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Zune Marketplace to close, Xbox Music and Xbox Video to replace it

The upcoming Xbox 360 update has wrought yet another change to Microsoft’s entertainment structure: Zune Marketplace is being retired in favour of two new storefronts, Xbox Music and Xbox Video. Unlimited streaming will still be available, via the Xbox Music Pass, and those with a Zune Music Pass will be able to grab their ten […]


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  • Zune Marketplace to close, Xbox Music and Xbox Video to replace it

    The upcoming Xbox 360 update has wrought yet another change to Microsoft’s entertainment structure: Zune Marketplace is being retired in favour of two new storefronts, Xbox Music and Xbox Video. Unlimited streaming will still be available, via the Xbox Music Pass, and those with a Zune Music Pass will be able to grab their ten […]

  • Microsoft launching new security measure across Xbox, Windows & other services

    Microsoft has laid bare its plans for a single log-in with enhanced security across its suite of Xbox and Windows services, as well as other apps owned by the company.

  • Nintendo confirms ComicCon line-up – MGS 3D, Skyward Sword, Kirby Wii

    Nintendo’s confirmed its line-up for ComicCon this week, featuring the upcoming Mario Kart 3DS, Metal Gear Solid 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

  • PSA: Xbox Live Summer of Arcade starts today

    Microsoft kicks-off its annual Summer of Arcade today, and it has released the schedule of offerings it’s hosting from now until July 25.

  • Rumor – Zune Marketplace getting revamped as streaming video service on Xbox 360

    A report over on The Daily states the Zune Marketplace on Xbox Live could be changing into a streaming subscription service. According to an anonymous source at Microsoft, the Zune service could take on the same sort of streaming option Netflix and Hulu Plus offers. It’s unknown if the new initiative will be part of […]

  • Report: Zune dead, no more models to be made

    Zune is no more, according to this Bloomberg report, who, citing “a person familiar with the decision,” is claiming that Microsoft will now stop releasing new versions of the handheld.

  • Xbox Live goes free this weekend

    Expect many 12 year olds on Silver subs to scream in your headset on Black Ops this weekend.

  • Xbox Live Fall Update Preview Program now live

    A new UI? Meh. ESPN? No thanks. Zune Music? Not interested. Wait, you say our Avatars have longer legs now? Is this… is this what the future feels like?

  • Zune expanding to the UK this fall

    The Zune Marketplace online store, Zune Pass music subscription service, enhanced features on and free Zune software will launch on PCs, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live in the UK this autumn, Microsoft said this morning.

  • IO gives sneak peek at Kane & Lynch comic book art

    The final cover art and a couple pages from the premiere issue of the Kane & Lynch comic from DC Comics’ Wildstorm are posted in lovely screen format after the break.

  • Zune voice controlled on Xbox Live

    Marc Whitten has just shown Zune Marketplace on Xbox Live with full voice control.

  • XBL Marketplace March release schedule – Gears, WaW deals of the week

    The Major has revealed the March release schedule for Xbox Live Marketplace. Looks like CoD: World at War maps will be getting the Deal of the Week treatment.

  • MS sends word that Zune Marketplace will go down for maintenance

    Microsoft has sent over an announcement that the Zune Marketplace on XBL will go down on January 25 for 24-hours.

  • Microsoft hiring for loads of different positions

    Major Nelson has posted on his blog that Microsoft is currently hiring folks for Team Xbox.

  • Zune HD: Project Gotham Racing, Audiosurf Tilt added for free

    Microsoft has added six new games to the Zune Marketplace, and if you are the proud owner of a Zune HD upgraded to v4.3, these games can be yours. There’s Audiosurf Tilt, Checkers, Lucky Lanes Bowling, Piano, Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition, and Vans SK8: Pool Service. Neato, huh? Go log in and get ‘em […]

  • MS releases XNA extensions for Zune HD

    Microsoft’s put out XNA extensions for Zune HD, as you can see here. The update adds the following functionality: The ability to target and develop for the Zune HD media player. The addition of new Touch APIs to the XNA Framework for use on the Zune HD. The addition of new Accelerometer APIs to the […]

  • Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition coming to Zune HD

    Kotaku’s spotted a teaser for something called Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition in a trailer for Zune HD that popped up on Monday. There’s a very brief look at it in the video. It’s a 3D racer, obviously. When? Dunno. Is it being done by Bizarre? No idea. We’ll ask, and shit.

