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  • Rock Band and Dance Central website servers attacked, users should change passwords

    Harmonix has said its Rock Band and Dance Central website servers have suffered an “apparent attack,” and registered users will need to change their passwords just to be safe.

  • IGN to be sold to Ziff Davis' parent company - report

    News Corp. is in the process of closing a deal with Ziff Davis over the sale of IGN, according to All Things Digital.

  • SOPA activist Aaron Swartz has died

    Aaron Swartz, programmer and Internet activist who helped scrap the Stop Online Piracy Act bill from passing in Congress through his Demand Progress group, has died.

  • Tech publisher Ziff Davis snapped up by cloud services provider j2 Global

    Business cloud services provider j2 Global has completed a deal to purchase long-running tech publisher Ziff Davis. j2 paid $167 million for the company and expects the investment to have an instant impact on its financial report, contributing $60 million to its revenue in 2013.

  • Atari Arcade allows you to play classic Atari games ad-free through IE

    Atari Arcade has been announced and it allows you to play classic Atari titles through Internet Explorer, ad-free.

  • Sony Pictures registers 18 "Console War movie" domains

    Sony Pictures has registered 18 domains this week for “Console War movie” in various forms. The domains, dug up by Fubsible, range from to and everywhere in between, and all were registered on August 23. Sony Pictures is the television and film production/distribution unit of Sony, and none of the registrations were filed […]

  • GameTrailers launches spiffy new website design

    GameTrailers has relaunched its website. It looks well organized. Good job guys. Go check out the spiffy new duds.

  • Two lawsuits filed against South Korea’s Shutdown Law

    Two lawsuits have been filed in South Korea, challenging the Shutdown Law as unconstitutional. The law prohibits those under sixteen from playing games for a nightly six hour block so they can do more constructive things. Parents and teenagers with a Korean organization representing culture filed a suit claiming the law doesn’t take into account […]

  • GameTrailers planning site revamp, relaunch turns 10 this year, and in order to make the occasion special, it has decided to relaunch the site. Brad Winters, GM of GameTrailers has told GI International the site will be relaunched “from the ground up,” with a “brand-new, everything from the back-end to the new logo, a new look and feel.” The […]

  • Website ordered to remove Xbox 720 leaked document

    A website carrying the leaked document allegedly pertaining to the specs and features of the next Xbox has been ordered to remove it by Microsoft.

  • F1 Online gears up for open beta

    The closed beta testing period of Codemaster’s free-to-play PC management title, F1 Online will come to an end on Tuesday June 19 in preparation for the open beta. In addition, the non-disclosure agreement that closed beta participants have been bound by will also expire on June 19, freeing all and sundry to talk about their […]

  • IGN Asia Pacific up and running

    Following the launch last month of its site servicing the Middle East, IGN has signed a licensing deal with Blah! Asia – a division of Spiral Media – to publish IGN Asia Pacific. The site is available in three languages: English, Chinese Mandarin and Malay and will cater to ten markets including Singapore, Malaysia, the […]

  • From Dust now available through Chrome Web Store

    From Dust is now available through Chrome. To celebrate its launch, Ubisoft has put the title on sale for week, and it will run you $9.99. After that, you’ll have to pay full price for it, which is $14.99. Get it now through the Chrome Web Store.

  • IGN Middle East launched

    IGN and T-Break Media have launched IGN Middle East which will service 15 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and Morocco and its “potential audience of more than 340 million people.” The site will be headed up by Abbas Jaffar Ali, formerly […]

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