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  • Ironclad announces Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

    Stardock and Ironclad have dropped their GDC announcement, detailing Rebellion, the first stand-alone expansion to space-based RTS Sins of a Solar Empire.

  • Stardock teases major reveals this year

    Stardock has just released its annual customer report, promising major announcements this year including something to do with epic sleep Sins of a Solar Empire.

  • New Elemental expansion “a new game,” says Stardock

    Stardock’s called the first expansion to Elemental: War of Magic, known as Fallen Enchantress, “a new game”.

  • First expansion pack to Elemental called Fallen Enchantress

    Stardock has detailed the first expansion pack for Elemental: War of Magic, titled Fallen Enchantress.  It will be free for anyone who purchased the original game before the end of 2010.

  • Saturday shorts – MLB11: The Show footage, Fable Coin Golf shakycam, more

    Something new. We had a meeting this week and it was suggested there’s a better way of getting up all the little stories quickly. Could be better for everyone. Let’s see if it works.

  • Shafer “very confident about where things are going” with Stardock’s Elemental

    Jon Shafer has said the main reason he left Civilization developer Firaxis and took a job with Stardock was because of the fun and unique approach to creating games the firm’s CEO Brad Wardell harbors.

  • Author Dave Stern joins Stardock’s Elemental team

    In Stardock’s second high profile hire for the week, the developer has employed author Dave Stern to provide creative direction to ongoing Elemental: War of Magic development as well as future projects.

  • Stardock hires Civ V’s lead designer Jon Shafer to work on Elemental

    Stardock has revealed that it’s hired Civilization V lead designer Jon Shafer to design and implement mod support for Elemental.

  • Buy Stardock’s Elemental before Oct. 31, get two free expansion packs

    Stardock’s offering up two free expansion packs to its fantasy-TBS Elemental: War of Magic, providing customers purchase the Impluse-exclusive before October 31.

  • PC Gamer warns people off Elemental, Wardell apologises for argument

    PC Gamer has issued a warning to those looking to pick up Stardock-published turn-based strategy game Elemental that the game has been the subject of a “disastrous launch” and punters should “stay well away”.

  • Stardock releases TBS without any DRM, grants free updates to buyers

    Stardock has announced that Elemental: War of Magic, which releases today via its digital distribution site Impulse, will not include any form of DRM.

  • Taylor: “We’ve got a lot of interest in a sequel to Demigod”

    Gas Powered Games head Chris Taylor has made first mention of a sequel to PC action-RTS Demigod, speaking at gamescom last week.

  • Demon Assassin added to Demigod

    Stardock’s patched weirdy RTS Demigod up to 1.2, adding a new playable demigod in the Demon Assassin. There are tons of other additions to both single-player and multiplayer modes, all of which you can read about here.

  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy pre-orders open

    Stardock’s opened pre-orders for Sins of a Solar Empire micro-expansion, Diplomacy. See here. The add-on will bring a new tech tree, new ships and “deadlier pirates” to the space-based RTS. Yours for $10. It’s out February 9. Buy it here.

  • Sins of a Solar Empire expansion coming winter, getting Beta

    Sins of a Solar Empire’s latest micro-expansion, Diplomacy, will not only be released during winter 2010 but it will also be getting a Beta sometime this fall. Diplomacy will increase the number of options players can use to take over the galaxy with ambassadorial methods. A third expansion has also been promised for the title, […]

  • “Accept you’re a thief” if you’re still playing pirated Demigod, says Wardell

    Stardock boss Brad Wardell has told those still playing pirated copies of Demigod to accept they’re thieves. The game debuted at number three in the US PC charts, but Wardell said that doesn’t make playing hooky versions of the game acceptable. “Demigod is heavily pirated,” said the exec on his blog. “And make no mistake, […]

  • Demigod multiplayer fixed this week, says Stardock

    Stardock boss Brad Wardell has promised that Demigod’s multiplayer connectivity is to be fixed this week. There’s a bunch of information on Wardell’s blog on ports, opening them, why they can’t be opened right now and how you’ll be dancing with Stardock’s proxy server if your NAT fails. For the win. Hit the link.

