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The King of Fighters 14 announced for PS4

SNK Japan has just announced a new entry in the King of Fighters series.

  • SNK wants your vote on which Neo Geo classics to bring to PS4, PS3 and Vita

    Neo Geo fans are invited to cast their vote as to which classic games will come to PlayStation platforms after Metal Slug 3.

  • Metal Slug 3 priced for pre-order on Steam

    There is still no release date more specific than “February 2014″ for the Steam version of Metal Slug 3 for which a listing popped up last week, but it has been priced and can be purchased. The old SNK title is priced at $7.99, but can be ordered for $6 through February 7. With a […]

  • Metal Slug 3 coming to Steam next month

    Metal Slug 3 is headed to PC, according to a surprise addition to Steam. Konami popped a page up announcing a February launch, but hasn’t put a price or firm date on it yet. The 2000 SNK classic is already available on a number of older systems and modern digital portals. This version will have […]

  • NeoGeo X Gold deal was supposed to run until 2016, licensee Tommo issues statement on SNK Playmore withdrawl

    NeoGeo X Gold licensee Tommo had its licensing deal quickly revoked by parent holder SNK Playmore, and now the company has issued a statement that suggests the deal was supposed to run until 2016.

  • Former NeoGeo licensee criticises SNK Playmore's NeoGeo X rights revocation

    One-time NeoGeo licensee NeoGeoFreak has described SNK Playmore’s revocation of Tommo’s license as “backtracking”, possibly “frivolous”, and a case of history repeating itself.

  • SNK demands 'termination' of Neo Geo X production

    SNK Playmore has terminated its license with Tommo Inc, distributor and manufacturer of the ill fated handheld NeoGeo X. Effective October 2, SNK’s demands demands include the immediate sales cessation of the NeoGeo X Gold, all six game packs and the SNK branded arcade stick Tommo produced.

  • King of Fighters 13 now available through Steam

    King of Fighters 13 is now available worldwide through Steam. The game includes an improved Netcode for online versus matches, 36 characters and other nice nuggets. You can download it here for $29.99 A video for the game is below.

  • King of Fighters 13 Steam beta extended through September 6

    SNK Playmore has extended The King of Fighters 13’s PC beta and opened it to everyone who pre-orders. The developer announced a new end date of September 6 on the game’s Facebook page; it’s actively seeking feedback on the versus fighter’s performance. The King of Fighters 13 hits Steam on September 13 and will cost […]

  • The King of Fighters 13 hits Steam in September, beta registration open

    The King of Fighters 13 has been dated, priced and detailed for Steam release next month, bringing with it DLC, new netcode, and a beta you can sign up for now.

  • The King of Fighters 13 Steam Edition outed by new trailer

    An announcement trailer has added serious weight to persistent rumours of a PC port for The King of Fighters 13, SNK Playmore’s well-respected versus fighter.

  • Samurai Shodown 2 now available on Android, iDevice

    SNK Playmore classic Samurai Showdown 2 is now available on a range of mobile devices, with customisable touch screen controls including a windowed mode so you don’t block the action with your greasy thumbs.

  • The King of Fighters '99 listed for western re-release

    The King of Fighters ’99 has been listed by the Australian Classification Board, to be published by Nintendo. The classic fighter got a Virtual Console release in Japan in December, but has so far not been announced for a western re-release. It looks like that might change, although somewhat mysteriously, it’s listed for release on […]

  • NEOGEO X: 15 new titles coming in April

    NEOGEO X will receive a collection of 15 additional game cards in America from late April, SNK Playmore has confirmed. The games will come as part of NEOGEO X Classics: Volume I pack, and can be used with all versions of the handheld.

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