Toys headlines

Killzone licensed figures on their way from SCEE and 3A

An official line of Killzone figures is soon to be available as SCEE teams up with toy company 3A.

  • Titanfall, Mario and Plants vs Zombies K'NEX sets revealed

    The 2014 Toy Fair has wrapped up, and the K’NEX range of building sets is set to swell with several new lines based on video games.

  • Psychonauts figurines available direct from Double Fine

    Show your support for the adventure everyone loves to pretend they bought the first time around by picking up these adorable Psychonauts figurines, freshly released on the Double Fine shop. There are ten characters – Razputin, Lili, Dogen, Sasha Nein, Milla Vodello, Coach Oleander, Ford Cruller, Boyd Cooper, Dr. Loboto and Sheegor – and you […]

  • Skylanders SWAP Force video takes you behind-the-scenes, shows new characters

    A Skylanders SWAP Force trailer, which takes you behind-the-scenes with the development team, is available below. It also delves into the story behind the new adventure and introduces some of the new characters. Skylanders SWAP Force will arrive in North America and Australia on October 16 and in Europe on October 18 for 3DS, PS3, […]