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  • Katamari Amore hitting iOS next week

    Apple devices are to get their second entry in the Katamari Damacy series next week in the form of Katamari Amore, a new release with both free and paid versions.

  • Friday Shorts – The Tester casting call, Skylanders, Insanely Twisted DLC

    The weekend is here, Australians! Swallow these last little nibbles and punch out.

  • Apple adjusts international App pricing

    During recent downtime, Apple adjusted its international iTunes and App Store pricing, bringing other territories more closely in line with the US.

  • Today I Die dev announces new project, Storyteller

    Noted developer of artistic video games, Daniel Benmergui, has announced he is working on an all-new project based on the storytelling devices of comic books.

  • New York art museum holding video game exhibit

    The New York Museum of Modern Art will be holding an art exhibit featuring several indie video games next month.

  • Supergay iOS game has “first gay superhero”

    Are you tired of all those obsessively, overly heterosexual male characters in video games? Then you might want to scope out Supergay, which the developer says is the first gay superhero.

  • Deathsmiles coming to iPhone July 7

    The madcap Japanese arcade shooter turned Xbox 360 game will be coming to the App Store very soon according to developer Cave. They’ll also be offering a prerelease sneak peak at the new iPhone content.

  • WWDC 2011 Conference Round Up: All major stuff in one place

    Apple’s announced some major things during their WWDC 2011 conference and we’ve the most important stuff rounded up for you below.

  • Tuesday Shorts: FFXIV, Monster Hunter, EA and BigPoint double team, more

    With all eyes glued on GDC, you’d think the rest of the news would have the decency to keep quiet – but no. Hit the break for loads of tasty snippets.

  • Capcom denies Apple rift despite in-app purchases for Smurfs’ Village

    Capcom has denied it has entered into a row with Apple over in-app purchases for Smurfs’ Village.

  • App Store games now allowed to use subscription fees

    That incredibly high-budget-looking game’s price tag says “free,” does it? Wait! Don’t buy it! It’s a trap!

  • Analyst: app download rate to overtake music, software

    Industry analyst Asymco estimates that app download rates are not only accelerating, but set to overtake other markets.

  • Angry Birds hits 10 million downloads

    Rovio’s announced today that Angry Birds has hit 10 million downloads on the App Store.

  • EA buyout of Angry Birds publisher a done deal

    Remember the story earlier about EA sniffing around Chillingo, publisher of Angry Birds and new hotness Cut the Rope? The LA Times is reporting the buyout has gone ahead.

  • Namco Bandai releases classic game music through iTunes

    Namco Bandai has announced that it will use the Namco Sounds label to release re-mastered tracks from its classic games via iTunes. Right now, Pac-Man, SoulCalibur Suite: The Resonance of Souls and Swords and Xevious are available with new tracks showing up on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Check your regional iTunes […]

  • Capcom offering gaming soundtracks through iTunes

    Capcom has put two of it’s gaming soundtracks up on iTunes. 1942: Joint Strike and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 are the offerings and both were revamped by Sumthing Else Music Works and Gem Impact. Check out iTunes and sample it for yourself. Via Guardian.

  • Apple snaps up game industry vet Bob Drebin

    Apple has snapped up game industry vet Bob Drebin, the creator of GameCube’s graphic processor. This is the second such hire by the company, as it was reported earlier that former Xbox executive Richard Teversham has also joined the company. These new hires have caused Forbes to speculate that Apple is upping the ante in […]

  • Metal Gear Solid Touch now available for iPhone and iPod

    The full version of Metal Gear Solid Touch is now available on the Apple App Store. Set in the world of MGS4, the extra part of the game introduces eight additional gameplay levels to the original release. The story unfolds in five chapters over 20 stages, and the characters featured in the latter eight stages […]

  • Gameloft bringing Terminator: Salvation to iPhone

    Gameloft has joined forced with Warner Bros for an iPhone version of Terminator Salvation, according to an interview on MTV Multiplayer. The 3D action-adventure game is expected to be released the same day as the film, May 22. Previous mobile games from Gameloft include Brothers in Arms: Art of War. Expect GRIN’s PC, PS3 and […]

  • Partial Lost and the Damned soundtrack now on iTunes

    Part of The Lost and Damned’s soundtrack is now available exclusively on iTunes. This first release is a collection of six original tracks produced by hip-hop DJ Statik Selektah and features the following: Termanology – Here in Liberty City Freeway – Car Jack Saigon – Spit Skyzoo – the Chase Is On Consequence – I […]

  • Demo of Puzzle Quest for iPhone hitting next week; Chapter 2 is free

    A free version of Puzzle Quest will be hitting iPhone and iPod Touch’s App Store next week. Also, Chapter 2 of the iPhone Puzzle Quest trilogy will be free to owners of Chapter 1, and will include 20 more hours of gameplay when it goes live in the next week or two. If you like […]

  • Gears 2 ad track appears on iTunes

    Microsoft’s released the Last Day track from the Gears of War 2 TV ads on iTunes for 79p. You can get it now, should you feel the need. Press release after the link.

  • Blizzard selling music on iTunes

    Blizzard announced last night that it’s making a bunch of its most famous music available to buy on iTunes. You can now buy the following albums from the firm: StarCraft Original Soundtrack Diablo II Original Soundtrack Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos® Original Soundtrack World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Original […]

  • Stainless Games goes iPhone

    British developer Stainless Games is starting to develop iPhone titles, the company’s announced. The firm already has 12 XBLA games “completed or in development.” The first Stainless iPhone games will be available for sale in the launch window of the iPhone games shop. “I personally go back a long way with Apple; having started out […]

  • Entire WWDC keynote video posted

    Here. If you can be bothered to wade through hours of 3G iPhones and Snow Leopards to see Monkey Ball running on a mobile, be our guest. Details on the games shown at yesterday’s Mac showcase here.

  • Sega, Pangea, Digital Legends show off $9.99 iPhone games

    Sega, Pangea and Digital Legends just showed off $10 iPhone games at WWDC in San Francisco, star of the show being Monkey Ball. Pangea showed Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally, a racing game the used iPhone’s accelerometer like a steering wheel. Digital Legends apparently showed a God of War clone that’s been in development for two […]

  • That was the news – Week 10, 2008: iPhone could be the answer to mobile gaming’s prayers

    “I’ll tell you one thing,” said a UK journalist at the end of last year’s E3. “The mobile’s dream’s well and truly over.” It really did seem like it. For endless years, the mobile games industry had been banging the drum of promised success, but two factors had always prevented the supposed explosion from finally […]