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  • République: crossing the finish line at a perfect time

    The government is always watching you and you’re considering criminal action to escape a surveillance state. This is République, Camouflaj’s long-awaited, crowdfunded stealth-action adventure, and it couldn’t be more timely.

  • Why Forza 5 will only have a mere 200 cars compared to Forza 4's 500

    Turn 10 has fired a shot across Polyphony Digital’s bows in their decision not to carry Xbox 360 level cars over to the Xbox One, referencing the large proportion of Gran Turismo 5 and 6’s “non-premium” cars, which began life as PlayStation 2 models. Additionally, many of Forza 4’s tracks won’t be making the jump […]

  • Kinect Sports Rivals was made because Rare had "unfinished business" with "80% magical" Kinect

    The original Kinect was “80% magical” according to Rare executive producer Danny Isaac, because it sometimes worked and sometimes couldn’t figure out “what the hell was going on”. Due to the “higher fidelity” of Kinect 2 however, Rare has been able to deal with its “unfinished business” of making a challenging, core-focused Kinect Sports game.

  • Dynasty Warriors creator envisions the series' "more realistic" future on next-gen

    Hisashi Koinuma, Tecmo Koei’s executive vice president and go-to-guy for Dynasty Warriors raised the possibility of an open-world or RPG based Warriors game on the new consoles, with a “focus” on making the game “more realistic”, using more varied terrain and strategy. As well as the most realistic feature of all: “a lot more destroyable […]

  • Valve won't make SteamOS exclusive games, says Coomer

    Valve’s Greg Coomer confirmed to IGN the studio will not making an “exclusive killer app for SteamOS”, going on to say it was against Valve’s philosophy to “artificially drive customers” onto a Steambox. However, he did acknowledge that smaller studios might end up making SteamOS exclusive titles if they don’t have the resources to port […]

  • Mario might go back to an "open world" if the fans demand it

    Speaking with Gamekult, Super Mario 3D World’s producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said that it’s difficult to develop an open world Mario title in the vein of Super Mario Sunshine that doesn’t leave players confused, wondering where to go and for this reason, Nintendo will only consider the idea if fans really demanded it.

  • EA "doesn't want to be viewed as the worst company in America"

    Speaking to Kotaku, Electronic Arts’ new CEO Andrew Wilson spoke about why he thinks the company has won Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America” poll two years running and what he intends to do to fix that. In the interview he highlights annual sequelization as one of the potential problems, as well as establishing a “culture […]

  • Journey producer says developers should design "aesthetics first"

    Former producer of Journey and co-founder of Funomena Robin Hunicke wants more developers to think about the feelings a game should inspire in the player, rather than designing mechanics first and working down to aesthetics. Clever thoughts after the break.

  • Julie Uhrman says it's "inevitable" major publishers will come to Ouya

    Speaking at Gamesbeat, Ouya’s CEO Julie Uhrman said major publishers such as Activision or Electronic Arts will inevitably start making games for the Android microconsole. But why they haven’t made the jump yet? “The [major] publishers are always late to the newest business models”. After the break, Uhrman explains why you shouldn’t expect Call of […]

  • Paradigm Shift: Blending Action and RPG in Lightning Returns

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 gets put through its paces by Alex Donaldson. He reckons it’s both new and exciting, contrary to gamer’s fears that the trilogy has stagnated. Find out why here.

  • Activision Publishing CEO not interested in "morphing games into movies"

    Eric Hirshberg, the CEO of Activision Publishing, is a strong believer in games doing “what games do best” and doesn’t share the “strange desire to morph games into movies or have them behave more like movies”. He sat down with Edge for a chat about what the next generation of consoles means for Activision, check […]

  • Razer is the "mad scientist" of computers, "always pushing against market expectations"

    Razer’s Min-Liang Tan is used to being laughed at and described as crazy, but in his chat with VG247 the CEO explained the company’s constant commitment to doing what it wants to – not what seems most sensible.

  • Emerald: Kickstarter gem hits target but shoots for the stars

    With just over two days on the clock, sci-fi adventure Emerald is a bona fide Kickstarter success – but with plenty of promise still to unlock. We chat with creator Nick Yonge about hiring cryptographers, responsible crowdfunding, and why Sony is a safer bet for indies than Nintendo.

  • Razer ships every product at a loss, laughs all the way to the bank

    Razer boss Min-Liang Tan admits he does’t run Razer “like a real company”; the PC and peripherals manufacturer ships every product at a loss, for example. Speaking to VG247, the CEO shows off his sense of humour and commitment to gaming, not profits.

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