Evolve is introducing ‘adaptations’ over the weekend

Evolve is about to get its first ‘adaptation’ monster, the Meteor Goliath, for free.

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  • You can RSVP for Battleborn's 'closed technical test' right now

    If you register early, you might get a chance to try out Battleborn before release.

  • Evolve will be free to play on PC and Xbox One this weekend

    Turtle Rock Studios’ asymmetrical four-on-one shooter is getting a free weekend, unless you’re playing on PlayStation 4.

  • Free Claptrap ringtones from Gearbox

    Gearbox Software is offering free ringtones in the form of the voices of Borderlands 2 characters Mr. Torgue and Claptrap.

  • Civilization 5 gets enormous balancing patch

    Civilization 5 has received an absolutely massive balancing and bug-fixing patch. Seriously, it’s huge. Get the full list of changes below.

  • PC: XCOM: Enemy Unknown will support mods

    If you’re a Firaxis fan and a PC gamer, chances are you’re aware of the vibrant modding community surrounding its games such as Civilization V.

  • Borderlands 2: Claptrap writes a love letter to PC gamers

    It’s no secret that the PC version of the original Borderlands had… some issues.  Well, it seems Gearbox is aware of this and is looking to make up for it with Borderlands 2.

  • Bioshock: Rapture novel due in March

    The world of literature has been bereft of Ken Levine's dark world for long enough, but the much-delayed Bioshock novel adaptation has finally found a release date in March.

  • Gore Verbinski: Budget concerns are slowing - not sinking - BioShock movie

    Big Daddies on the big screen? Not for a while, according to producer Gore Verbinski. But hey, how about this Big Momma’s House movie? Sounds like a real winner to us!

  • Interview - XCOM's Jonathan Pelling

    With the exception of a certain single most popular subscription-based fantasy MMO in the entire world, radical genre reinventions and videogames have something of a checkered past. In the eyes of many, it’s like tracking mud all over holy ground, lighting a national flag on fire, or saying Firefly was overrated. In other words, a […]

  • First XCOM trailer full of blob monsters, win

    Let’s say you’ve got something on your face. It’s a little black smudge. Kinda goopy. Your nearby tools are a neatly folded napkin and a fully loaded shotgun. In such a situation, a completely sane person would, of course, reach for the napkin, unfold it, and discretely dab at their face until the hideous blemish […]

  • First Borderlands DLC announced, features zombies and mad doctors

    Being excited about Borderlands’ imminent release is so last week. Now it’s all about the zany RPG-shooter’s upcoming DLC, which looks – to us, anyway – very Halloweeny (tee-hee!). Want to know more? Of course you do! So here’s a description: “Tasked with keeping the workers of Jakobs Cove alive, Dr. Ned (who is not […]

  • Starbreeze not developing The Darkness sequel

    Starbreeze CEO Johan Kristiansson has confirmed to VG247 that his company isn’t involved with the recently announced Darkness sequel. “I heard that there were talks about a Darkness sequel, but Starbreeze is not involved in anything like that right now. We are busy on two projects together with EA,” he said. Bummer. Here’s hoping Top […]

  • Top Cow: The Darkness sequel in development

    A sequel to Starbreeze Studios’ sleeper-hit The Darkness is officially in the works, says Newsarama. The news was announced during a panel at last weekend’s Comic Con. The tentacle-tastic mobster drama’s story will be written by Paul Jenkins. In addition, the first installment in the Darkness franchise has gone platinum, and will soon hit the […]

  • GameQuarry declares Visual Concepts “most consistent” developer

    GameQuarry is back, and instead of using Metacritic data to figure out consistency in publishers this time around, developers are under the microscope. Scores were given a letter rating. A: 90 percent or higher (2 points), B: 80-89 percent (1 point), C:70-79 percent (0 points), D: 60-69 (-1 point) and F: 59 percent or lower […]