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  • LA – Quantum Conundrum promo wants you

    Marketing tour de force iam8bit has something pretty special in the works to promote the Square Enix-published puzzler Quandrum Conundrum, and while neither party is ready to give details, they are inviting 50 fans to take part in whatever it is. You need to be available in the Los Angeles area on May 11 and […]

  • John de Lancie lends voice to Professor Fitz Quadwrangle in Quantum Conundrum

    Star Trek: The Next¬†Generation’s Q, known in real-life as John de Lancie, will lend his voice to Quantum Conundrum, according to an announcement from Square Enix.

  • Kim Swift praises Square Enix’s indie support

    Airtight Games has nothing but love for Quantum Conundrum publisher Square Enix.

  • Quantum Conundrum screens feature lack of conundrums

    New Quantum Conundrum shots have appeared following the latest demo of the puzzler at the Xbox Spring Showcase last week. The game, being made by Airtight Games and Portal co-creator Kim Swift, was confirmed for a European release last week by publisher Square Enix. Get the shots below the break. It’s out this summer for […]

  • Square confirms European release for Quantum Conumdrum

    Square Enix has confirmed it’ll release Quantum Conumdrum in Europe for a launch this summer on PSN, XBLA and PC. The puzzler, which comes via Dark Void developer Airtight and from the mind of Portal creator Kim Swift, was announced at PAX last year by Square Enix US. Get our impressions of it and an […]

  • Quick quotes – Kim Swift’s design manifesto

    “All I care about is, ‘Is the game fun? Are players gonna pick it up and have a good time?’ That, first and foremost, is my job. Making first-person puzzle games is what I like to do. And there aren’t a whole lot of games … there’s Portal, and that’s about it. So, to me, […]

  • No Portals, No Problem: Swift on Quantum Conundrum

    Kim Swift, one of the minds behind the original Portal, has apparently made a game so funny it causes physical pain. Nathan Grayson suffers for his art.

  • Square officially announces Quantum Conundrum

    Square Enix has officially announced Quantum Conundrum, Airtight Games’ latest from Kim Swift of Portal fame.

  • Dark Void developer hiring for triple-A title

    Airtight Games, the developer behind last year’s Dark Void, has a job listing posted for a “triple-A” PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 title.

  • Dark Void demo now available on Live

    As promised yesterday by Capcom, the demo for Dark Void is now on Xbox Live Marketplace.

  • Statement – Capcom has “not announced” a Dark Void PC demo

    Following Capcom US saying last night that it “looks” as though there won’t be a PC Dark Void demo, Capcom UK’s issued an official statement on the matter. In short, don’t go waiting up, PC people.

  • Dark Void demo to release tomorrow

    Capcom’s just confirmed that a Dark Void demo will release this week.

  • Dark Void PC gets system requirements

    Capcom’s revealed the minimum specs you need to play Dark Void on PC. Find them after the break. Game’s out at the end of the month.

  • Dark Void trailer shows dogfighting, rolling about in the air

    Look. Can you just stop talking about videogames, publishers of the world? Just in case you’d forgotten Dark Void’s out on January 22, Capcom’s stuck out a video of the game’s protagonist shooting things. A lot. Watch it after the break. There’s air-to-air shooting and air-to-ground shooting. There’s also plenty of dodging on display. Looks […]

  • Kim Swift jumps from Valve to Airtight

    Portal’s most prominent “face,” Kim Swift, has left Valve for Dark Void developer Airtight Games. Swift will hold the title of project lead at the studio, and will “build and lead a team in the development of games aimed at a more diverse audience.” Airtight boss Jim Deal said her hiring “represents a strategic move […]

  • Dark Void to release simultanously on PC and console

    Capcom’s confirmed to VG247 that Dark Void will be a simultaneous ship for both PC and console. Unless we’re very much mistaken, this is the first time the company’s matched SKUs in this way. The Airtight Games project – which was looking mighty fine in its E3 videos – will release on PC, PS3 and […]

  • Dark Void dev diary features Inafune, shows in-game action

    Capcom’s released a decent-sized dev diary of Airtight’s Dark Void, featuring a distinctly older-looking Keiji Inafune and showing a good chunk of CG and in-game footage. It’s after the break. Story – You play a pilot that slips through “the Void” into a parallel dimension. Think Bermuda Triangle. Looking good. More from E3.

  • Dark Void gameplay shows jet-packs and huge mechs

    Capcom has put out some new footage for Airtight Game’s Dark Void. You see this huge mech with massive guns hunt your player down as you whizz about the place with a jet-pack strapped to your back. It’s all very action-packed. Game’s due out this year for PC, 360 and PS3. Take a look. By […]