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  • Xbox One could support Windows 8 apps thanks to "common core", suggests Microsoft exec

    Xbox One consists of two ‘engines’, according to Microsoft’s vice president of developer and platform evangelism Steve Guggenheimer. The first is for all things Xbox One, while the other looks after Windows 8 processes. He has suggested that anyone looking into Xbox One development should take a look at Windows 8 apps first, hinting at […]

  • Unity enters deal with Microsoft for Xbox One, W8 platform support

    Unity Technologies announced today during Build Conference in San Francisco that it has added Xbox One support for Kinect, SmartGlass support to its development tools and has also extended its commitment to Windows 8 the W8 Phone. The Xbox One version of the game engine will also feature cloud computing support, and developers being published […]

  • Microsoft opening stores inside 600 Best Buy outlets to promote Xbox One

    Xbox One will be showcased at 600 Best Buy locations across the States by Microsoft. The company will use the sites to promote the next-gen console ahead of its November launch.

  • Black Ops 2, Minecraft still reign supreme on XBL activity charts

    Xbox Live activity charts for the week ending May 27 have dropped, containing the by no totally unsurprising non-news that everybody is still playing exactly the same games they were keen on the week before. The only particularly interesting bit is a spike in GFWL Dark Souls players, likely thanks to Amazon’s sale last month. […]

  • Company of Heroes 2 cinematic trailer highlights the high price of victory

    A cinematic trailer for Relic’s Company of Heroes 2 single -player campaign shows the Russian Front during World War 2 as well as emphasizing the high price one pays for victory under those circumstances.

  • Microsoft's focus will remain away from PC games

    Microsoft has announced 15 exclusive games coming to the Xbox One in its first year but PC gamers aren’t likely to see all of that content. When asked about Microsoft’s Window’s 8 gaming strategy, Matt Booty, general manager of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms, said, “We have got everything from very, very casual games, like […]

  • Kinect will make its way to PC

    Ben Kilgore, corporate vice president of interactive entertainment business has confirmed that the next-gen Kinect will be available on Windows PC at some stage.

  • Xbox Live Activity Charts for April 22: situation normal

    I know I said this last time but this week’s Xbox Live Activity charts are deathly boring, with members continuing to play the same handful of games. Things are only enlivened by a few new Arcade releases.

  • Street Fighter x Tekken Version 1.08 hits PC on Monday

    Capcom has announced that Street Fighter x Tekken Version 1.08 will release on PC Monday, April 22. You can grab the long-awaited patch on Steam or through Windows Live. Also known as Version 2103, the update has been available for consoles for some time now.

  • Microsoft launching new security measure across Xbox, Windows & other services

    Microsoft has laid bare its plans for a single log-in with enhanced security across its suite of Xbox and Windows services, as well as other apps owned by the company.

  • Xbox Live Activity Charts for April 8 are alarmingly boring

    If it weren’t for the date at the top of the page, the latest Xbox Live Activity charts could belong to almost any week since November. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Minecraft. CastleMiner Z. I’ll say this for Xbots: they’re consistent.

  • Xbox Windows 8 apps updated this week

    The Xbox Games and Xbox SmartGlass apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT will be updated this week. The Xbox Games app should run faster, and provide simpler access to recently-played games and associated DLC, as well as more obvious trailers and screenshots and the ability to send messages to Xbox Live friends. The Xbox […]

  • Max: Curse of the Brotherhood, GoW: Judgement Maxim Map Pack, more heading to PAX East

    Microsoft has revealed more of its PAX East line-up today, and other than the already mentioned Halo 4: Castle Map Pack, the Gears of War: Judgement Maxim Map Pack will also be on the floor. State of Decay, Max: Curse of the Brotherhood, Motocross Madness along with Windows 8 and Windows Phone games will be […]

  • Games For Windows woe continues, Microsoft offers possible solution

    Games For Windows has been battered with complaints from many users unable to connect to the service, rendering games like Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition unplayable, prompting fans to petition for a Steam release. Microsoft has stepped forward to offer a possible solution to the issue.


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