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  • The God and Fate Revolution Paradox delayed, still no Western release

    The God and Fate Revolution Paradox has – besides from having an ace name – been delayed in Japan. Meanwhile Nippon Ichi’s anime-tastic RPG has yet to receive a western PS3 release date.

  • The God and Fate Revolution Paradox, Project D, Project Arcadia confirmed

    Following magazine leaks earlier in the week, Nippon Ichi brought its 20th Anniversary conference forward by one day to officially unveil The God and Fate Revolution Paradox and two more new games.

  • The God and Fate Revolution Paradox is Nippon Ichi’s 20th anniversary PS3 game

    Nippon Ichi has announced its 20th anniversary PS3 game will be the RPG Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei Paradox, which translated into English is The God and Fate Revolution Paradox. According to the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation, the game from Team Disgaea will start a young boy who becomes a god who is being tasked […]

  • Disgaea 5 on the cards

    Speaking at a panel at Anime Expo, as reported by Siliconera, NIS America president Souhei Niikawa confirmed a fifth core entry in the Disgaea series is on the way from Nippon Ichi. Fans were asked to wait patiently for further details, so it’s not clear whether the game is in production yet or just the […]

  • First screens and concrete details of Special Report Division

    Andriasang has some first details and artwork for Special Report Division, Nippon Ichi’s second 20th anniversary celebration title. The Vita exclusive is set in a TV station, as previously reported, but it turns out the titular “special” refers to to the paranormal nature of the investigations. Still no word on what gameplay actually involves. Four […]

  • Special Report Division is Nippon Ichi's second anniversary title

    Nippon Ichi has put a name and date to its mysterious Vita title: Tokushu Houdoubu, or Special Report Division.

  • Nippon Ichi Vita teaser site open

    Nippon Ichi has opened a teaser site for its second 20th anniversary Vita game. We still have slightly less than zero idea what it might be, but now there’s a picture of a sad girl to lok at while speculating. Thanks, Andriasang.

  • Nippon Ichi bringing second, unknown 20th anniversary title to Vita

    Nippon Ichi’s announced a second 20th anniversary title to PlayStation Vita in the latest Dengeki PlayStation, according to RPGSite. The identity of the game, however, is unknown. Artwork related to the project does make an appearance in the magazine.

  • Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention breaks the 10 million played hours mark

    Nippon Ichi has said that PS Vita launch title Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention has been played for more than 10 million hours.

  • Nippon Ichi releases new screenshots for The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers

    Screenshots for Nippon Ichi’s lovely PS3 RPG, The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers, have been posted over on Andriasang. The game, which puts you in the shoes of a witch commanding an army of undead knights, will be released in Japan on June 28. Still no word on an western releases, but we’ve still got […]

  • The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers hits Japan in late June

    Light at the end of the tunnel, fellow Disgaea fan club members. Dengeki, as reported by Andriasang, has word that Nippon Ichi’s new PlayStation 3 RPG, The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers, has been firmly dated for Japanese release on June 28. Players take on the role of the titular witch, commanding an army of […]

  • Plant beans, harvest new equipment in Nippon Ichi's Legasista

    More details have surfaced regarding Legasista, the new game from Nippon Ichi and ClaDun developer System Prisma.

  • Nippon Ichi's Legasista gets screens and box-art

    Nippon Ichi’s released first screens and some box-art of System Prisma’s PS3 RPG, Legasista. Take a look on Andriasang. It looks about as Nippon Ichi-ish as it’s possible to be. There’s a teaser site here, with a full site expected to go live on November 30. It’s out in Japan on March 15 next year.

  • Free Badman game added to Japanese launch line up

    Nippon Ichi’s unique dungeon defence series, variously known as Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman, What Did I Do To Deserve This My Lord, and No Heroes Allowed, will grace Vita’s Japanese launch with combination freeware game and personal scheduler.

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