Sony is retiring the Live Events Viewer app that you totally used all the time

The dedicated destination for live events on PS4 and PS3 will be no more.

App headlines

  • Pokemon Go: PokeStops can now be removed if requests are made

    More and more reports are popping up about PokeStops being removed after requests are made to Niantic.

  • Pokemon Go has made over $160 million

    For a free app that has been out less than a month, Pokemon Go sure has made a lot of money.

  • Microsoft announces IE for Xbox, Smart Glass app

    Marc Whitten, the head of Xbox Live, took to the stange to announce Xbox Smart Glass which connects your tablets, phones, and console together. It was rumored earlier this week. A demo showing how you can send a movie from your tablet to your Xbox and pick up where you left off on your 360 […]

  • PlayStation Official App Version 1.1 Is Now Available

    Sony has announced version 1.1 of the PlayStation Official App has been released. Using it you can sort your PSN friends by status, or filter them by presence. You can even search for new ones, and view specific trophy details. You can even comment on the blog, get news, and more. Hit up the PS […]

  • Eurogamer iPhone app costs £2.39

    Eurogamer just put its iPhone app live for £2.39. Get it here. It basically lets you see content, comment, turn pages, watch videos and do all the other things you’d expect it to do. Take a look.