Ubisoft Essentials for PS3 release next week – full list here

Ubisoft has sent over an updated release schedule, and while it mainly focuses on the PS3 Essential titles releasing next week, there’s a few date confirmations in there as well.


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  • Ubisoft Essentials for PS3 release next week – full list here

    Ubisoft has sent over an updated release schedule, and while it mainly focuses on the PS3 Essential titles releasing next week, there’s a few date confirmations in there as well.

  • New Skyrim Xbox Live avatar items let you take an arrow in the knee

    Some jokes never get old, and some jokes got old a long time ago.  However, if you enjoy beating dead horses, you may want to sign into Xbox Live today.

  • DmC mocap filmed at Avatar studio

    For DmC, Ninja Theory turned to the film studio and crew behind James Cameron’s Avatar.

  • Cameron: Avatar MMO would work, but launch timing needs care

    Avatar director James Cameron has opined that the 3D cinema show pony is “perfect” fodder for an MMO adaptation, and even very gently hinted that one may already be iplanned.

  • Coming soon to XBLM: Mass Effect 2 and MS Studios add-on sales, more

    Microsoft has released a schedule of content heading to Xbox Live Marketplace, as well as some special deals as well.

  • Tuesday Shorts, overnight edition – E3 billboard, Minecraft docco, Liberty City street view

    Holiday weekends just mean even more entertaining dribbles of almost-news than usual. Venture within and be fully informed.

  • James Cameron believes games will “help propel,” glasses-free 3D in the market

    James Cameron is on about 3D again, this time, he is of the opinion that videogames will be the “drivers,” of the tech once cycle creation catches up before it trickles up to consumer televisions featuring the tech.

  • Best selling UK entertainment products 2010: games hit three of the top ten spots

    If you were asked to guess what the best selling game of 2010 was you’d likely plump for CoD: Black Ops, and you’d be right. But how do you think it fared against the likes of the Avatar and Toy Story 3 DVDs or albums from Rihanna and Take That? Well, it outsold them all.

  • Avatar Kinect revealed, brings gesture to 360 chat

    Microsoft has unveiled Avatar Kinect at its CES 2011 keynote presentation. The social suite uses the peripheral’s motion sensing capabilities to translate the user’s gestures and facial expressions into Avatar animations for multi-user chats.

  • BioShock 2 Avatar goodies hit Xbox Live Marketplace

    BioShock 2′s out today, and those who want to show their appreciation for the FPS’s return to Rapture or just a bit of fandom, can now get some Avatar gear over on Xbox Live.

  • Peter Moore: Sports games will lead the way for 3D gaming

    3D’s all the rage in Hollywood these days, but here in Videogame Land, the goofy-looking red-blue tech of tomorrow hasn’t quite caught on. So, what’s the deal? Well, according to EA Sports head honcho Peter Moore, we need only look to sports for the answers.

  • Cameron says Avatar’s comparisons to Halo are unfounded

    James Cameron has told G4 that “fanboys” calling Avatar a rip-off of the Halo universe need to look a bit closer at the source material.

  • Avatar multiplayer trailer is colorful, highly volatile

    Joystiq‘s posted a new trailer of Avatar’s multiplayer mode, and it’s quite a sight. Each of the game’s areas has the visible light spectrum working overtime, resulting in a highly attractive color palette. And then it all goes boom. When pitted against a race of ten foot-tall, teleporting blue creatures that are essentially Nightcrawler from […]

  • Transformers Avatar clothing now available on Xbox Live

    We’ve always wished the giant robot that appears in the background of our XBL friends list could be our avatar, but this is the next best thing. CVG‘s reporting that your Avatar can now disguise itself as a robot in disguise. Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee helmets are available, as are a number of Transformers-themed […]

  • Avatar: The Game dev diary shows a Beautiful But Deadly world

    Ubisoft has released a second developer diary for Avatar: The Game titled Beautiful But Deadly. In it, James Cameron and the development team discuss the landscape of Pandora and the danger and beauty that lurks within it. Apparently, the world is its own living, breathing character in a sense with its bioluminescence and otherworldly creatures […]

  • First developer diary for Avatar: The Game released, watch it here

    Ubisoft has released the first developer diary for Avatar: The Game. In it, you will discover things about the Avatar universe you didn’t know – if you knew anything to being with – and how it intersects with the film by James Cameron. It’s a bit sparse on gameplay, but instead has Cameron and the […]

