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Darks Souls 3 aiming for six-person multiplayer

Dying might just get a little less lonely when you can do it in the company of five comrades.

  • Bloodborne: “The sense of punishment is much less,” “wider audience” is the target

    Bloodborne developer From Software said today it’s walking a line between disappointing Souls fans and opening up the concept to a wider audience.

  • New Dark Souls II trailer? Curses!

    Are you ready for a new Dark Souls II trailer? No? That’s a shame. You’re Cursed now.

  • From Software underestimated the difficulty in porting Dark Souls to PC, new DLC details revealed

    Dark Souls developer From Software has expressed unforeseen difficulty in porting the title to PC, and has conceded that the PC version will be a straight console port, without any optimisation, as a result.

  • Armored Core V trailer goes wall-bouncing mental

    From Software’s released a new trailer for Armored Core V, showing off some impressive CG cut-scenery, new gameplay footage and wall-bouncing mechs ahead of the game’s Japanese release at the end of next month for PS3 and 360. Get the trailer, via Siliconera, below. No western date’s been confirmed by publisher Namco Bandai as yet.

  • Dark Souls ships 1.5 million worldwide

    Dark Souls has shipped 1.5 million units since it launched at the beginning of last month, Namco Bandai and From Software said in Japan this morning.

  • Watch Dark Souls beaten in less than an hour-and-a-half

    Someone’s posted a multi-part speed-run of Dark Souls on YouTube, showing the RPG being beaten in 1:26:28. There’s nothing else to add. Watch it all after the break.

  • Dark Souls update to fix online problems

    From Software has confirmed it’s to release an update for Dark Souls on PS3, following complaints of freezing when playing online after its release in Japan last week. The company has suspended online play for the PS3 SKU, but has found the source of the problems and will release the update this week. Dark Souls […]

  • Armored Core V gets new January release for Japan

    From Software’s announced its releasing Armored Core V on January 26 for ¥7,800 in Japan on PS3 and Xbox 360. The mech title was suposed to launch in the country next month, but was delayed back in August because of feedback from the game’s open multiplayer beta this past summer. Namco Bandai is publishing the […]

  • Armored Core V gets delay into 2012

    From Software’s announced in Japan that it’s to delay Armored Core V into January 2012 from a previously-confirmed October launch. The reason for the delay, according to the company, is due to feedback it has taken onboard from the recent beta test it held for the game’s multiplayer. AC5 was already down for a 2012 […]

  • Invites for Armored Core 5 Japanese beta sent out

    Invites for the upcoming closed online beta of Armored Core 5 have been sent out in Japan, according to DailyDL. The taster will offer players the chance to get to grips with stuff such as customise mechs, team play, story stuff and the chance to try out Mercury Mode, where one player becomes an operator […]

  • Dark Souls' magic to let you transform into solid iron and... a vase?

    No, Dark Souls won’t let you play as a Wonder Twin. This, you see, actually sounds pretty darn cool. Also, we’ve yet to see any purple spandex, which is always a plus.

  • Dark Souls gets 2011 Euro release, full-res shots here

    Namco’s just confirmed a 2011 European release for Dark Souls following its formal western reveal last night, and has finally issued full-size assets.

  • Namco Bandai to publish Armored Core 5 in west

    Armored Core 5 is to be published in the west by Namco Bandai, according to this week’s issue of Dengeki.

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