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  • Batman: Arkham City achievement and trophy lists revealed

    The full achievement and trophy lists for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Batman: Arkham City have hit the Net, revealing potential spoilers for impatient gamers.

  • Batman: Arkham City achievements have been leaked

    Get a sneak peak at some of the events that await you in the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City.

  • Game Dev Story update introduces Game Center support

    The charmingly addictive and addictively charming iOS game has been updated with 32 achievements and online leaderboards. There goes another couple of hundred hours of our lives.

  • Achievements reveal Stacking “Lost Hobo King” DLC

    If this were any other game, we’d be just about ready to declare this an elaborate joke. But it’s Double Fine, so that’s, you know, kind of the point.

  • Microsoft reveals number of Achievements unlocked since 2005 – it’s a lot

    Microsoft has disclosed the number of Achievements that have been accumulated since the incentives were implemented in 2005.

  • Saturday Shorts: Analysts, Magicka, Mythos, Severed shots, Pink emails, 3DS barfing, Portal 2 Achievements

    It’s Saturday, and it’s early. You are too sleepy to read anything overly taxing. Read these shorts instead.

  • Minecraft creator is considering adding Achievements to the game

    Minecraft creator Markus Persson is considering adding Achievements to the game.

  • Fallout: New Vegas Achievements spilt

    It’s a Bank Holiday. What do you expect?

  • Assassin’s Creed II achievements surface online

    You’ve just killed a man in cold blood. Sure, he was a bit of a sleaze, but he probably didn’t deserve three rib-shattering kicks to the mid-section followed by a clavicle-rending slash to the shoulder. Whatever, though; you’re an unfeeling, utterly ruthless contract killer. No use crying over spilt blood. And so, you silently saunter […]

  • “Leaked” Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns confirmed by Achievement list, Valve

    The rumor is rumor no more. The final pair of Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns – known as “Hard Rain” and “Dead Center” – are real. How do we know? Because Valve told us so. “They’re legit,” Valve’s Doug Lombardi told VG247. On top of that, the game’s Achievement list – recently rescued from a […]

  • Pitchford: Easy Achievements can increase sales by 40K

    Gearbox bossman Randy Pitchford has told OXM that incorporating easy Achievements in games can increase sales by up to 40,000. “The Achievement hunter, who’s going to make purchase decisions around the Achievements per minute to ratio – he’s probably buying ten to twenty titles a year, or at least playing that many,” said Pitchford. “He’s […]

  • Modern Warfare 2 achievements tell us to kill things

    Xbox 360 Achievements – shockingly enough – has a list of Modern Warfare 2′s achievements. It’s long, and mostly concerned with things and the killing thereof. But then, the game is called Modern Warfare 2. Killing? In war? This post is chock full of shocking discoveries. Click through the link to see the full list.

  • PopCap adds achievements to Plants vs. Zombies on Steam

    PopCap has added twelve achievements to the Steam version of Plants vs. Zombies. Here’s the full list: Ask Me About Mustache Mode: Enable Mustache Mode Better Off Dead: Get to a streak of 10 in I, Zombie Endless China Shop: Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless Cryptozombologist: Discover the top secret zombie […]

  • Achievements detailed for Gears of War 2 Snowblind map pack

    Details of the Achievements to arrive with Gears of War 2′s upcoming Snowblind map pack have been revealed. Get them after the break. The DLC, shipping March 24, will also include the new, much-toted experience-based ranking system. Don’t look if you want to stay pure. Thanks Joystiq.

  • New Halo 3 Achievements shown, surprises revealed

    According to this X3F story, Bungie’s shown off its next round of Halo 3 Achievements, including a load that weren’t expected by the game’s many followers. Halo 3 will carry a potential Gamerscore of 1,750 after the next release, which may well include the “Mythic” maps first spotted at PAX. The levels appear to be […]

  • Gears of War 2 Achievements released in full

    On IGN. There’s one called “Dirty, Dirty Horde,” which is obviously great. We haven’t read through the list, but there’s bound to be spoilers there, so don’t blame us if you end up staring out of the window this afternoon dreaming about what could have been.

  • Leaked Gears 2 Achievements list isn’t complete

    We skipped this later through sheer shock, but Gears of War 2′s Achievement list was supposedly leaked last night. IGN, though, has posted a story saying the list in incomplete and the full thing will be announced on the site tomorrow (Friday, August 28) at 10.00am PST. So there you are.

  • Blizzard explains WoW Achievement system

    Speaking to MTV, WoW designer Jeffrey Kaplan has explained how the MMO’s Achievement system will work, and how the update will bring 700 virtual trophies to the game. There’s a heap of information through there. Achievements will be added with the launch of Wrath of the Lich King later this year.

  • Gears of War 2 to link Achievements to original game

    According to this X3F piece – via IGN – Epic confirmed at Comic Con this weekend that Gears of War 2 will have linked Achievements to the original Gears of War. The means you’ll get some content in the second game depending on stuff you accomplished in the first. Apparently: Unlocking the “Completed Act 1″ […]

  • Xbox 360 fending off PS3 Trophies with Medals

    Like a thief in the night, Microsoft just can’t stop wrapping its grubby mitts around other people’s stuff. According to a rundown of Microsoft’s new MyXbox service over at Gamestop, the Xbox 360 will soon reward players with Medals to compliment their Achievements. “Microsoft will also institute a new medal system so you can show […]

  • Rumour: Sony to mandate unique Trophies in 2009

    A ” major developer” has apparently told Joystiq that Sony’s “answer to Achievements” will be enforced by the company for every new release from 2009 onwards. Loads of padding through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • Blizzard confirms Achievements for WoW

    According to this WorldofWar story, Achievements are definitely going to be added to World of Warcraft, as Blizzard has now confirmed. “While Wrath of the Lich King will improve many of World of Warcraft’s existing features, it will also introduce plenty of brand-new ones to keep the game fresh and interesting,” said the company in […]

  • Vote for a Prince of Persia 4 Achievement

    Bit late on this, but Ubisoft is running a competition where you can vote for a Prince of Persia 4 Achievement to be included in the game’s 360 version. The competition runs until the end of the month, so get over there and get voting. If you’re a PS3 owner don’t fret – Ubi’s going […]

  • Over 2 million GTA IV Achievements unlocked in first 24 hours

    Speaking in the latest Major Nelson podcast, guest “e”, who’s most recently been working on getting Xbox Live ready for GTA IV’s launch, has revealed a fairly startling stat regarding initial Achievement scoring for the game. “In the first 24 hours, over 2 million Achievements were unlocked for a total of 15 million gamer score,” […]

  • Players will have a “rough ride” with Fable 2 Achievements, says Molyneux

    Speaking in the latest Major Nelson podcast, Lionhead chief Peter Molyneux has hinted that making those Gamer Points in Fable 2 isn’t going to be as cut and dry as many would like. “They’re going to have some rough rides with those Achievements,” he said. “That’s another currency that I can use to make you […]