  • Avatar: The Game on PSP can communicate with PS3 version

    Avatar: The Game for PSP will be able to communicate with the PS3 version or the game, according to reports. Sounds like another Ubisoft title you may have heard about. Assassin’s Creed 2. Anyway, one of the features is the ability to transfer “Effort Points” from PSP game to PS3. According to the October issue […]

  • Ubisoft: Avatar could be the next Harry Potter

    Ubisoft marketing boss Murray Pannell is just a teensy bit excited about the upcoming game based on James Cameron’s Avatar. He’s even gone and mentioned he-who’s-become-a-household-name, Harry Potter, alongside Cameron’s untested opus. “Avatar looks set to be a world-changing kind of cinema given its pedigree and elements like the 3D,” Pannell told MCV. “It reminds […]

  • Avatar: The Game will support 3D effects on 360 with HDMI-out

    Avatar: The Game will support 3D effects on televisions that have the technology. Good for you if you have the TV, but if you want to play it on Xbox 360 you will need one that has an HDMI-out. According to the game’s brand manager Luc Duchaine, the game will require 1080p resolution to see […]

  • Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez lend voices to Avatar

    Ubisoft has announced that the same actors who lent their voices to James Cameron’s film, Avatar, will reprise their roles in the game. Sigourney Weaver plays Dr. Grace Augustine in the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC versions; Michelle Rodriguez voices helicopter pilot Trudy Chacon in the PC, PS3, and 360 versions which feature bad […]

  • Avatar: First look from IGN sounds very interesting

    A first look for Jame’s Cameron’s Avatar has popped up over IGN. The demo was played on Wii using Wii MotionPlus, and it sounds interesting to say the least. You should go check it out if you are interested in the game. Game’s out for everything under the sun in December, except for that homemade […]

  • First Avatar trailer on August 21

    James Cameron said at Comic Con yesterday that the first Avatar game trailer will release on August 21. The footage will coincide with a 15-minute movie trailer airing at IMAX “theaters” in the US. Both game and film hit this December, courtesy of Ubisoft. Thanks, CinemaBlend.

  • Avatar development boundaries set to “protect sequels,” says Cameron

    James Cameron has talked about his involvement in Avatar with Edge-Online and revealed that he “created some boundaries” in order to protect a possible follow-up. “I created some boundaries for areas I didn’t want to go,” said Cameron, “if not to protect the movie then to protect the sequel possibilities – stuff like that. “It […]

  • Avatar gets three E3 screens

    After the break. The James Cameron movie tie-in featurs aliens and humans mixing, apparently. Sounds unpleasant. Cameron took up a good chunk of the Ubi conference last night. More on that here. It’s out for all formats later this year.

  • Cameron pleased with Ubisoft as Avatar creative partner

    Hollywood director James Cameron told the crowd at Ubisoft’s E3 conference yesterday that he felt the company was the best choice of creative partner for Avatar. “Technically, we have a lot in common with Ubisoft and the game world,” said Cameron. “We utilized highly sophisticated technologies in creating Avatar so, when it came to choosing […]

  • James Cameron shows up on Ubisoft stage, talks Avatar

    James Cameron showed himself at the Ubisoft presser for E3. It was told to the attendees earlier that Avatar would be shown tomorrow. But out steps James to fill us in. Cameron mispronounced Ubisoft, talked about the back story to Avatar along with new performance technology and CG tech developed to make the film. Game […]

  • Western outfits hit Live Avatars

    Yeehaw, etc. Microsoft’s released some cowboy and cowgirl outfits for Live Avatars, says the Major. Go get yourself a nice hat, isn’t it. It’s all free, as ever.

  • Intellisponse rumour round-up – lest we forget

    Intellisponse, a market research firm, last night got “internetalised” in a rather brutal way, causing a flood of rumours on unannounced games. We’re mindful that some of you don’t have to convince your wives and husbands that writing nonsense about spacemen and pretend cars in the middle of the night is “necessary”, so here’s everything […]

  • Ubidays 2008: Avatar for “middle of next year”

    Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot just confirmed that James Cameron’s 3D game, Avatar, will be releasing in the “middle of next year.” Guillemot said that he’d seen the game running and it, and the technology it employs, are “wonderful”. The publisher boss was speaking at the now-ended Ubidays 2008 press conference in Paris.