothing hits live

    There’s a bunch of Assassin’s Creed II Avatar clothing now up on live, as Tweeted by the Major. There’s plenty of Venetian-style stuff there, including wrist bands, masks and helmets. The game’s out next week. A ton of DJ Hero stuff just went up, too. Check it out here.

  • Modern Warfare 2 Avatar goodies heading to XBL, PS3 themes soon

    Robert Bowling has tweeted that some Modern Warfare 2 Avatar gear is heading to Xbox Live. Here’s the tweet: Uploading a bunch of #MW2 avatar gear to XBL tomorrow, including this full GHOST outfit! The outfit in question is posted above. Hopefully pricing and other goodies involved will be announced soon, as it’s expected to […]

  • Get your spook on with these Halloween Avatar costumes

    Microsoft has put up some costumes for your Avatars on the XBL Marketplace. You can be anything from a wizard to an alien, a king and queen to a vampire. We like the werewolf costume, and will probably shell out the 240 MS Points ($3.00/£2.04/€2.79) for it, which will be a first on our end. […]

  • Avatars get Forza 3 clothing alongside demo

    MS just released a range of Forza 3 Avatar clothing to “complete your demo experience,” according to the Nelson. The demo’s now available in all regions.

  • Joy Ride is free to download, uses Avatars, has micro-transactions

    Big Park plans to release a new Xbox Live title this holiday season called Joy Ride which will be downloadable for free and you can continue playing through micro-transactions later on. In the MMO-ish game, you can use your Avatar to race around in vehicles and explore the game. To make money, the game will […]

  • Penny Arcade goodies are now on XBL for your Avatar

    Penny Arcade Avatar clothing is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 80 MS Points ($1) each. There’s shirts representing Gabe and Tycho, and then there’s the Wombat and Hadouken. Cool stuff. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • 360 Avatars playable in Guitar Hero 5

    Xbox 360 Avatars will be available as playable characters in Guitar Hero 5, Activision just confirmed. That’s it, really. It’s got 85 tracks, yada yada. IGN just posted a video of it all working: get it, and a press release, after the break.

  • Gears of War clothing for Avatars coming soon

    It’s been announced that Gears of War Avatar clothing for will be coming soon to an Xbox 360 near you. The new items were premiered at Comic Con at the “Gearsiverse,” panel during the event this past weekend. The clothing sees you suit up as a COG from the game with armor and helmet, just […]

  • Avatar clothing colour selection included in 360 dash update

    The imminent Xbox 360 dashboard update is to allow you to select colours for certain items of Avatar clothing, according to Joystiq. There’s a video of it working over there. All the new stuff goes live on August 11. Get more general detail here.

  • Upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update detailed to death

    Engadget’s posted a huge amount of information on the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard summer update, as seen here. The download will include updates to account management, video display options, user ratings and tons more. There’s too much to post here. Hit the link. The first official shots of the update – premium Avatar clothing included […]

  • Microsoft confirms premium Avatar clothing

    Microsoft’s released some official shots of the rumoured upcoming 360 dashboard update, confirming that premium Avatar clothing is soon to be with us. Get them all from Gamersyde. You’ll soon be able to buy a jacket for 160MSP. Cool. We think. Other additions include content rating, Friends list sorting, and an ‘overall Achievements/Gamerscore’ tab. Take […]

  • Rare – Avatars have “changed the face of the Xbox”

    Rare animation head Louise Ridgeway told VG247 at Develop this week that the developer’s work on 360′s Avatar system had altered consumers perception of the machine as something for “hardcore gamers”. “I really think that we’ve kind of changed the face of the Xbox,” she said. “It’s gone from something that was always perceived as […]

  • VG247 podcast #2 – Develop wrap-up and Rare on Avatars

    Develop’s been and gone – find out what we thought of the UK show in the second episode of our podcast after the break. There’s also an interview with Rare’s head of animation, Louise Ridgeway, in there, where she talks about Rare’s work on 360′s Avatar system. It’s good stuff, so take a listen. 0.00-12.09 […]

  • Avatar summer wear out now

    The courageous philanthropists at Microsoft have done yet another good deed for Xbox 360′s little people, this time adding summer clothing for Avatars. Should keep them nice and cool. Here’s what you get. Male Rashguard White Vest Swim Shorts Surfer Shorts Female Flower Vest Surfer Hot Pants Surfer Shorts Surfer Skirt Surfer Dress As ever, […]

  • Ninjabee hints at flame tossing Avatars via Twitter

    Ninjabee has hinted via Twitter that flame tossing Avatars may be headed our way. Here’s what the Kingdom for Keflings creators tweeted: “Here’s the big news for the day: Ever wanted to throw a fireball with your Avatar?” Which leads to the photo pictured above with the caption: “Soon you’ll be able to use your […]

  • Avatar development rules revealed: No sex, decapitation, talking

    The rules and regulations that are sent out to developers who wish to use Avatars in their games has emerged via the XNA Creators Club website revealing that no sex, maiming or indeed talking is allowed. The lengthy list (after the break) stipulates that Xbox Live Indie Game that uses Avatars must be reviewed to […]