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  • DARK E3 trailer shows protagonist sneaking around to some thumping music

    The E3 trailer for DARK is available below for your viewing pleasure. Those attending E3 should stop by the MadCatz booth and have a go at the game. The vampire-themed stealth game from Realmforge Studios will release on July 9 for Xbox 360 and PC.

  • Dark trailer shows off vampiric stealth skills

    Well, you could knock that guard unconscious and stuff him in a locker, or you could rip out his jugular. Welcome to Dark, Realmforge’s blood-spattered take on stealth action.

  • DARK video shows off some of Eric Bane's special attacks and powers

    Kalypso Media has released a new trailer for DARK, the action-vampire game from Realmforge Studios. The video shows some of Eric Bane’s special attacks and powers he will use to investigate Geoforge, an omnipresent and powerful global conglomerate which rules a near-future urban landscape. The game is slates for a Q2 release on PC and […]

  • The Dark Eye: Demonicon screens show fantasy RPG action

    The Dark Eye: Demonicon publisher Kalypso has released a new batch of screens for its adaptation of the German pen and paper RPG series The Dark Eye. They show off combat, beasts and a cross-eyed woman. The game drops on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

  • DARK video shows off vampiric gameplay

    DARK, the supernatural third-person stealth action-RPG for consoles and PC from Realmforge Studios, has a new video available below the break showing off a bit of gameplay. To be published by Kalypso, DARK is scheduled for release Q2 2013 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

  • Omerta – City of Gangsters demo hits Xbox Live

    A demo for Omerta – City of Gangsters is now available through Xbox Live. The Haemimont Games strategy title focuses on the activities of organized crime in Atlantic City in the 1920’s where players take on the role of “a fresh-off-the-boat gangster, as he struggles to make a name for himself and build a criminal […]

  • DARK video and boxart are both rather vampiric

    Kalypso has released a new showing off the stealth action-RPG DARK, from Realmforge. It’s below along with the box artwork. DARK is scheduled for release Q2 2013on PC, and Xbox 360.

  • Anna: Extended Edition announced, new in-game character creepily named The Wife Doll

    Psychological horror title Anna is getting an extended edition, Kalypso Media has announced. To promote the edition, a short film for it has been released.

  • Omerta and Omerta: City of Gangsters offer cross-promotional prizes

    Normally when two games have the same title their respective law departments make a killing go to war, but Haemimont’s tactical effort Omerta: City of Gangsters and free-to-play MMO Omerta have joined forces instead.

  • Omerta: City of Gangsters goes gold

    Omerta: City of Gangsters has gone gold on PC and Xbox 360, publisher Kalypso has announced, having delayed the gangster sim from an expected November 2012 launch. It’s a new IP from Haemimont Games, the team behind the most recent Tropico releases, and combines tactical turn based combat with a wider strategic goal of taking […]

  • Tropico 4 Gold Edition video introduces you to Miss Pineapple, other NPCs

    A new gameplay trailer for Tropico 4 Gold Edition focusing on the NPCs in the game has been released by Kalypso Media. Called “Meet the Rogues,” the video features the offbeat characters you will interact with in the dictator/city sim. Tropico 4 Gold Edition is now available for PC and Xbox 360.

  • DARK screenshots show various environments, characters, vampire anti-hero

    DARK, the supernatural third-person stealth action-RPG for consoles and PC from Realmforge Studios, has new screenshots available below the break. The assets show the various characters and environments found in the game, and show off its 3D cel-shaded art style. In the game, players done the hoodie of vampire anti-hero Eric Bane as he fights […]

  • Tropico 4 Megalopolis DLC now available, new screenshots posted

    Tropico 4 has new DLC available via the Megalopolis pack, which contains a new campaign, new avatar clothing and other items.

  • Tropico 4: Gold Edition posits Trouble in Paradise

    I have noticed a compelling correlation between watching Tropico 4 trailers and my desire to bunk off work and play games all day. This Gold Edition business is not exactly helping.


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