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  • Dreamlords: Resurrection launch marked by trailer, free in-game currency

    Paradox’s foray into the rapidly-crowding MMORTS world, Dreamlords: Resurrection, is up, running and desirous of your attention.

  • Relic accepting Closed Beta applications for Company of Heroes

    Relic’s readying itself to send out Closed Beta invitations for its MMORTS Company of Heroes Online.

  • Weekly MMO news round up - Aion Cleric Class, Second Life Avaline service, WAR's Wild Hunt event

    Loads of World of Warcraft stuff is coming out of BlizzCon 09, but you knew that already. We also told you about the new CCP game Dust 514 this week thanks to GamesCom, but there is other stuff that went on in the world of MMOs as well. The Avaline service is now available in […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up E3 edition: Torchlight, LotRO, Warhammer, SWTOR

    E3 was a very busy week for all involved whether they were at the show or not. Loads of games were unveiled, peripherals, and tons more stuff happened. MMOs were there too though, and while the majority didn’t make the front page, loads of stuff pertaining to the genre happened or is going to happen. […]

  • Petroglyph and Trion partner on MMORTS

    Petroglyph is creating an MMORTS in conjunction with Trion, the company’s announced. “Trion is thrilled to partner with such decorated and extremely talented game vets as the Petroglyph team,” said Trion boss, Lars Buttler. “We are very excited about bringing the world’s first truly high-end MMORTS to market and we can’t wait to share with […]

  • SAGA: free client now available

    Silverlode Interactive is offering the client for MMORTS SAGA for free. According to the publisher, if you’ve “been wanting to try out SAGA but haven’t been sure if you’re ready to buy, you can now play for free and try things out.” There is no expiration date for the free version of the game but […]

  • MMORTS Saga beta opens today

    Here. Billed as the “world’s first collectible online real-time strategy game”, Saga is readying for a March 4 launch with an open beta which starts today. The site says, “The exact time isn’t nailed down yet, but we hope to have things up and running as soon as possible.” Old skool. It’s worth looking at […]

  • Kingdom of Fire to get MMOARTS sequel

    Phantagram’s working with Korean outfit Blueside to create a sequel to Xbox strategy title, Kingdom of Fire. The original was well-liked among the Xbox hardcore at the time (2004), who will no doubt rejoice to learn that the sequel, named Kingdom Under Fire II, is a “MMOARTS” (massively multiplayer online action real-time strategy) title. It’s […]

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