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  • Wii U's Miiverse will lack social network connectivity

    Looking forward to being able to update your Facebook status or Tweet your in-game activity from within Nintendo’s Miiverse community? Well, too bad; connectivity between the Miiverse and other social networks has been ruled out by Nintendo.

  • Nintendo enticing devs to publish on Wii U eShop

    A report by Wii U Daily suggests Nintendo will offer developers “insane incentives” in order to attract strong support for its Wii U eShop.

  • Iwata - "We almost gave up on the idea of the additional screen"

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that the company had a crisis of confidence over the Wii U GamePad’s most distinctive feature, as concerns about pricing almost forced Nintendo to shelve the idea of an additional screen.

  • Reggie discusses MiiVerse content moderation

    Reggie Fils-Aime explained how the process of moderation will work on Nintendo’s upcoming Miiverse communication system and why it won’t affect normal posts by users.

  • Nintendo: Digital pricing to be on par with physical

    Having announced a strong push for digital distribution, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said the company won’t be undercutting retail prices.

  • Nintendo Direct - Rune Factory 4, Animal Crossing 3DS, Mario Tennis Open, more

    Nintendo announced many, many things during Nintendo Direct. Things such as: a release date for Rune Factory 4, daily DLC for Heroes of Ruin, and extra information on Mario Tennis Open. Below the break is a bullet list of some of the announcements, and also be sure to keep refreshing the front page for the […]

  • Nintendo downloads, March 22 - Zombie Slayer Diox, Uggie the spokesdog

    Nintendo has updated its WiiWare, eShop, and DSiWare offerings this week with Zombie Slayer Diox, Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Island of Diamonds, music vidoes, and 1st Class Poker & BlackJack. For a limited time, 3DS owners who have installed the free Swapnote application can also receive a special Swapnote inspired by Uggie, the […]

  • Nintendo Direct: The Last Story hitting US, Sega, Capcom and Namco unite

    Today’s Nintendo Direct presentations have gifted news on a Sega, Capcom and Namco, confirmation of a US Last Story release and much more.

  • Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy will have four player co-op

    According to Siliconera, Square Enix’s celebratory rhythm action RPG Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy will have co-operative multiplayer. You can invite up to three friends to the Chaos Temple to take on legendary bosses from the series, including Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon and Shinryu. You’ll gain experience for your party and snaffle rare items while tapping along […]

  • Nintendo Network-compatible Dynasty Warriors VS delayed

    Andriasang reports a delay to the Japanese release of Dynasty Warriors VS; originally scheduled for March 15, it’s now expected on April 26. This is perhaps not the most exciting news out of context, but the hack and slash title was to be one of the first titles utilising the Nintendo Network, the company’s long-awaited […]

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