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  • 3D to be bigger deal at E3 than motion controllers

    Natal and Move? They’re so last year. 3D is the new black at E3 this year.

  • SCEE: “It’s our job” to give consumers a choice between digital and packaged

    SCEE president Andrew House has said that Sony plans to continue providing customers with the option of both digital and retail releases in the foreseeable future.

  • House: Packaged games “not going away any time soon”

    SCEE president Andrew House has said that despite PSPgo and PSN enabling customers to purchase games digitally, packaged games are not going the way of the Dodo any time soon. As a matter of fact, Sony plans to continue to support packaged media as an “additive to the business”, and according to House, business would […]

  • House: PS3 Euro vid store to grow by “50 movies per week”

    SCEE boss Andrew House has told GI that the European PS3 Video Delivery Service (VDS) will grow by around 50 films per week. VDS launches today. “We’re starting out with a really strong offering – there’s plenty there to choose from, a tremendous number of current hits – and then I think we’ll grow it […]

  • SCEE: PS3 will “significantly outpace” PS2 life-cycle

    SCEE’s Andrew House has told Edge that PS3 will “significantly outpace” the PS2′s life-cycle, meaning it will hold up longer in the retail market. “If you look at the PS2, still in some markets going very strong, especially in North America in its tenth year on the market, we still can’t predict where that life-cycle […]

  • House: PS3 price cut not down to slowing sales, Facebook for PS3 not ruled out

    SCEE boss Andrew House has said to the FT that the price-cut the PlayStation 3 recieved last week in Cologne at GamesCom isn’t down to “a reaction to current market conditions”. “We are aware that consumers are watching their euros and pounds more carefully than before and it may make a price reduction have potentially […]

  • GT5 given “quarter four” release date in GamesCom brochure

    Sony Germany’s given GT5 a “4 Quartal 2009″ date in its official GamesCom paraphernalia, as you can see on GTPlanet. The game was actual playable at the Cologne show last week. SCEE boss Andrew House told us that we’re going to see specifics on the game “very soon” in an interview at the event. Polyphony […]

  • House: Sony is “head to head with Microsoft”

    SCEE boss Andrew House has admitted that Sony is going “head to head” right now with Microsoft. Speaking to MCV, House said that the PS3 and PSPgo does have a fighting chance of taking on the Xbox 360. “We’ve competing very seriously, head-to-head, with Microsoft in Europe right now,” said House, going further to say […]

  • House: PS3 Slim won’t be in short demand

    SCEE bossman Andrew House has said to MCV that, despite fears from Amazon it’ll be in short demand, the PS3 Slim won’t be receiving shortages at it’s release. “There are trucks and trailers leaving right now – it’s on the road,” said House. “I will make a prediction there – I don’t think we will […]

  • House: PSPgo feedback positive, initial consumers to benefit

    SCEE president Andrew House has told VG247 that initial feedback for PSPgo has been positive, and the consumers who hop on board first will benefit. The console was given prices of $249/€249/¥24,980 when the console was announced back at E3 in June. And only last night did SCEE tell us that it’ll retail for £224.99. […]

  • House: SCEE would “absolutely” make PS3 £199 if it were “sensible”

    SCEE president, Andrew House, has said that Sony would like to knock down the price of PS3 to the same £199 price point PS2 saw during its peak last generation. However, that is providing the decision to lower the cost that much was within the boundaries of “sensible business”. “If we could get to a […]

  • PS3 motion controller to be fully shown at TGS

    We must have missed this during our livetext last night. Apologies. SCEE president Andrew House confirmed during SCEE’s GamesCom presser that the PS3 motion controller will be at the Tokyo Games Show next month. We assume this’ll be part of Kaz Hirai’s keynote speech during the event in September. Expect the name for it to […]

  • House: “You’ll see something very soon” on GT5

    SCEE president Andrew House has told VG247 that anybody wondering why Gran Turismo 5 wasn’t shown during the company’s massive GamesCom presser should look forward to seeing something “very soon”. “I am not going to make a prediction on that but I think you will see something on GT5 very soon,” said House. We assume that […]

