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  • GameFly has some great deals on PC games, and a 20% off coupon

    BioShock Infinite can be yours for 53% off through GameFly, that’s after you factor a coupon which gives you an extra 20% off. So instead of paying the regular sale price of $34.99, you’ll be able to grab it for $27.99. If you already own Infinite, other digital titles are on sale through the service, […]

  • Battlefield 4 single-player campaign detailed a bit more by executive producer

    DICE executive producer Patrick Bach is featured in the Battlefield 4 dev chat below, and in it he discusses the shooter’s single player campaign.

  • SimCity gets chunky update 3.0, full patch notes inside.

    SimCity developer Maxis has rolled out a new 3.0 patch for its world-building title, tweaking traffic, hotels and much more. It’s a biggie.

  • Origin update rolls out, adds achievements

    EA has begun rolling out a new version of PC platform Origin, adjusting the system’s interface and adding new features.

  • SimCity promotion offers DLC with dental products

    EA has bundled a piece of SimCity DLC with specially-marked Crest and Oral-B products.

  • SimCity releasing for Mac in June

    SimCity will be released for Mac in June, and players of the PC version will be able to play with one another across servers. Players who have previously purchased SimCity for PC, either as a physical or a digital copy will receive the Mac version as a free digital download on Origin. It arrives on […]

  • SimCity cheetah speed enabled on all servers

    The SimCity Facebook page confirms that cheetah speed is now available in-game. Some servers have been lucky enough to have the fastest speed available for quite some time, but even those of you in the busiest regions should now have access. Maxis also noted that update 2.0 is on the way. Thanks, Blue’s News.

  • SimCity releases free but ad-supported DLC

    If you can stomach looking at the word “Nissan” from time to time, head over to Origin to grab the Leaf Station, a free piece of DLC bearing the car manufacturer’s brand. The charging station gives a one-time boost to business happiness in surrounding areas, boosts happiness for each sim that uses it, requires no […]

  • Battlefield 4 is about the human experience, war and geo-politics are backdrops

    DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson has said war and “geo-politics” will be more of a background element to Battlefield 4′s story instead of the main focus.

  • DRM is a "failed dead end", says EA executive

    EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau says DRM isn’t something EA is interested in anymore, and therefore not the reason SimCity has an always-on Internet requirement.

  • SimCity update 1.8 now available when firing up the game

    Maxis has patched SimCity to version 1.8, which is available the moment you fire it up. Improvements have been made to text, roads and general fixes such as police stations no longer being able to hold more prisoners than the max capacity, and more. The full patch notes are below. Thanks, Blue.

  • SimCity gets promised traffic congestion patch

    Maxis has issued a new patch for SimCity with some much-discussed fixes for traffic congestion. As well as helping clear your streets, the patch helps emergency vehicles make it to their targets, ensures all buildings can be demolished, and adds some performance improvements for ageing rigs. Plus, a new server – Asia 2 – launches […]

  • EA's Origin service now has 40 million members, celebrates with Player Appreciation Sale

    EA’s Origin service now has 40 million members, according to the firm. This is up from 39 million announced during its Q3 financials in January. The firm gained another 2 million new registrations in January 2013 alone, and with the launch of SimCity, the service saw 1.3 million concurrent users at its peak. To celebrate, […]

  • Origin exploit could allow hackers to hijack PCs, researchers warn

    Presenting at the Black Hat conference in Amsterdam, as reported by ArsTechnica, security experts at ReVuln highlighted a potential exploit in Origin. Essentially, the exploit could allow hackers to send your browser to an auto-download malware site when you try to launch a game – but most browsers guard against this kind of thing, and […]


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