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  • Japanese software sales - Pokemon, Japan chooses you!

    Media-Create’s released the latest software charts in Japan with, surprise surprise, Pokemon topping the billing. It sold over 165k units sold, with over 2 million units sold this year. Uncharted 2 entered the charts respectively enough, selling over 54k. Full list is after the jump. From Exaimner.

  • Atlus: Demon's Souls NA servers going live on October 6

    No one owns Demon’s Souls yet. No one. The game doesn’t release for another few days. Procurring an early copy is impossible. Even if you’re the President. But, hypothetically, if you’ve somehow managed to weasel your way into a copy of Demon’s Souls before its release date, Atlus would like you to know that the […]

  • Persona PSP's digital release delayed in North America

    Atlus just sent over a note telling us that Persona PSP’s digital release won’t be making its originally scheduled date. Instead, it’ll be ready to go a week after the game’s September 22 retail release. “While we’d previously announced that a digital version would be available at launch (on 9/22) along with the retail UMD […]

  • Persona 3 PSP details - gender choice, new in-game events

    Details on Persona 3 PSP’s downsized upgrade are finally* starting to roll in, and the game’s looking like much more than a simple port. Most notably, all that female main character jazz is choice-driven. At the game’s outset, you decide rather you want to be a soft-skinned, purty-lookin’ Japanese girl or a boy who, well, […]

  • PSP Persona not a port, but not a remake either

    We’re pretty sure it’s still a game, though – and by the looks of things, a damn good one. Siliconera opened up their Nihongonomicon and gave us the scoop. According to a translated listing from Japanese retailer Rakuten, Persona’s PSP edition will include new animated movies, a soundtrack rearranged by Persona 3’s composer, and new […]

  • Arcana Heart for US release

    See here. Atlus is to release Japanese all-girl fighter Arcana Heart for PS2 on April 8. The game looks the right side of awesome, and features 11 lady fighting types “battling to prevent a power-hungry woman from destroying the world”. Aren’t we all. There’s no detail on a European launch.

  • Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3 gets 10/10 and release date

    The PS2, Koei-published JRPG Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3 has been given a 10 in OPS magazine in the UK and will ship in Europe in February, Koei confirmed this morning. The game sees the player surviving a year in a school “plagued by creatures of the night”. Blimey. Naoki Katashima, Executive VP of KOEI […]

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