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  • Battle Princess of Arcadias screens show off combat, duck

    Battle Princess of Arcadias stars the titular princess, a rabbit-eared mage, a green-clad ranger, and some sort of duck. Or possibly a goose. I’m not an ornithological expert.

  • Battle Princess of Arcadias Japanese box art is pretty, busy, adorable

    Nippon Ichi has released the boxart for its new side-scrolling RPG, Princess of Arcadias. The PlayStation 3 exclusive is out on September 26 in Japan, and is very colorful. Thanks, Gematsu.

  • Battle Princess of Arcadias gets first images

    Nippon Ichi has released some devastatingly colourful artwork as well as the first screenshots for its new side-scrolling RPG, Battle Princess of Arcadias. We don’t know very much about the PlayStation 3 exclusive just yet except that it stars a crowned girl – presumably the titular princess – kicking all kinds of arse with a […]

  • The Witch and the Hundred Knights heading west in 2014

    The Witch and the Hundred Knights will be released in Europe and the US during spring 2014, Nippon Ichi Software has announced. The game lands on PS3 in Japan next month. The game was announced in March 2012 and was expected in the west sometime this year. Better late than never. Thanks, Eurogamer.

  • Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness DLC brings in Disgaea 3 characters

    Nippon Ichi’s interquel Disgaea Dimension 2 – known in English as Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness – bends the laws of space and time a bit with its DLC – not exactly a new thing for the RPG series. According to Siliconera, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of Mao, Raspberyl and Salvatore from […]

  • The Witch and the Hundred Knights limited edition announced for Japan

    The Witch and the Hundred Knights hits Japan on July 25, and Nippon Ichi has announced a damn adorable limited for the PS3 RPG. It comes with a 44-page hardcover visual book, a figurine, and the soundtrack. Still no word on when to expect it in the west. Thanks, Siliconera.

  • Disgaea dev thinking about PS4 titles right now

    Disgaea developer Nippon Ichi was confirmed as a PS4 developer at Sony’s big reveal bash last week. The studio has said some very scant things about the platform, and PS Vita.

  • A very large pile of Disgaea D2 screenshots

    Would you like to look at a bunch of pictures from Disgaea D2? If so, look no further than this post, which contains 41 of them.

  • Disgaea Dimension 2 lets you "Prinnyback" on monsters

    Hop on board your monstrously noble steed and charge into battle, that’s the Disgaea Dimension 2 way.

  • The God and Fate Revolution Paradox gets a 13 minute trailer

    A 13-minute gameplay video of The God and Fate Revolution Paradox has been released by Nippon Ichi. It’s the studio’s 20th anniversary PS3 RPG set for release January 24 in Japan. A western release has yet to be confirmed, but you can still drool over the trailer below. Thanks, Gematsu.

  • Disgaea characters cameo in The God and Fate Revolution Paradox

    The God and Fate Revolution Paradox, Nippon Ichi’s 20th anniversary celebratory PlayStation 3 RPG (which, as you may recall, I decided we would all call Kamipara in the manner of the clearly sensible Japanese press), includes appearances from Disgaea series characters. Regular guest star Asagi has been confirmed, while Raspberyl from Disgaea 3 and Valvatorez […]

  • The God and Fate Revolution Paradox has more screens than title letters

    And that’s really saying something. The God and Fate Revolution Paradox (henceforth and forever known by Japanese shortening Kamipara) has generated a huge number of new screens showing off Nippon Ichi’s delayed strategy RPG, which is part of a sudden rush of anniversary titles. You’ll have to visit Gematsu to see them, as there are […]

  • Disgaea Dimension 2 gets first gameplay footage

    Disgaea Dimension 2 is a follow up to the very first game, and as such, makes a return to some of its best-loved features while introducing new design ethos from later entries. See this mish mash in action through the break.

  • Persona 4 Golden release date set for Europe - report

    Persona 4 Golden and Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory have both been unofficially dated for European release, with The Witch and the Hundred Knights also flagged for a local launch.


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