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  • Zynga share price rises amid New Jersey gambling debate

    Zynga’s stock has hit a six-month high, rising 11% following months of financial turmoil, lay-offs and walk-outs. The increase comes as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie opened up the possibility for legally-sanctioned real money gaming.

  • Farmville animated series inbound from X-Men director

    X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner has signed on to produce an animated TV series based on Farmville. Deadline reports production will be handled by Canadian company Six Eleven media. No network has picked up the series yet. Ratner’s also behind the Rush Hour series and the upcoming Hercules: The Thracian Wars; he described […]

  • Zynga Q4 and FY2012: revenue steady, losses and bookings down

    Zynga’s cost-cutting measures over the last quarter have borne fruit, with the social publisher dramatically reducing losses in its latest financial report.

  • Brian Reynolds considering forming a new studio now that he's exited Zynga

    Brian Reynolds, a chief game designer at Zyna East who announced his departure this week, has said on VentureBeat today he is considering starting his own development firm.

  • Zynga farewells Brian Reynolds

    Brian Reynolds has left Zynga, the social publisher has confirmed in a statement issued to Joystiq. The veteran developer joined Zynga in 2009 and has left to “pursue other opportunities”. He was chief game designer of the successful Frontierville, and his past credits include Rise of Nations and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. Although it’s been […]

  • Zynga shares jump ahead of quarterly earnings release

    Zynga’s stock jumped in value by 14% on Monday to close at $2.84, an unenviable but improved high.

  • FarmVille 2 stats: 40 million MAU, 8 million DAU, 350 million crops harvested daily

    Despite Zynag’s prevailing issues with closures, financials, and exiting executives, the firm’s FarmVille 2 is doing rather well. According to an inforgraphic released by the firm, the social farming simulation game – which launched in September – has 40 million monthly active users and 8 million daily users.

  • Zynga Japan shuttered, Ayakashi support to continue

    Zynga has announced the imminent closure of its Japanese studio, ending support for all but one game.

  • Zynga closure tally now at 11 titles

    Zynga closed at least six social games in December, bringing its list of the fallen to 11 casualties.

  • Zynga chief named in Bloomberg's Worst CEOs list

    Zynga boss Mark Pincus has earned the dubious honour of a place on go-to business news publication Bloomberg‘s Worst CEOs of 2012 list. Pincus is in at number four of five thanks to Zynga’s 75% stock dive this year coupled with share offloading and uncomfortable reliance on Facebook. The only other gaming-related entry is former […]

  • Zynga seeking real-money gambling license in Nevada

    Following on from its real-money gambling deal in the UK, social publisher Zynga is taking steps to do the same in the US.

  • Coasterville is Zynga's latest

    Coastervilla is the latest game from Zynga’s Los Angeles development team, which also produced the popular Empires & Allies. Players are tasked with building the ultimate amusement park including laying out roller coasters which, to get real for a second, sounds almost exactly like Theme Park. If that’s your bag (whose isn’t it?) take a […]

  • Zynga downturn causes start-up evaluation to lower, say analysts

    Zynga’s volatile and rapidly declining fortunes have led companies investing in start-ups to become wary, and has resulted in new gaming start-ups being valued lower than they might have been in previous years. It’s not a problem exclusive to gaming, but people are now being more cautious in how highly they price-up new acquisitions.

  • Mafia Wars 2 to shutter at year's end

    Zynga has announced the closure of Mafia Wars 21 on December 30. A follow-up to one of the social publisher’s earliest major successes, the Facebook title has failed to capture long lasting interest from punters, and is the latest victim of Zynga’s belt-tightening as it struggles to transition away from social gaming’s apparent decline. […]


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