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  • Don't be jealous of PewDiePie's $4m. He's giving the people what they want

    PewDiePie is the most lucrative personal gaming channel on YouTube, with a total of around $4m made last year. Naturally, this has earned him a tidal wave of abuse from those who aren’t fans. Here’s why we should all cut the guy some slack and look at why he got so popular to begin with.

  • Games media publisher Future shutting down outlets, laying off 170

    Future, the publisher behind outlets such as Edge, GamesRadar, PC Gamer, and CVG, is going through some hard times. It will be shutting down some of its gaming websites and laying off a large number of staff.

  • "Gaming isn't art," says Spectator before editing "chill out" headline

    British Conservative magazine The Spectator has edited a headline to a blog piece which challenged the notion that games are art, after telling supporters of the medium to “chill out”. The original headline of the article is, “Gaming isn’t art. And those who think it is need to chill out”. The Spectator later changed it […]

  • Edge publisher Future to cut jobs, business "isn’t working hard enough"

    Future Publishing, the media outlet responsible for Edge, CVG and The Golden Joystick Awards, will begin laying off staff as it restructures around a single content and marketing team.

  • Xbox One promotion offers financial return for positive coverage only - report

    YouTubers are abuzz today over a paid promotion permitting no negative coverage of Xbox One, Xbox One games, or host Machinima.

  • Gamers certainly not listening to press reviews, says Curse exec, suggests sites are dwindling

    Are heavyweights like IGN and Gamespot in danger of becoming irrelevant? That’s the topic discussed by Curse’s VP of sales Nathan Lindberg, who feels that gamers aren’t listening to game reviews and typical journalistic sites, but their friends, community personalities and other forms of new media.

  • Game Informer PC editor to join Stardock

    GameInformer PC editor Adam Biessener has announced his defection; after ten years with the GameStop-owned publication, he’s jumping ship for Fallen Enchantress developer Stardock, which sounds like a match made in heaven for the strategy fan. All the best in your new position, Adam; please send us lots of leaks. Biessener is one of a […]

  • NUJ panel event dated, asks 'Can videogame journalists still make money?'

    The National Union of Journalists has announced a panel event on April 18 in London that will see members of the UK gaming press come together to discuss growing competition and high turnover in the game writing circuit. The event will give insight into making money as a paid writer and other topics.

  • Warren Spector to write a monthly column for GI International

    GI International has announced Warren Spector will be writing a monthly column for the site. Spector’s column will focus on “serious subjects about the industry and will pose questions that Spector himself may not have the answers to.” The first column will be posted this week.

  • The Escapist now owned by Alloy Digital

    A bit of media news now: Alloy Digital has announced the completion of its acquisition of The Escapist. GamePolitics reports the terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but both Alloy and previous Escapist owners Themis Media seem happy enough in statements, referencing the site’s established audience as well as Alloy’s deeper advertising revenue […]

  • TIME publishes list of 100 greatest video games

    Everyone likes to argue over a list of best games, but it’s especially fun when a mainstream publication joins the fray. TIME’s top 100 list of best video games of all time runs in chronological order, kicking off with educational mainstay The Oregon Trail and ending with Mass Effect 3. Seven 70′s games appear, but […]

  • Eurogamer crosses Atlantic with 2013 USgamer launch

    A Twitter account, Facebook page and “coming soon” splash page have gone live for USgamer, the upcoming States-side edition of Eurogamer. The New York-based site is expected to launch in early 2013, but staff are already active on social media. Eurogamer launched in the UK in 1999 and has regional arms in Germany, France, Portugal, […]

  • PlayStation: The Official Magazine US shuttered

    Future Publishing’s US arm has confirmed it will cease production of PlayStation: The Official Magazine.


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