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The Last Guardian director unveils the website for his new studio

Director of The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda, has completed his contract for Sony and is moving on with his new studio genDESIGN.

  • Reddit has just closed a $50 million round of outside funding

    Reddit has raised $50 million in a round of outside funding which will allow it to hire more staff, expand its community management team and more.

  • This Assassin's Kittens short is impossibly cute

    If the gritty reality of the regular Assassin’s Creed games aren’t your thing, perhaps kittens will be more your speed.

  • Xbox One should get BBC iPlayer by the end of the year

    After a long wait, it looks like Xbox One owners will have access to the BBC iPlayer app just in time to watch all the terrible Christmas telly.

  • Comcast Xfinity commercial attempts to reach out to gamers, fails miserably

    Comcast has been doing its darndest to try and reach out to gamers. Earlier this month, Comcast and EA were reportedly working on a deal to stream EA’s games. Comcast’s commercials as of late for Xfinity have been trying to target the gaming crowd, unfortunately it has incited gamer ire more than anything else.

  • Here are your favorite Bethesda characters as cute pencil drawings

    Bethesda games aren’t exactly known for having the cheeriest plotlines. Take Fallout 3, for example, you play as the individual roaming a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland in search of your father, who’s just up and left you behind. That’s pretty dark.

  • Watch Donnie Darko in 8-Bit

    The talented folks over at CineFix have put together an 8-bit re-imagining of Donnie Darko. They’ve not only condensed the pixel-count, but also the length of the film. The video clocks in a little over 3 minutes and every bit of it is just as weird and angst-ridden as the original. Here it is.

  • OnLive 2.0: is the game streaming service worth your money?

    We test OnLive 2.0’s game streaming to a basic netbook and android tablet to find out if it really works and whether the service is worth the fee.

  • Developers may be "waiving their rights" if they allow YouTubers to use game footage

    The controversy of YouTube clamping down on gameplay videos continues, and now a lawyer well-versed in copyright law has weighed in on the subject, claiming that if developers allow YouTubers to continue unchecked, it may prevent them from taking action in the future if their footage is used in a manner they don’t like.

  • SpeedRunners will release for free, charge for online play

    If you’ve not heard of it, SpeedRunners is a four player 2D competitive platformer with the design sensibilities of Super Smash Bros. Fast rounds, madcap chaos, an equal measure of skill and luck. While the game is currently available for $10 or seven pounds on Steam’s Early Access, its developer tinyBuild has announced the full […]

  • A new Gears of War should maybe be "more gritty" - Phil Spencer

    The VP of Microsoft Games Studios Phil Spencer appeared as a guest on IGN’s Podcast Unlocked and talked through everything from Gears of War Judgement’s poorer sales and critical reception to how Rare ended up making Kinect games and not a lot else. Choice quotes after the break.

  • Nintendo suspends Swapnote due to the exchange of "offensive" photos

    After thanking us for our support, Nintendo has announced that it has suspended the Spotpass feature of its 3DS messaging application Swapnote (Nintendo Letter Box) due to the company discovering that some people have been “exchanging their friend codes on Internet Bulletin Boards” and then using the service to “exchange offensive material”. While the announcement […]

  • Twitch streamers have raised more than $8 million for charity

    Twitch’s streamers and their viewers have raised more than $8 million dollars for various charities over the years, as part of events like Desert Bus for Hope, Speed Demos Archive’s Charity Marathons and Extra Life’s marathons. Twitch said this amount could increase exponentially with this year’s Extra Life marathon, which is due to start this […]

  • LEAK: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls test client datamined, reveals Adventure Mode, Clan/Ladder System and 100+ new quests

    The folks over at DiabloFans have datamined just about everything you could imagine out of one of Blizzard’s internal testing versions of the upcoming Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls. Some of the features, all of which are subject to change include a ladder and guild system, an adventure mode with bounties, ‘Devil’s Hand’ and […]

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