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  • Scribblenauts team teases “very special” announcement

    Over on Scribblenauts’ Facebook page, 5th Cell is teasing a big announcement for its tiny game. “Get your rooster hats ready,” reads the status update. “We have a very special announcement coming very soon…” What could it be? A sequel? New items? More rooster regalia? We have no idea. Do you? If so, why not […]

  • Warner hopes Scribblenauts has same appeal as Layton games

    The marketing manager for Warner Bros., Phil Lamb, has said that due to the popularity of titles like Professor Layton, Scribblenauts should appeal to casual, female, and “grey” gamers. Because of this, Warner expects the title to become a new franchise for the DS market. “The stylized look of Scribblenauts offers something fresh and friendly […]

  • First Scribblenauts reviews are fair to excellent

    The first few Scribblenauts reviews have gone live. It’s looking like it might not be quite the super-game E3 promised, but it’s rosy nonetheless. But still. Essential DS purchase, surely. The 5th Cell puzzler’s out on October 9. Eurogamer – 7/10 PocketGamer – 7/10 USA Today – No score: “This is the most innovative new […]

  • Pfft – 22,802 words? Scribblenauts has more than that

    Over the weekend, an enterprising hacker claimed to have used his evil techno-wizardry to extract Scribblenauts’ 22,802-piece soul, which he then put on display for the entire Internet to see. However, speaking with Fast Company, lead designer Jeremiah Slaczka had a few choice words for said hacker: “That [number] was leaked by a hacker who […]

  • Scribblenauts to be fully localised for UK

    Scribblenauts dev 5th Cell said today that the DS word-play game will be fully worked for the UK, so don’t expect to see the likes of sidewalks and diapers popping up on your porta-screen this side of the pond. Thank God for that. PR after the break. The game’s out in October.

  • Scribblenauts dev “going to console next year”

    Scribblenauts dev 5th Cell’s next game will be a console title, the firm’s confirmed to Destructoid. “We’re going to console next year,” said Scribblenauts creative lead Jeremiah Slaczka. “We’ll be announcing that next year, and it’s another original title. We’ll still do DS, maybe, but we want to focus our efforts on original consoles.” No […]

  • Rumor: Scribblenauts has 22,802 words in it

    Some how, someone got a hold of the supposed complete dictionary from 5th Cell’s Scribblenauts. Whether or not the list is true or not is irreleant. It’s a spoiler. And that is no fun. Still, telling how many words may or may not be in the game is not a spoiler. It’s just information. While […]

  • Scribblenauts hitting the UK October 9, not September 25

    Warner Bros has confirmed that Scribblenauts will not be released in the UK until October 9. The US still gets it on September 15. Originally, the game was set to release in the UK September 25. You may or may not have already known this, but we are nothing but informative around here. Via Eurogamer.

  • Scribblenauts trailer shows loads of crazy stuff

    A trailer for Scribblenauts is posted after the break. It’s loaded with zaniness. Best trailer of the day, we reckon. Get it come September 25 on DS and DSi. Watch on courtesy of Joystiq.

  • Scribblenauts out September 25

    Warner’s confirmed a September 25 release date for DS puzzler Scribblenauts, EG reports. The game caught plaudits at E3 thanks to being something completely different. Radical. Hit the link for more.

  • Scribblenauts – new videos and shots

    Gamekult’s posted some news screens and movies of 5th Cell’s Scribblenauts, showing the DS puzzler’s text input system and a bit of gameplay. The title won the official award at E3 this year for best original game. Hit the link to see why. It’s out in 2009. Via NeoGAF and GoNintendo.

  • 5th Cell – Scribblenauts would “definitely work on other platforms”

    Starlet developer 5th Cell has never thought of puzzler Scribblenauts as a DS exclusive, technical director Marius Fahlbusch has told VG247, and has confessed that the puzzler could migrate between platforms. “The concept would definitely work on other platforms as well and we’ve seen gamers from very different backgrounds pick it up and enjoy it […]