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DarkSiders 2: Definitive Edition listed for PS4 on Amazon

It looks as though Nordic Games plans to release PlayStation 4 versions of two IP it acquired through the THQ auction, starting with DarkSiders 2: Definitive Edition.


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  • DarkSiders 2: Definitive Edition listed for PS4 on Amazon

    It looks as though Nordic Games plans to release PlayStation 4 versions of two IP it acquired through the THQ auction, starting with DarkSiders 2: Definitive Edition.

  • Nordic Games acquires Painkiller publisher with sequel developments in mind

    Nordic Games has announced the acquisition of Painkiller publisher DreamCatcher. The label will be separate under the Nordic label, with the aforementioned game part of a relaunch of an “extensive” back catalogue of games. “After the incorporation of the JoWood and The Adventure Company publishing label, DreamCatcher is the third and last to follow for […]

  • Piranha Bytes and JoWood fell out over Gothic 3′s premature release

    Gothic and Risen developer Piranha Bytes reportedly gave long-time publisher JoWood the flick in response to refusal to extend a deadline.

  • Gothic 4 expansion “indefinitely” delayed, publisher in trouble

    JoWooD has announced an “indefinite” delay for the release of Arcania: Gothic 4′s expansion Fall of Setarrif due to legal problems.

  • Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition released

    In what’s gradually becoming a series tradition, Gothic 3 stand-alone expansion Forsaken Gods has been re-released in a format which reportedly works.

  • Painkiller expansion Redemption releasing on February 25

    JoWood’s confirmed that it’ll release Painkiller expansion Redemption on February 25.

  • JoWood announces Painkiller: Redemption for release this month

    JoWood Entertainment has announced the launch of Painkiller: Redemption, which continues the story of Daniel and Belial as they fight off over 6000 enemies to a heavy metal soundtrack all the while, unlocking different Tarot Cards. We have no idea why that’s supposed to be so special – it sounds like a normal day around […]

  • JoWood suing Koch over underpayment of 6.4 million company shares

    Publisher JoWood, which filed for insolvency earlier in the month, has filed a lawsuit against Koch Media claiming the firm underpaid for 6.4 million JoWood shares back in 2006.

  • PSA: Demo for Gothic 4 now available

    Spellbound has released its PC demo for Arcania: Gothic 4, along with some system specs.

  • Demo for Arcania: Gothic 4 hitting PC on September 24

    JoWood has announced it’s to offer up a demo for Arcania: Gothic 4 come September 24 on PC.

  • Arcania – Gothic 4 gives up direct-feed 360 gameplay videos

    The latest in JoWood’s longstanding RPG series, Arcania – Gothic 4, will release on PS3 and 360 as well as PC. Want to see what it looks like on consoles? You, son, are in luck.

  • Arcania – Gothic 4 gets new screens

    Gothic 4 – now “Arcania – Gothic 4″ as of March last year – got some new screens today. Germany will be watching very carefully.

  • Indie and other games of interest: Gravity Bear formally announced, Frogger Returns, Shadow of Destiny confirmed

    Another banner week for news regarding indie and other games of interest. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine may make it onto PC after all, 3D Dot Game Heroes is coming to North America, Nostalgia is now available, The Void sounds awesome, King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame has finally gotten a release date, Eufloria has a demo, […]

  • Painkiller: Resurrection demo now available for download

    A new demo for Painkiller: Resurrection, weighing in at 1.2Gb, was released yesterday when the game hit shelves. You can get it over on WorthPlaying. In it, you play ex-CIA agent William ‘Wild Bill’ Sherman, who must fight in the afterlife after killing the head of an illegal drug operation, innocent civilians, and himself. There’s […]

  • Get two free games with Painkiller: Resurrection preorder on Steam

    A preorder option has been added to JoWood’s Painkiller: Resurrection page on Steam. If you reserve the game, you will get 10 percent off the $29.99 price, along with Painkiller Black Edition and Painkiller Overdose. Both of those titles are available for immediate download upon preorder, and Resurrection is out in late October. More through […]

  • Yoga for Wii features model Anja Rubik

    Thought that might get your attention. Anyway, JoWooD and DreamCatcher say that Anja Rubik and a 3D animated Yoga guru will take you through the most important parts of Yoga for Wii and offer information on both the individual exercises and the philosophical basis behind yoga. It supports the balance board too. OK, fine, this […]

  • Painkiller: Resurrection – first details and shots

    IGN’s got an exclusive on a brand new Painkiller game, titled Resurrection. Snip: The player takes on the role of Wild Bill Sherman, a CIA assassin who works for highly placed members of the government. Though he can claim to be doing some good in the world by ridding it of weapon smugglers and drug […]

  • Gothic 4 teaser movie posted

    On It’s a bit rubbish, really. The RPG’s not out until the end of next year, and there’s very little to go on in the trailer. Watch it anyway.

  • All titles to be shown at Games Convention in one place

    German site 4players has put up a handy chart of all the announced games to be shown in the press conferences at Games Convention this week, and it’s not looking too shabby. Expect surprises, especially from Sony. Very useful, that: bookmark it. Update:’s got a list too. Can never have too many lists.

  • Wii Yoga confirmed by JoWood

    Publisher JoWooD has announced Wii Yoga. The game will use the balance board the will “play a central role for the exercising (gaming) experience.” It’ll also feature an “adaptable weekly schedule of exercises that will leave you feeling freshed.” We can’t wait. The game was first brought to light during “Intellisponse Gate” last month. By […]

  • New Gothic 4 screens bring the lovely

    They’re only environment shots, but what the hey. It’s all real-time and looks very nice indeed, thank you very much. On GameInfoWire. There’s no date on the RPG as yet.

  • First Gothic 4 shots released

    Tiscali Games has them, and they’re not scans. They’re all environment screens, but very pretty, all the same. The Spellbound Entertainment-developer RPG’s without a release date as yet.

  • Gothic 3 add-on in the works

    According to StrategyInformer, JoWood’s confirmed an add-on for Gothic 3, to release in the fourth quarter of this year. Titled Gothic 3 – Forsaken Gods, the update will apparently provide a seamless transition between from the Gothic 3 into Gothic 4, which is expected next year. The sound you’re hearing is millions of Germans screaming […]