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  • Spin the Bottle Nintendo certification taking "way longer than anticipated"

    Spin the Bottle missed its scheduled May release thanks to Nintendo’s rigorous quality assurance process, according to indie developer KnapNok.

  • Disney Infinity Play Sets explained in new video

    Having outlined the world creation Toybox mode, Disney would like to draw your attention to Disney Infinity’s playsets, which are pre-arranged collections of locations, games and characters based on specific franchises.

  • Toro's Friend Network - no plans for an EU release at this time, says Sony

    Toro’s Friend Network, the Vita’s first social gaming app, will not be released in Europe. However, the plan may change eventually, but for now, don’t expect it. “There aren’t plans for an EU release of Toro,” said Sony’s Jawad Ashraf in a comment on the EU PlayStation Blog. “I hope that changes.” The app is […]

  • Disney Infinity trailer demos Toy Box mode world creation

    If you’re still a bit confused about how Disney Infinity differs from toys-to-life rival Skylanders, here’s a good explanation of Toy Box mode, in which players can assemble and populate their own worlds and games from pieces of all sorts of Disney properties.

  • Sportsfriends pre-orders open, offer alpha builds

    Get your hands on some of the best local co-op games on the indie scene – heck, anywhere – by buying in early to Sportsfriends.

  • Rabbids Invasion coming "very soon", is interactive TV

    Rabbids Invasion is an interactive TV show powered by Kinect. Ubisoft announced it during its E3 presentation and showed kids playing along with the Rabbids, pointing their fingers to pelt a Rabbid; racing to be the first to point at an hidden object; and screaming at the screen. Platforms were not confirmed but a “very […]

  • Game & Wario screens showing off some mini-game action

    Nintendo has released a set of screenshots for its mini-game title Game & Wario, showing off various aspect. The gallery is below. Game & Wario releases in US on June 23 and in Europe on June 28.

  • Double Fine's Kinect Party available free until year's end

    Kinect Party has launched and will be free through December 31. Grab it now from the Xbox Marketplace – make sure you get both the base game and full unlock. Kinect Party is the sequel to Double Fine Happy Action Theater, which both Pat and Mike hailed as an excellent use of Kinect and one […]

  • Nintendo downloads add Freakyforms Deluxe, Style Savvy

    A new batch of Nintendo downloads are fresh out of the oven, but the pickings this week are pretty slim.

  • Intel: Discovered available now through XBLA

    Intel: Discovered is a free downloadable Kinect title released this week which teaches you to “be a superstar”. Chris Evans (Captain America, The Avengers) teaches “the secrets of the action hero” while Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman will help you “get styled and learn how to work the runway” and LMFAO’s Redfoo will advise you […]

  • Frobisher Says! finally hits the US next week

    Quirky party game Frobisher Says! will finally arrive on the US PlayStation Network five months after its European debut.

  • NintendoLand includes a Balloon Fight attraction

    Balloon Fight released on the NES in 1986 and is remembered by approximately six people, but it has its own NintendoLand attraction.

  • Nintendo announces Game & Wario for Wii U GamePad

    Wario and his Diamond City friends are back in action through Game & Wario (working title) according to an announcement from Nintendo.

  • Smart As brings brain training to Vita this year

    Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training was a surprise killer app for the rebellious little DS, but the genre of games which insult you has gone largely neglected since then. Sony is taking up the slack with Smart As, a “next-gen” brain training app for Vita due in northern autumn. The XDev-developed titles boasts robust social integration […]

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