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PS Vita’s real TGS headline – the genius of pre-pay 3G

You may have all been hanging on the date, but Vita’s pre-pay system was Sony’s real TGS bombshell. Patrick Garratt explains how the move assures Sony’s next gen handheld longevity and competitiveness in a space occupied by Apple and Google.

  • Alleged PS Vita RAM cut could be "good for developers"

    Dani Sánchez-Crespo, CEO of PSP games studio Novarama doesn’t seem to concerned with the rumoured halving of RAM in the Wi-Fi model of PS Vita, because if true, it wouldn’t have any affect on his company’s projects.

  • PS Vita playable at gamescom

    A Sony PR representative has confirmed to VG247 that members of the public will get their first hands-on opportunity with the company’s shiny, new handheld at gamescom next month.

  • Japanese charts - PSP still has it, RE: Mercenaries debuts in first

    Media Create has released the unit sales chart for Japanese hardware and software for the week ending June 5, and it finds PSP still the clear winner and Capcom’s Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D debuting in first place on the software chart.

  • E3 2011 - Total MS and Sony press conference coverage

    Microsoft and Sony went big on some announcements and reveals last night, having a major focus on motion controllers Kinect and Move, and showing massive first-party stuff like Gears of War 3, Fable, Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3. Not to mention, Sony properly lifted the wraps off PlayStation Vita. Get links to the coverage below. […]

  • PixelJunk SideScroller announced for PS3 - screens

    Q announced PixelJunk SideScroller last night, despite the fact the game didn’t make an appearance in the Sony press conference. Check out some screens below. It has local two-way co-op and looks pretty much like something from 1995 with modernity forced right up it, as is Q’s wont. There’s no date. There is, however, a […]

  • Vita's WipEout 2048 trailer is heavy on the speed

    Sony’s put out the official PS Vita 2048 trailer, after confirming the next gen handheld for a global 2011 release last night. The footage is prettier than you ever would have hoped, and shows lilting and touchscreen controls. It’s fairly likely you’ll buy this. See below.

  • NGP is dead: PlayStation Vita name confirmed, 2011 global launch and prices confirmed

    SCE boss Kaz Hirai has finally confirmed what’s been clear for a while: NGP’s full name is PlayStation Vita.

  • Dust 514 trailered; to use Move, support PS Vita

    CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson took the stage at Sony’s E3 press event to speak about Dust 514, its PS3 game which will connect with the online MMO. Turns out, it will also contain Move support as well as NGP interaction.

  • Sony's E3 2011 - Vita global this FY at $249, much more

    Those who stayed up for Sony’s E3 conference were not disappointed, with exclusive content announces, impressive 3D and PS Move pushes, and the official debut of the PS Vita.

  • SCEE trademarks PSVita, PlayStation Vita in Europe

    SCEE’s registered two new PSVita trademarks in Europe, which seems to all but confirm that this’ll be the final name for NGP.

  • Yoshida: Sony 'comfortable' with NGP price point

    Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has said he’s confident the NGP’s price won’t seem unreasonable to gamers, and reiterated that the portable has no direct competition.

  • The Weekly Wrap – CoD: Elite, Kojima, pre-E3 insanity

    E3’s next week. We’ve been continuously wetting ourselves for the past 48 hours. You know, in a manly way. But let’s not forget the calm before the storm. Or rather, the storm before the storm.

  • Sony: "We can't" compete with smartphones

    Shuhei Yoshida has said Sony learned its lesson from the PSP’s modest feature base, and is going for gold with the NGP – but not, apparently, by chasing the smartphone dollar.

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