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  • Pong Indie Developer Challenge offers up to $100,000

    Yesterday’s Atari tease has ponied up: Indie developers have a chance to make the next official Pong game.

  • Atari teasing "really special announcement" tomorrow

    “We’ve got a really special announcement coming up tomorrow,” transitioning publisher Atari has announced on Twitter. The company’s properties include Dungeons & Dragons and MMO Tera, but the company sold off Cryptic Studios last year and has refocussed on social and mobile gaming drawing on its back catalogue of classic properties.

  • The Witcher 2 moved over 1.1 million units in 2011

    CD Projekt has said The Witcher 2 moved 1,110,055 units on PC in 2011. The digital version sold 270,000 through digital distribution services, and 40,000 of those were through GoG.

  • European publishers hunting down pirates via torrent sites

    TorrentFreak has said the European arms of publishers such as Atari, Codemasters, Square Enix and Ubisoft are targeting pirates by asking them to pay €800 for each title downloaded illegally. According to the torrent site, the publishers are contacting the accused by tracking IP addresses, something CD Projekt stopped doing last week. The issue with […]

  • Atari declares war on iOS arcade lookalikes

    Atari has reportedly embarked on a crusade to take out iOS games with similarities to its extensive portfolio of classic arcade titles.

  • Champions Online reveals new character type, definitely not a Sith

    Bummed that you’re not able to play Star Wars: The Old Republic at launch? Well, Champions Online developer Cryptic Studios has a bit of a treat for you. The company launched a new character archetype (re: class) that bears more than a passing resemblance to a Sith lord. The character wields what are essentially two […]

  • New TDU2 DLC to finally bring bikes

    More than a year after they were initially first promised, Eden is set to finally introduce bikes into Test Drive Unlimited 2.

  • Dan Stahl plots a course back to Cryptic Studios

    After departing the Star Trek Online developer earlier this year, former executive producer Dan Stahl has returned to Cryptic Studios to lead a new Away Team working on the “Foundry”.

  • Cryptic releases a story trailer for its Neverwinter MMO

    Atari and Cryptic have released the second trailer for the Neverwinter MMORPG, based on the Dungeons & Dragons lore. In Neverwinter, players choose to become one of five D&D classes who will in turn form five-person co-op groups with other players or AI. Players can also create their own storylines and quests by utilizing the […]

  • Duty Officer System detailed in latest Star Trek Online dev blog entry

    The latest developer blog entry for Star Trek Online has detailed the new Duty Officer System that will allow players to recruit and control the actions of their junior officers when the game goes free to play (F2P) later this year.

  • Dan Stahl leaving Star Trek Online dev Cryptic

    The executive producer of the Champions Online and Star Trek Online dev has announced he’s to boldly go on to pastures new but will Kling-on until the end of the month. No more puns, I promise.

  • RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D hitting 3DS in March 2012

    Atari has announced RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D for release on 3DS during March of next year. This is the first time the series has been made available for handhelds. The title is new, not a port, and will include standards like Coaster Creator and new modes such as Coaster Story, which contains tutorials and park challenges. […]

  • Atari reshuffles to power social and mobile push

    Atari continues its transition from old school to new school, rearranging management to cope with a new company direction.

  • Witcher 2: Version 2.0 dated, included in 360, new trailer

    Lots of information in that headline, eh?

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