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  • Rumour: 8Realms to close, Jagex to cut jobs as result

    Jagex is to close MMO 8Realms less than a year after opening, according to a Develop report.

  • Jagex announces Runescape combat update "The Evolution of Combat"

    Jagex has announced The Evolution of Combat, a brand new update for Runescape that’ll completely overhaul the game’s combat system.

  • Transformers Universe team revealing new details on the MMO during BotCon

    Jagex has announced it will be attending Hasbro’s Transformers fan convention, BotCon 2012, during which the Transformers Universe team will be present to unveil further details on the MMO. Attendees will also be given the chance to register their Transformers character name for the title, meet the developers, and attend the panel discussion on the […]

  • RuneScape to introduce limited microtransaction system

    One of the oldest subscription browser-based MMOs is making tentative steps towards microtransaction support.

  • Former Codemasters Online VP David Solari joins Jagex

    Jagex has announced former Codemasters Online VP and GM David Solari has joined the firm as its Chief Marketing Officer.

  • RuneScape bot makers slapped with six-figure damages

    Jagex has won a legal battle with a pair of Runescape bot makers, leaving the defendants “convincingly neutered”.

  • Jagex's majority stake sold to US venture firm

    A US venture firm has bough a 55%t controlling majority share in Jagex, increasing its stake by a further 20%.

  • Transformers Universe gets new teaser trailer

    Nothing too overly exciting, but here it is. It’s a car turning into – what else – a transformer. It’s below the break, via Massively.

  • Jagex developing Transformers MMO

    Runescape-owner Jagex said today it’s developing an MMO based on Transformers. The game is to launch in 2012 in North America, Latin America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. No other detail was given – as to whether this will be a browser-based affair, and so on – but it’s confirmed that Hasbro is to “launch” […]

  • Runescape's Wilderness to be reinstated

    The Wilderness, Runescape’s most dangerous, deadly and loot-tastic zone is back – and so is trading. What does this mean to you? It mean you should gather up all your best gear and hide it somewhere very safe before somebody bangs you over the head and loots your corpse to trade it all off.

  • LGC: 40% of the industry's underprepared for digital distribution

    According to discussions set to take place during this month’s London Games Conference, with digital distribution “poised to outstrip traditional retail sales within three years,” 40 percent of the games industry is underprepared for the shift. Speakers during the LGC will address the issue, along with Nick Parker of Parker Consulting, who believes that 2013 […]

  • Paltalk suing Blizzard, SOE, Turbine, others over patent infringement

    Paltalk has filed a lawsuit against MMO publishers over claims that each are violating patent agreements. According to, Turbine, Sony, Activision Blizzard, NCsoft and Jagex have all been named by PalTalk which holds the rights to two data sharing patents. Paltalk owns the patents that describe technology for sharing data which allows every player […]

  • Jagex appoints Jon Hare as head of publishing

    Jagex Games Studio announced today that Jon Hare has joined the company as Head of Publishing, with a particular focus on further developing, Jagex‚Äôs gaming website targeted at time-pressed gamers. “Jon is one of the most highly rated game designers in Europe and has had a hugely successful career developing classic titles such as […]

  • Vince Farquharson new Runescape boss

    Vince Farquharson has been appointed the new head of UK-based developed Jagex’s hugely popular MMO Runescape, writes Edge. Farquharson will oversee the Runescape expansion after work as creative director and development director for THQ for the last three years. We wish Vince Farquharson all the best in his new job. By Mike Bowden


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