Matt Martin – Editor.

Matt has been writing about video games for over 12 years across print and online, in trade and consumer press. Joining VG247 at the start of 2014, he manages an international team of editorial talent.

Stephany Nunneley – News Editor (US).

Stephany is responsible for US news coverage, working out of Kentucky. She has been with the site since 2009, has excellent organisational skills and is considered a rock by the rest of the team.

Brenna Hillier – News Editor (Australia).

Based in Sydney, Brenna Hillier covers news from the Australian and Asian timezones and pens some of the sharpest editorial opinions on VG247.

Pat Garratt – Publisher.

Pat founded VG247 way back in 2008 and has built the site to cater for an audience of over 3.2 million unique users. He has written video game editorial across Eurogamer, CVG, and more.


Dan Robinson – Sales Director, Gamer Network.

Dan is responsible for the ad sales team working across all Gamer Network sites including VG247.

Simon Maxwell – Chief Operating Officer, Gamer Network.

Simon oversees the Gamer Network business, including the growth and commercial opportunities of VG247.