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  • APB gameplay is stonking hot

    GT‘s put live some new APB gameplay from PAX East. To say we want this badly = understatement of the year.

  • APB gets first action-packed dev diary

    Didn’t get into the APB beta? New shots not enough to please you? Take this development diary instead: it’s all we’ve got left.

  • New APB shots look mental

    APB’s shaping up nicely. It’s been accepting new beta entrants recently, but if you weren’t one of them, relax: RealTime Worlds has released new shots of the MMO.

  • APB allows you to create custom theme music

    Real Time Worlds has revealed that the music tool in APB will allow you to create your very own custom track that plays every time you kill an enemy. How cool is that?

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: LOTRO rumors, ex-Blizzard artist creates LAW, APB refresher course

    Yes, we know. It’s not Sunday. It is, however, Monday, and that makes looking at all the MMO news from last week even more sensible. We think so, anyway. Read on.

  • GDC: APB to include Vivox voice chat

    Realtime Worlds MMO All Points Bulletin is to feature Vivox voice chat, the companies said at GDC this week. “We decided early on that integrated voice chat was a must for APB,” remarked RTW’s Ray Miller. “We do everything best of breed and we knew we needed the best voice chat available.” And no, of […]

  • Realtime Worlds looking to recruit 40 at GDC

    Realtime Worlds will looking to employ 40 good men and women be at GDC next week. Current openings are listed here. Apparently the contract package should appeal to those wanting a position to help pay the bills without the long-term commitment–and you would have to relocate to Scotland. “In contrast to many other companies and […]

  • Realtime Worlds donates $1K to All Points Bulletin fansite

    Who knew frothing at the mouth and raving un-endlessly about a game could net you some cash? The staff over at ABP-Evolved sure didn’t, but, as Massively reports, that didn’t stop APB-Evolved from finding 1,000 crisp, new dollars dedicated to their cause, all thanks to the loving support of APB developer Realtime Worlds. Hey Realtime, […]