Starbreeze teams up with Acer to make StarVR

Acer is getting into the virtual reality industry, thanks to a new deal with StarVR developers Starbreeze.

Acer headlines

  • Acer Games to come pre-loaded on all new PCs

    New Acer systems will henceforth come with a built-in suite of formerly web-based games powered by a partnership with Pokki.

  • Acer not making console: "James Wong was wrongly interpreted"

    Acer has just confirmed to videogaming247 that a story that broke earlier this week – claiming that Taiwanese laptop manufacturer Acer was planning to release an open-license games console – is based on misinterpreted quotes and is incorrect. “That was a major misunderstanding as JT [James T Wong, Acer’s senior VP – Ed] was wrongly […]

  • Oddest story of the month: Acer to enter console market

    This has to be “confused”. According to this, Acer has announced that it’s planning to launch an open-license console platform. The news comes from a German press conference, where SVP James Wong “accidentally” revealed plans for the machine. Roughly translated from here: The Taiwanese notebook manufacturer Acer plans to enter into the console market. This […]

  • GDC: PC Gaming Alliance announced

    As expected, major PC companies have announced the PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) today at GDC, a non-profit organisation backed by Microsoft, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Dell/Alienware, Acer/Gatway, Activision, Epic Games and Razer. The group expects to grow throughout the year. The idea of the Alliance is not only to promote PC gaming to the public, but […]