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  • THQ assets to be sold off at auction January 22

    THQ’s attempt to keep its operations in one piece through a sale to Clearlake Capital has failed, with a number of interested parties expected to bid on its individual assets this month.

  • Warner one of five buyers interested in THQ - report

    Warner Bros. Interactive has been cited as a possible buyer for THQ assets, according to a report coming out of the firm’s US Bankruptcy Court proceedings in Delaware on January 4.

  • THQ creditors, Trustee call shenanigans on quick sale of assets

    THQ’s proposed sale to stalking horse Clearlake Capital Group has not gone down well with interested parties.

  • New Metro: Light Light screenshots surface

    The Metro: Light Light Facebook page has posted 10 new screenshots of 4A Games’ upcoming shooter. We’ve inserted the lot for you below. Metro: Last Light is slated for release on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 during March 2013.

  • THQ delisted from NASDAQ

    THQ was delisted from NASDAQ over Christmas, and until the firm’s bankruptcy is settled, it will remain listed only on the Over-the-Counter Market. The game publisher is currently trading under THQIQ at $.22 per share, so if you wish to purchase stock in the firm, you will have to do it electronically or over the […]

  • Ubisoft plotting THQ 'bargain' bid - rumour

    Ubisoft is interested in bidding on THQ’s suite of studios and IP, MCV’s sources have suggested.

  • Sales: Rockstar on iOS, Wii U indies, and Darksiders

    The holiday season is replete with sales and I am tired of writing about them so here’s a very brief round up. Amazon has the entire Darksiders franchise on PC for $13.20 – that includes both games and DLC. Rockstar has put every iOS game except Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on sale for 99ยข, […]

  • THQ: Rubin's open letter outlining a "new start"

    THQ filed for bankruptcy protection last night, sparking fears over the status of its outstanding products – such as Metro: Last Light and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Company president Jason Rubin has now issued an open letter that plays down the “click-grabbing headlines” that he believes will follow the issue, and assures investors, […]

  • THQ, Gaia Online, NCsoft and Funcom join Operation Game Over

    THQ, Gaia Online, NCsoft and Funcom have joined Operation Game Over, with the result that over 2,100 online game accounts linked to registered sex offenders have been wiped. GamesIndustry reports the new additions to the initiative join Microsoft, Apple, Blizzard, EA, Disney, Warner Bros. and Sony, who collectively erased more than 3,500 accounts in an […]

  • THQ sold to "stalking horse," files for bankruptcy

    THQ has confirmed it’s sold “substantially all of the assets” to a “stalking horse bidder,” affiliates of Clearlake Capital Group.

  • Metro Last Light: Boom town blossoms, see all new gameplay here

    In our biggest gameplay reveal yet, VG247 got a hands-off preview of 4A Games’ upcoming shooter Metro: Last Light. Feast your eyes on what we saw below.

  • South Park: The Stick of Truth began without funding

    We’ve known for some time that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone approached Obsidian Entertainment directly about making The Stick of Truth, but a new report reveals the developer got on board without financial backing.

  • Saints Row: The Third has reached more than 5.5 million players, says Rubin

    Saints Row: The Third has been played by 5.5 million people, according to a tweet from THQ president Jason Rubin. Although it’s not clear if the figure refers to units shipped or sold, the “hit nobody realized was a hit” had shipped 5 million units worldwide in November, suggesting it’s probably the former. Rubin said […]

  • THQ considering Linux support in wake of Humble Bundle

    THQ is looking into developing for the Linux community, thanks to its partnership with the Humble Bundle crew.


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