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  • SimCity update 1.8 now available when firing up the game

    Maxis has patched SimCity to version 1.8, which is available the moment you fire it up. Improvements have been made to text, roads and general fixes such as police stations no longer being able to hold more prisoners than the max capacity, and more. The full patch notes are below. Thanks, Blue.

  • SimCity gets promised traffic congestion patch

    Maxis has issued a new patch for SimCity with some much-discussed fixes for traffic congestion. As well as helping clear your streets, the patch helps emergency vehicles make it to their targets, ensures all buildings can be demolished, and adds some performance improvements for ageing rigs. Plus, a new server – Asia 2 – launches […]

  • EA's Origin service now has 40 million members, celebrates with Player Appreciation Sale

    EA’s Origin service now has 40 million members, according to the firm. This is up from 39 million announced during its Q3 financials in January. The firm gained another 2 million new registrations in January 2013 alone, and with the launch of SimCity, the service saw 1.3 million concurrent users at its peak. To celebrate, […]

  • Origin exploit could allow hackers to hijack PCs, researchers warn

    Presenting at the Black Hat conference in Amsterdam, as reported by ArsTechnica, security experts at ReVuln highlighted a potential exploit in Origin. Essentially, the exploit could allow hackers to send your browser to an auto-download malware site when you try to launch a game – but most browsers guard against this kind of thing, and […]

  • SimCity sells 1.1 million copies, breaks Origin concurrency records

    SimCity’s everyone’s favourite whipping boy at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped it selling like tasty Canadian hotcakes and attracting more users to Origin than ever before.

  • SimCity buyers can choose one of 8 free EA games as compensation

    SimCity buyers who register their copy before March 25 can get one of eight free EA titles on Origin as compensation for the game’s shaky launch issues.

  • SimCity traffic congestion fixes detailed

    As discussed in a previous update, EA Maxis will patch SimCity to do something about the currently unavoidable and nonsensical traffic jams which ruin everything, forever.

  • SimCity: am I doing this right?

    Mayor Brenna reigns over one bustling metropolis and a few more more half-developed shells serving only as fodder for the people of SpecDraqular. This is city-building at its finest, apparently.

  • SimCity server page gives at-a-glance updates

    EA Maxis has launched an official SimCity server status page, showing the current condition of all regional servers. Go ahead and bookmark it, but maybe hold off visiting just yet because at time of writing it’s returning looping errors rather than useful information. Possibly this is because everyone’s trying to look at it at once, […]

  • Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC out now on all formats

    It’s friendly reminder time. Visceral Games’ Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC has launched on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • SimCity issues "almost behind us", crashes down 92%

    SimCity is close to farewelling its persistent launch issues, EA Maxis boss Lucy Bradshaw has said.

  • Mass Effect anniversary sale offers steep savings on trilogy

    All three Mass Effect games are on sale on Origin, according to Joystiq. You can apparently grab all of them at about half-price, for a total of $25, and the sale is valid through March 12. I can’t find any mention of the offer on my end, which suggests it may be restricted to the […]

  • SimCity petition demands removal of DRM

    Over 58,000 signatures have been added to a petition calling for the removal of DRM from SimCity. “Remove ‘Always Online’ DRM from SimCity and future games,” is the movement’s simple request, along with a comment about how “millions” of players expect single-player games to work when they want them to work. I’m not sure […]

  • SimCity "situation is good, but not good enough", says Maxis

    SimCity developer EA Maxis claims to have improved server response time by a factor of 40, and warned of rolling downtimes as it applies fixes to each server.


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