  • Exclusive: Andrew House talks to VG247 about price cuts and going digital in a retail market

    Interview by Patrick Garratt. SCEE president Andrew House took time out of his busy schedule at GamesCom to have a chat with VG247 regarding all things PS3 price-cut, PSPgo, how important it is for developers to comprehend the PS3 hardware, and the future of digital downloads. Not only did House mention that Sony would  love […]

  • GamesCom Day One: All the EA and Sony stuff in one post

    Day one is rounding up at GameCom and if you missed out on any of it, we’ve got you covered. It’s all here in one lovely post. From Peter Moore sporting shorts and chatting on stage with Katarina Vitt, to Ray Muzyka not giving us a Mass Effect 2 date – that was the EA […]

  • Sony’s GC Press Event: Minis announced for PSP Go

    Sony announced during their GamesCom conference this evening that a set of mini-games, known simply as Minis, will be available from October 1: the day the PSP Go launches in Europe. They are 100Mb in size and will be available from the PS Store at launch and downloaded directly from the PSP. SCEE president Andrew […]

  • Sony’s GC Press Event: PSN’s made $280 million

    The Sony press event is live at GamesCom and president Andrew House just said that PSN has made $280 million since launch. There have also been 560 million downloads of game-centric content, with a connection rate of 60 percent with 27 million registrants. “PSN is The Future”, said House. “It’s a service that delivers a […]

  • PSP Go: House says a “certain premium” is expected with new hardware

    SCEE boss Andrew House has offered up an explanation as to why the PSP Go has such a large price tag. “When you introduce a new piece of hardware you have the opportunity to say there is a certain premium that is associated with it, and we took that into account,” he told MCV. “As […]

  • PS3 price cut – Euros “see the value of the machine,” says House

    SCEE president Andrew House reckons Europeans appreciate PS3′s value, and the console’s cost will only come down when Sony’s goddamn good and ready. “Not to harp on about it, but the PlayStation 3 has a ten-year life cycle and there are issues of cost and profitability,” the exec told MCV. “We will make that move […]

  • Motion-sensing is PS3 “essential”, says House

    SCEE president Andrew House has called motion-sensing an “essential” element to PS3, speaking to GI at E3. “That’s one of the essentials,” he said, talking of PS3′s wand-based motion control system premiered in LA earlier this month. House was quick to expound the machine’s further virtues, however. “But the PlayStation 3 is also one of […]

  • Sony unconcerned with expected retail price for PSP Go

    SCEE president Andrew House has stated that neither price point for PSP Go will pose an issue with consumers. “If it’s cheaper would we sell more? The answer would probably be yes,” said the boss. “I think on PlayStation 3, and the potential with an extension of PSP, we’ve got an opportunity to go even […]

  • SCEE boss: Still a “very large market” for physical media-based portables

    PSP-3000 will sell alongside PSP Go because there’s still an opportunity to sell disc-based portables, SCEE president Andrew House told GI at E3. “The decision to push [PSP Go] alongside PSP 3000 is absolutely the right one because there’s still a very large, untapped market there for a traditional, package media-based portable gaming,” said the […]

  • SCEE: Consumers will “upgrade” to PS3

    SCEE president Andrew House told OPM’s Tim Clark at E3 that we’re going to see people buying PS3s as an “upgrade” from less powerful consoles later this cycle “If you look back at previous lifecycles, like PS2 versus N64, we have lots of data that suggests that lots of people bought into N64 as their […]

  • Microsoft and Sony hail “rebirth” of E3

    Microsoft corporate VP Shane Kim and new Sony European president and CEO Andrew House both agree that E3 is back baby and this year’s conference was the good-old-days reborn. “It’s great to see it back,” said Kim. “We’re an entertainment business and we should act and talk like an entertainment business. “We shouldn’t go hide […]

  • David Reeves quits SCEE, Andrew House named as new president

    SCEE just confirmed that David Reeves has quit as its president, to be replaced by Andrew House. Reeves will leave the company on April 30. He’s been with SCEE since 1995. House is currently CMO. He’ll assume the role of “Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Chief Operating Officer (Co-COO) of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)” […]