  • Crackdown 2 Zune HD revealed

    A shot of a Crackdown 2-branded Zune HD just popped up – and here it is. Pretty. All we need now is a UK release and we’re off.

  • Zune HD to have gaming capability according to video

    Engadget has managed to snap up a promo video showreel of the Zune HD, which releases tomorrow in the US. Now, about the 30 second mark, look closely. What do you see? A racing game for the portable, with the narrator of the ad stating you can “play games” on the device. Considering Microsoft has […]

  • Steve Ballmer makes impromptu Zune HD showing, people faint

    Jesus. Steve Ballmer whipped out his Zune HD for Engadget at D7, showing off some video and the touchscreen. Those journos will be doing sex wee over that for years. Salute them with page impressions.

  • Guardian – No Zune HD for UK

    The Guardian is claiming that Zune HD won’t launch in the UK, and will rather be a US-only affair. Instead, European punters will be given only access to Zune Video via Xbox 360. The press release does only say that the handheld will be “available in the US this fall”. Existing subscribers to Xbox Live […]

  • Zune HD announced for fall release, Live link-up included

    Here we go! Microsoft’s announced Zune HD “the first portable media player that combines a built-in HD Radio receiver, high-definition (HD) video output capabilities, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touch screen, Wi-Fi and an Internet browser.” Zune video content is to be made available on Xbox Live. The device which will be on show at E3 […]

  • Microsoft: “June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers… hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre”

    Oh, sweet jeepers. Via its Office 2010 Twitter account, Microsoft has told people to “hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre” and that “June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers”. Let’s do some amazing detective work. E3 is in June. iPhone and Pre are phone products. Zune could be a phone if Microsoft […]

  • Microsoft chap – new Zune hardware coming this year

    Microsoft chap Brian Seitz reckons there’s more Zune hardware on the way this year, if this Twitter post‘s the be believed. Speculation was rife last year that the games format – if you can call it that – was to be dropped, and rumoured increased connectivity with Xbox 360 never materialised. Still. New toys! Thanks, […]

  • GamePro becomes indie publisher

    GamePro’s launched GamePro Labs, an independent publisher focussed on digital distribution. From the label’s site: With the launch of the Microsoft XNA platform, independent game developers now have a chance to distribute their titles straight through the Xbox360, PC, and even the Zune. Combined with the iPhone app store and evolving Playstation Network, there has […]

  • MS takes Guild distribution license

    According to this Reuters report, Microsoft’s signed an exclusive deal to distribute gaming show Guild via Xbox 360, MSN and Zune. With its short episodes up to seven minutes in length, the “cult” programme attracted 9 million views in its first season, making it one of the most talked-about web shows. Lots more about revenue […]

  • Better Zune-360 integration coming “within a year”

    This Gizmodo report quotes Zune marketing director Jason Reindorp as saying there’s going to be a serious “step up” in Zune and Xbox 360 integration “within a year.” Quite why no one managed to think making them work together in the first place was a good idea is a little beyond us, but this is […]

  • Special edition Gears of War 2 Zune is revolting

    It had to happen. There was no way a single game could keep us this excited without some kind of glitch. Microsoft’s shown off a special edition Gears of War 2 Zune, and it is, to all intents and purposes, horrible. It’s a Zune 120 pre-loaded with 244 pieces of Gears of War media – […]

  • Microsoft’s Xbox division reports profitable year

    Microsoft has finally reported a wholly profitable year for its entertainment and devices division confirming a $426 million profit in the company’s fiscal 2008, mostly as a result of increased 360 console and software sales. The Microsoft sector has previously had profitable quarters, but this is the first time in Xbox’s history a full 12 […]

  • PSP is a “cautionary tale” Zune won’t replicate, says Bach

    Microsoft entrtainment boss Robbie “The Terminator” Bach reckons there are “cautionary tales” to learn from PSP, and he wants to apply them to Zune. “The PSP is a reasonably successful product at the profit-and-loss level,” he said in this Venture Beat interview. “But as a product concept, there are cautionary tales to learn from it. […]