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  • Google hires LucasArts veteran as chief game designer

    Google has enlisted ex-Lucasarts and Dreamworks veteran Noah Falstein as chief game designer, sparking a rumour that the search company is gearing up to create a dedicated project for its Android gaming platform.

  • Monkey Island: Gilbert has no plans to make follow-up, but discusses dream sequel anyway

    The Secret of Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert has explicitly stated that he has no plans to make another instalment of the LucasArts adventure series, but he has shared his theoreticals about what a follow-up might look like.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront 3 LucasArts footage emerges

    Star Wars: Battlefront 3 was said to be coming next from LucasArts after digital shooter Star War: First Assault tested the waters. Both games have now been canned, but gameplay footage of the new Battlefront 3 has emerged in the wild.

  • EA denies it planned to buy LucasArts from Disney at one point

    A report on Kotaku, which contains another video of the canned Battlefront 3, states that at one point, EA was considering a LucasArts buyout. However, labels president Frank Gibeau has said that is not the case.

  • Star Wars: Obsidian CEO would love to pitch new game to Disney

    Star Wars studio LucasArts may have been shuttered by new bosses Disney, but that hasn’t stopped the house of mouse from considering licensed games based on the Lucas universe moving forward. Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart has expressed interest in pitching them an idea.

  • Star Wars 1313 would have starred Boba Fett - report

    Star Wars 1313, the game shelved by Disney due to the closure of LucasArts studio, would have had players starring as none other than bounty hunter Boba Fett, according to a report on Kotaku which was handed some concept art from the project. According to the report, Fett being the star of the game was […]

  • Jedi Knight II source code released to mark LucasArts' passing

    Raven Software has released the sourcecode for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy to mark the closure of LucasArts today. “We loved and appreciated the experience of getting to make Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy for LucasArts. As a gift to the persistently loyal fanbase for our Jedi games and […]

  • LucasArts closed, Star Wars 1313 and First Assault in limbo

    Disney is closing LucasArts development studio, laying off a reported 150 staffers and according to a representative for the firm, development on Star Wars 1313 along with Star Wars: First Assault is in limbo.

  • Star Wars: First Assault gameplay footage leaks

    Leaked footage of Star Wars: First Assault has turned up, once again courtesy of Kotaku. The footage shows early gameplay footage purportedly from the fall 2012 build, as well as a video showing a pre-rendered clip. The source who sent the videos to Kotaku stated the gameplay video shows in-game footage with all known issues […]

  • Star Wars 1313 "continues production", according to LucasArts

    Yesterday, industry whispers indicated that Star Wars 1313 had been nudged onto the backburner by Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. Apparently this isn’t the case after all, according to a representative from LucasArts .

  • Obsidian has new Star Wars pitch, will approach Disney

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic developer Obsidian Entertainment has what it calls one of its ‘top three pitches’ ever for a new game set in the universe. Studio head Feargus Urquhart has confirmed that the studio is waiting for the perfect time to pitch to new license holder Disney.

  • Out of time: the Free Radical story – Part Two

    Free Radical’s story continues as Haze development stumbles, and a deal with Lucasarts marks the beginning of the end for the studio. VG247’s Dave Cook speaks with Steve Ellis to set records straight.

  • Star War 1313 to release on PS3 this year, according to Sony Germany

    Star War 1313 screenshots have popped up on Sony Germany’s Facebook page, albeit older shots, it indicates that PS3 will be one of the systems the shooter is release on. Announced by Lucasarts pre-show at E3 2012, platforms other than PC were never confirmed, leading the public to wonder if it was a this-gen or […]

  • Star Wars: Battlefront Online concept art emerges

    Siliconera has dug up a bunch of concept art for something called Battlefront Online. The site claims Slant Six was working on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game in 2010, but it was cancelled before announcement; contemporary rumours told the same story. There are no further details on the lost project, which is distinct […]

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