  • Demigod – 18,000 sales, over 100,000 pirates

    This is genuinely depressing. Stardock’s updated its site to claim that over 120,000 users have tried to play Demigod online since the game launched last weekend, and that only 18,000 have actually paid for it. Seriously, sort it out. It’s not even that expensive. How do you expect people to keep making these games if […]

  • Stardock boss promises “more servers, multiplayer fixes for Demigod

    IGN’s posted a video of Stardock’s Brad Wardell talking through imminent fixes to Demigod’s multiplayer. Changes on the way include the ability for hosts to drop out people having trouble connecting, “more servers” and code optimisation. The game was forced out by Gamestop putting it on shelves early at the weekend. Take a look.

  • Stardock working on multiplayer fix for Demigod

    Stardock’s Brad Wardell has promised a multiplayer fix for Demigod, speaking on the game’s forum. Wardell said that connectivity issues with custom games or skirmish problems is due to server overload, and the issue’s being addressed. To make it up to players, Wardell said that many of the staffers who worked on Demigod will be […]

  • Demigod DD released early thanks to Gamestop gun-jumping

    Stardock’s released Demigod’s digital version early thanks to Gamestop going live with the game early. You can buy it here, now, for $39.95 (£26.89). “Many of us had just finished a good solid 8 weeks of massive crunch and were looking forward to the weekend to recover. Instead, we found ourselves back at work having […]

  • Demigod: Watch stone giant smash stuff

    Gas Powered Games has released a demonstration video for Demigod, featuring pointers and a bit of tutorial from the game’s lead designer, Matt Marr. Shows a stone giant, called the Rook, swing his hammer and smash all in its path. Watch it below. Game’s out April 14 for PC.

  • Second Sins of a Solar Empire micro-content will be a bit late

    The second micro-expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire is going to be late, says Ironclad. Entrenchment, the first out of three planned expansions, has been out for a bit, but Ironcald’s Blair Fraser says that the next part will be “done when it’s done”. Sounded like Blizzard talking there for a minute. Untitled at […]

  • Demigod dev diary shows tons of in-game footage

    After the break. The whole thing’s a game being played with a developer talking over the top, and it actually does look awesome. Fighting and gods, RTS and action, cats and dogs living in harmony. For the win. Gas Powered Games is developing. It’s out in April.

  • PC Braid releasing on March 31

    Offworld’s reporting that the PC version of Braid will release on March 31 for $20. It’ll appear on Stardock’s Impulse distribution platform for definite, but don’t be too shocked if Steam gets a look in as well. Thanks, IndieGames.

  • PCGA boss: Start-ups can benefit from “widespread piracy”

    PCGA head Randy Stude – don’t forget the “e”, for God’s sake – has told

  • Demigod multiplayer beta opens February 19

    StarDock and Gas Powered Games announced today that Beta 3 of Demigod will be released on February 19. Beta 3 is being launched so the devs can “nail down balance and begin trying out the Pantheon – the persistent multiplayer universe,” and fix any balance issues before moving onto the final phase: getting the multiplayer […]

  • Sins of a Solar Empire micro-expansion coming February 25

    Stardock announced today that Entrenchment, the first micro-expansion to Sins of a Solar Empire, will now available February 25 from Impluse, Stardock’s digital distribution site. Entrenchment was originally slated for a November release, but is currently undergoing further testing after beta feedback. Ironclad’s Blair Fraser aid, “It’s of paramount importance to everyone that what we’re […]

  • Stardock expands, plans new PC title

    Stardock’s to invest $900,000 in expanding it’s Michigan Studio, Gamasutra reports. The expansion will allow the firm to start work on a new PC game. The move will create 53 jobs at the developer and publisher, whose shipped games include the Galactic Civilizations series and Sins of a Solar Empire. The company was founded in […]

  • Sins of a Solar Empire expansion delayed

    Sins of a Solar Empire expansion Entrenchment has been delayed by a week, Stardock’s confirmed. The space-based RTS will now ship on February 11 in the US instead of February 4. See some new screens on Shacknews.