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  • Counter-strike: Global Offensive will launch alongside first mod

    Counter-strike: Global Offensive launches worldwide on August 21, and its very first mod will release alongside it. On the CS:GO blog, Valve revealed that the PlagueFest team have a zombie mod for the competitive shooter ready to go at launch. The developer has asked other modders to come forward if they’ll also have something to […]

  • Black Mesa Source gameplay footage turns up everywhere

    Half-Life mod Black Mesa Source has sprung not one but two leaks, in a glorious rain of gameplay footage.

  • Day Z now has 1 million registered players

    The milestones just keep coming for ArmA 2 mod Day Z. The zombie survival experience has topped 1 million unique users, according to stats on the home page. Over 180,000 players have logged in over the last 24 hours, and of the 22.6 million characters which have ventured into the world, only 797,742 are alive, […]

  • Legend of Grimrock level editor looks simple and sweet

    If you’ve got a mind to put together some fiendish dungeons for your friends to die repeatedly in (there’s a little DM in all of us, right?), then you might care to consider Legend of Grimrock.

  • DayZ servers hit by malicious security breach, botnet threat

    The popular zombie-inspired Arma II mod DayZ has been hit by a malicious security breach, allegedly threatening to turn the game’s servers into a potential botnet.

  • First wave of Dota 2: The International 2012 tickets go on sale this Tuesday

    The first batch of tickets for The International 2012 will go on sale this Tuesday, with additional batches released every day this week until Saturday June 16.

  • Creators of Half-Life remake "Black Mesa" promise new media soon

    After a lengthy period of silence, the development team behind the fan-made Half-Life remake “Black Mesa” has promised some “exciting new media” when the Black Mesa Facebook fan page reaches 20,000 ‘Likes’.

  • Civilization V to receive Steam Workshop support

    Firaxis will replace Civilization V’s existing mod browser system with integrated Steam Workshop support. The grand strategy will be the seventh game to announce Workshop support after Team Fortress 2, Portal, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the forthcoming Toki Tori, Garry’s Mod and Gettysburg: Armored Warfare. More details on timing and early access are […]

  • Day Z patch adds hatchets, heat packs, and women

    A new build of Day Z has been released. The new version includes a number of fixes as well as some new features, like the opportunity to play as a female survivor. Get the full patch notes here. The phenomenally successful zombie survival mod for Arma 2 kept the military sim high on the Steam […]

  • Day Z mod drives ArmA 2 sales up 500%

    Although it’s still in alpha, open-world zombie survival mode Day Z has done wonders for sales of military simulator ArmA 2.

  • Wildstar to support player-authored add-ons

    Wildstar lead client engineer Jon Wiesman has written a passionate blog for the upcoming MMORPG’s website in which he explains his frustrations with the learning curve of new programming environments. As a result, he vows to make it easy for anyone with a little programming knowledge to develop user interface add-ons. This is very exciting […]

  • Free Dungeons of Dredmor DLC adds Steam Workshop support

    In a free expansion called You Have To Name The Expansion, Dungeons of Dredmor will add full Steam Workshop support for its flourishing mod scene.

  • Skyrim Steam mods have generated over 13.6 million downloads

    “Skyrim Steam Workshop downloads are over 13.6 million. PC mods FTW,” the Bethesda Game Studios Twitter announced earlier today. The figure does not include mods released outside the Bethesda-sanctioned Steam Workshop environment, suggesting the real figure is probably even more impressive than that. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released in November last year and attracted […]

  • Creative Assembly has "no philosophical problem" with mods

    The increasing difficulty of modding the Total War series isn’t a deliberate effort to promote DLC sales, The Creative Assembly has vowed.


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