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  • Witcher website countdown explained

    Witcher dev CD Projekt RED has started a countdown on its official site. The timer will count down to the 8th Birthday of The Witcher Forums, and will trigger a series of clebrations involving fans. Aww, what a lovely bunch. More details below.

  • RAGE mod tools still inbound

    RAGE fans have been waiting for mod tools since the multi-platform shooter launched a year ago, but a tweet from id’s John Carmack suggests they’re still in the works. Carmack says the modding suite is due “real soon now” but has been delayed by work DOOM 3: BFG Edition; he also mysteriously referenced “poor decisions […]

  • Battlefield 3 colour grade option axed

    Battlefield 3 won’t be receiving an option to fiddle with its colour settings after all.

  • Battlefield 3 patch to add colour grading console command

    Battlefield 3 will allow advanced users to fiddle with colour grading as of the next patch, replacing an banned mod.

  • Far Cry 3 Minecraft mod due before the end of the month

    Over on the Far Cry blog, Ubisoft has announced that it will release a mod pack bringing the world of Far Cry 3 to Minecraft come October 26. The pack apparently includes modifications to “environments, weapons and tools”, “key Far Cry 3 locations and characters, including Vaas, Jason and Citra” and over 50 easter eggs […]

  • Red Orchestra developer sees "zero downside" to modding

    Red Orchestra developer Tripwire Interactive is more than happy for fans to get creative tinkering around with its games.

  • Battlefield 3 colour mod could result in hack ban

    Heads up, Battlefield 3 fans: DICE doesn’t look kindly on you bringing mods to matches. Commenting on a mod which adds a splash of colour to the military shooter, DICE’s Gustav Halling said using “those hacks” could result in permanent bans, because it’s a “proper cheat”, not a brightness mod. Best to know this now […]

  • The Legend of Grimrock's Dungeon Editor will release tomorrow

    The Legend of Grimrock’s Dungeon Editor will be released tomorrow, October 4, according to the official website. Already, over 150 mods have been published on Steam Workshop and Grimrock Nexus. The editor contains a lengthy list of changes and fixes as a result of beta testing, and can be found here. Thanks, Blue.

  • Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 is now available, is rather lovely

    Morrowind Overhaul 3.0, which was created by the modding community, was released over the weekend. If you have Morrowind for PC, this is definitely worth checking out. Overhaul 3.0 was created with mods that cover nearly nine years of work, and the wiki can be visited to note the latest changes, and provide you with […]

  • DayZ creator on arrested ArmA devs: 'I just want to see them home'

    DayZ creator Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has shared his own thoughts on the arrest of two ArmA 3 developers arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos on suspicion of espionage. The developer – whose game is a mod of ArmA 2 – just wants to see the developers returned home safely.

  • Skywind project is a Morrowind port using the Skyrim engine

    The Skywind project, which uses Bethesda’s Creation Engine, aims to bring The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind into the present kicking and screaming. Personally, we are pleased as punch to hear it. Ya gotta love dedicated modders.

  • Skyrim mods reach 10,000 on Steam Workshop

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has inspired over 10,000 mods through Steam Workshop. StrategyInformer flagged the milestone, noting that the lucky 10,000th upload is the Shannara Weapon Set. Skyrim mods span the whole gamut from simple tweaks like Mythor’s Moar Dragons to character creation suites to full, storied plug in modules to the inevitable near-nude […]

  • Black Mesa gets a release date, minus Xen section

    Black Mesa, a fan conversion of Half-Life using the Source engine’s bells and whistles, will be all yours in as little as two weeks. And it only took eight years.

  • Dark Souls fan offers unofficial resolution mod

    NeoGAF member Durante has been toiling away since Dark Souls’ overnight release on PC and has released a mod unlocking the action RPG’s fixed 720p resolution. The completely unofficial fix is not guaranteed in any way, so you should probably only grab it if you know what you’re doing. The mod hasn’t been tested over […]


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