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Elder Scrolls Online subs stand at 772,374 according to SuperData report

In SuperData’s latest digital games report, the firm takes a look at the subscription-based MMO market and unsurprisingly, World of Warcraft remains the top revenue earner despite the sector’s loss of subscription-based players.

  • Defiance goes free-to-play on PC starting in June, PS3 in July

    Defiance, the MMO shooter from Trion Worlds, will become free-to-play starting in June on PC. The PlayStation 3 with go F2P in July.

  • ArcheAge Founder's Packs now available for purchase

    ArcheAge, the CryEngine 3-powered MMO from XLGAMES and Lineage creator Jake Song, has a new video available showing the goodies you can nab when purchasing the Founder’s Pack.

  • Trion Worlds announces Glyph, a DRM-free digital platform for PC

    Trion Worlds has announced its new DRM-free digital platform for PC called Glyph.

  • Defiance DLC adds better leaderboards, co-op bonuses, more

    Defiance’s fourth DLC arrives later this month, and Trion Worlds has made a late stage announce regarding some unexpected new features.

  • Trion Worlds announces Gunslinger Trials as next Defiance content update

    Trion Worlds has announced the next content update for Defiance. Called the Gunslinger Trials, the DLC picks up after the disappearance of Karl Von Bach in the original storyline. Each of the three missions will feature a character from Von Bach Industries: Azumi Yoshida, Raizar Zandijur and Uvan Johaar. Ark hunters will be investigating the […]

  • Rift will receive Dream Weaver update next week

    Rift update 2.6 will introduce a crafting class known as Dream Weavers, as well as a new story called the Air Saga (watch out for King, Trion). On top of that, 2.6 will introduce some PvE bounty hunting and new skins for combat pets. This is a lot of stuff, and it will all come […]

  • ArcheAge is mostly translated, says Trion

    News on the western localisation of sandbox MMO ArcheAge has been quiet for a while, but according to Trion, a rough English version of the game has entered an early, private alpha stage.

  • MMO Winter Festivities: WoW, GW2, Lotro, SWTOR, Neverwinter, more

    Plenty of MMOs are hosting holiday events or other sorts of festivities between now and the new year, so instead of creating a news post for each one, I thought I would round a few up for you instead. Get the list full of acronyms below.

  • Trove Supporter Packs on sale, offer early access

    Recently-announced free-to-play voxel-based MMO Trove is now offering Supporter Packs for sale. These early buy-in options grant access to the alpha version of the game, and include various amounts of credits to be used in-game’ players will receive these credits back at the start of beta, along with a bonus for every supporter pre-purchase milestone […]

  • Trove announced as free-to-play online adventure RPG from Trion Worlds

    Trion Worlds has announced Trove, its free-to-play online adventure RPG.

  • Trion Worlds registers several domains related to "Trove"

    Trion Worlds, its CEO Scott Hartsman, and regular registrar Mark Monitor have all made a number of domain registrations related to the word “Trove”. Fusible spotted the registrations, which include variants like and All the domains have been transferred to Trion Worlds’ own domain server, too. No word on what this could mean, […]

  • Rift update 2.5 Song of Dreams is live

    Rift, the free-to-play MMORPG from Trion Worlds, has gone live with update 2.5, Song of Dreams. This update features all new content, including an all-new underwater mini-saga called Song of Dreams and Gifts of the Fae, as well as a new Level-60 version of a Telaran instance every week starting November 13. Other additions include: […]

  • RIFT servers in Russia are shutting down today

    Russian servers in RIFT are shutting down today, as Trion Worlds will no longer be supporting the localized version. Belver Online, the company responsible for the localized version, is offering players compensation via other online games it operates. The Russian version RIFT saw many players migrate to the Eruopean servers after the game went free-to-play, […]


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