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Alone in the Dark: Illumination art shows off dreary ambiance

You’ve seen the screenshots from Alone in the Dark: Illumination already, but how about some dreary environmental art? Look no further.


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  • Alone in the Dark and Haunted House returning to PC this "fall"

    No joke. Atari will release a new Alone in the Dark game for PC this autumn, as well as revisiting Haunted House.

  • Haunted House and Alone in the Dark are coming to PC

    Two re-imagined versions of two classic titles, Alone in the Dark and Haunted House are coming to PC in fall 2014.

  • 'You are dead': the death of Survival Horror

    Survival Horror appears to be stuck in a rut. VG247′s Dave Cook asks if the genre has turned into a husk, or if our expectations have merely shifted.

  • Raynal would "love an HD remake" of Alone in the Dark

    When developing Alone in the Dark for Infogrames, Frederick Raynal said he had many ideas regarding how to scare players but found the best way to do it was to implement it into something they do all the time: walking.

  • GDC 2012: Classic Game Postmortems return with Harvest Moon, Fallout, more

    GDC organizers have announced the return of Classic Game Postmortems, and this year’s line-up includes talks on Harvest Moon, Gauntlet, Alone in the Dark, and Fallout.

  • Alone in the Dark PS3 changes listed

    Eden announced a few weeks ago that Alone in the Dark PS3 was to have an overhaul and a 360 patch was on the way, but up until now we didn’t know what those changes were. Now we do. Full 360 camera control: enhanced camera controls allows complete freedom of the camera and better handling […]

  • Eden Studios to patch Alone in the Dark 360

    Speaking at Games Convention this week, Eden Studios has said that it is bringing out a patch for Alone in the Dark 360 that will bring the game in line with the overhauled PS3 version. The salient changes include a more streamlined inventory system and a better camera for on-foot and driving sections. No date […]

  • Alone in the Dark needs to take "major step," says Villette

    Antoine Villette, founder of I Am Alive developer Darkworks, has told VG247 he believes Alone in the Dark can still be great, but only if Atari is prepared to make radical changes to its format. “When we took Alone in the Dark in 2001 it was to renew the franchise with names, characters, we tried […]

  • Alone in the Dark demo up on Live

    Microsoft just announced that the Alone in the Dark demo is now available on Xbox Live. It’s a 1.35Gb download. Get to it.

  • Alone in the Dark hits PS3 in November

    Atari put out a release schedule this afternoon confirming the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark for a November release. That’s it, pretty much. You probably already know if you’re going to buy this or not.

  • Eurogamer gives Alone in the Dark Wii 3/10

    Ow. Eurogamer’s panned the Wii version of Alone in the Dark, and it makes for pretty horrific reading, aptly enough. From the piece: Alone in the Dark on Xbox 360 was a noble failure, just about clawing respectability from the jaws of disaster thanks to some interesting puzzles and mechanics, but forgetting to make the […]

  • Alone in the Dark PS3 pinned for Q4

    According to this Videogamer piece, the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark won’t hit until the company’s fourth quarter. That’s October at the earliest. Developer Eden had previously said the PlayStation 3 version would come later than the other SKUs because it was “not performing as well” on the machine.

  • NOM reviews Alone in the Dark Wii

    Official Nintendo Magazine has what seems to be the first review for Atari’s Alone in the Dark on Wii, and keeping true to previous form the mag slates it, calling it unfinished and giving it a weary 64 percent. “Alone In The Dark is an utter disappointment,” says the review. “Gamers willing to stick with […]

  • Alone in the Dark 360 demo "in the coming weeks"

    Atari just confirmed by email that a 360 demo of Alone in the Dark will be released in the near future. “The Alone in the Dark Xbox 360 demo is currently being finalized and will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace in the coming weeks,” said a rep. We’re just asking what you can expect […]

  • Post-release UK AitD reviews set to stun, ugly Atari rumours emerge

    Videogaming247 has learned this morning that one of the UK’s biggest PC magazines is set to deliver a sub-60 percent score on Alone in the Dark, with more wince-worthy marks set to follow in the coming weeks. This isn’t looking good. Talk in Britain is also emerging that Atari refused to let pre-release reviews go […]

  • IGN UK gives Alone in the Dark a 7/10

    Last Alone in the Dark review score story, promise. IGN’s given it a 7/10. We get it. And that’s the end of that.

  • Atari "happy" with UK AitD review scores

    Atari’s issued a statement to saying it’s happy with UK reviews of Alone in the Dark, but refused to comment on various legal rumours doing the rounds today. “We’re happy with the review scores in the UK,” said a rep. “We believe the game speaks for itself.” The title’s picking up scores in the […]

  • PC Alone in the Dark uses SecuROM online protection

    Atari just confirmed that the PC version of Alone in the Dark uses the unpopular SecuROM online protection system for verification. “This requires that in addition to the content on the game disk, players download an additional component via an internet connection in order to install and run the game,” said the firm in a […]

  • PCGames gives AitD 80%, goes 7 and 8/10’s posted its Alone in the Dark review, giving a 7/10 and an 8/10 over two opinions, close to its British counterpart. went for 80 percent. Expect a flood of these today. We should start running a book on the final Metacritic average.


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