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  • King of Fighters XII Euro release still on for August 28

    Ignition Entertainment says that despite King of Fighters XII getting a July date for the US, Europe will still have to wait until August 28. Sorry ’bout that folks. More over on Eurogamer.

  • King of Fighters XII arrives in North America July 28

    SNK has announced via its King of Fighters XII Facebook page that the game will be released in North America on July 28. That’s two days ahead of the Japanese date. Find out more through the link.

  • King of Fighters XII gets July release for Japan

    SNK has revealed that The King of Fighters XII will arrive in Japan on July 30. Originally slated for July 16, SNK wanted to polish the PS3 and Xbox 360 title a bit more before releasing it. Being published by Ignition in the US and Canada, it’s  slated for a “summer” release. More through Kotaku.

  • King of Fighters XII confirmed for July on 360 and PS3

    SNK and Ignition just confirmed that The King of Fighters XII will release this July for both 360 and PS3. The game was rumoured as a summer launch for PS3 this morning. “Our development slogan for KOFXII is ‘KOF Re-Birth’ and we’ve aimed to create an entirely new King of Fighters game. To make this […]

  • Rumour: King of Fighters XII for PS3 this summer

    The King of Fighters XII trailer after the break – which looks blinking stupendulous – apparently shows the game as having a summer release date for PS3. We say “apparently,” because the “summer” bit looks distinctly stuck on. So does the “PlayStation 3″ bit, if we’re being honest. The game was always pegged for a […]

  • King of Fighters XII trailer amazes

    Watch the video below. This could and should give Street Fighter IV a run for its money as we’re coloured very impressed right now. SNKs King of Fighters XII has a tentative release date of April for Japan and will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3. Now go watch. By Mike Bowden

  • Metal Slug 7 coming to XBLA

    Microsoft just announced that Metal Slug 7 will be running and gunning onto XBLA. The game will be loaded with “new missions, new weapons, colossal new bosses, new game modes, and new Slugs to pilot.” No release date, though. More as it comes. By Nathan Grayson

  • HD Metal Slug in the Works?

    According to this IGN piece, SNK’s looking to bring Metal Slug into the modern age. “In order to meet our fans demands for an HD version of Metal Slug, we’re considering bringing this series to the new generation of consoles in a similar way to KOF XII,” said a company rep. “We look forward to […]

  • King of Fighters ‘98 Ultimate Match coming to XBLA

    According to this Siliconera story, the official TGS games list has revealed that a King of Fighters game is in the works for XBLA. The King of Fighters ‘98 Ultimate Match, apparently, is releasing for the service in 2009, having released on disc this June in Japan. SNK madness. Well, weak dementia, anyway. More through […]

  • First decent King of Fighters XII shots

    Here. They’re taken from Famitsu, and give a first proper look at that 100 percent hand drawn art style. Looking good. Arcades this year, consoles in 2009.

  • Scans of KoF XII location test

    Here. They’re taken from Famitsu and cover details of an upcoming official playtest of the SNK fighter in Japan. The game’s 100 percent hand drawn and will make it to consoles in 2009, so if you’re looking to an alternative to Street Fighter IV, you may have found it.

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