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  • ActiBlizz Q1 2010 financials - everything in one place

    Say whatever you want about Activision Blizzard, but one thing’s for sure: gaming’s premier publishing powerhouse is never boring. Whether it’s Bobby Kotick tying the industry to a table and rambling on about his diabolical plans to suck the fun out of development or the recent Infinity Ward fiasco, there’s never a dull moment in […]

  • First Tony Hawk: RIDE reviews are... mixed

    The first reviews of Tony Hawk: Ride have started to trickle in, and sprained ankles and bruised egos seem to be the name of the game here. Well, mostly. So, is this the large plastic, skateboard-shaped nail in the Tony Hawk franchise’s coffin? Let’s take a look. Game Informer – 5.75/10 G4 – 1/5 (!) […]

  • Kotick: Next Blizzard MMO to have more "broad appeal"

    11.5 million’s not a number to sneeze at, but Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick thinks Blizzard’s next MMO can go even “broader” than that. He briefly spoke about the untitled, un-detailed, un-everything-else-traditionally-associated-with-a-game MMO during the recent Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco. “What we’ve announced at Blizzard is that we have Starcraft [II] […]

  • Modern Warfare 2's PC price shooting up to $60?

    If a number of listings from major US retailers are to be believed, then yes. GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy all have Modern Warfare 2 listed at the PC-unfriendly price of $60. Only Walmart’s still asking $50 for Activision Blizzard’s next cash cow. But no one ever tells Walmart anything. It’s not cool. We’ve sent […]

  • Warcraft to go back online in China soon?

    IncGamers reckon it is. The site is reporting that GAPP – the firm responsible for authorising World of Warcraft – has almost finishing doing whatever it is it does and that the games should go live again in China soon. Apparently, there’s a bit of violent conduct that needs to be removed and then everything […]

  • Acti Blizz Q4 Financials so far

    Activision Q4 2008 numbers are rolling in. Here’s what we know so far. Reported a net loss of $72 million, or 5 cents a share. Adjusted revenue was $2.3 billion which was much more than they predicted, and more than $2.15 billion which Wall Street estimated. Forecasting¬† a 2009 adjusted profit of 61 cents per […]

  • Kotick: A disciplined strategy won't include "wholesale layoffs" in 2009

    Following the release of fourth quarter financials, Bobby Kotick has said that Activision is not planning on going the layoff route most publishers are suffering at present. “We won’t be distracted by layoffs and restructuring and things that other companies are going to be distracted with,” Kotick told Reuters in an interview. “We don’t respond […]


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