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  • Betrayer launch trailer celebrates today's Steam release

    Betrayer developer Blackpowder Games has published a new trailer for its eerie sandbox romp, giving a glimpse of a colonial American settlement gone horribly wrong. We’ve been playing the game, and we’ll have final impressions coming on Friday. As you’d expect from the former Monolith developers who had a hand in F.E.A.R. it’s quite creepy.

  • Through the Woods gets first trailer, launches Greenlight campaign

    Through the Woods is a third-person horror adventure from Norwegian indie Antagonist. Set on the western coast of Norway and drawing on the Norwegian landscape and art history for inspiration, the narrative-driven adventure has players exploring Norse mythology, lore and urban myths, facing creatures both well-known and obscure.

  • The Forest lands on Steam Early Access in May, new alpha trailer released

    The Forest, Endnight Games’ survival horror game set in the woods, will release through Steam Early Access on May 22. Along with the early access news, the developer has also released a new alpha video showing how the game is progressing. It really looks terrifying. On top of this, the video also shows off a […]

  • Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z reviews hit for North American launch

    Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z lands today in North America, and a few outlets have gone live with reviews for the slasher from Comcept, Team Ninja and Spark Unlimited.

  • Indie horror-adventure title Home comes to PS4 and Vita this year

    Benjamin Rivers’ indie horror-adventure Home will be ported to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, with a release date of this year.

  • Alien: Isolation developer video details "Creating the Alien"

    Alien: Isolation has a new developer video available discussing the creation of the Alien threat in the game. Watch it below.

  • Among the Sleep teaser trailer may give you the willies

    Among The Sleep, an unusual horror game in which the player takes the role of a very young child, is looking scarier than ever in its latest trailer.

  • Home dev's horror dating sim actually happening

    Home creator Benjamin Rivers has made good on a promise from almost one year ago, announcing horror dating sim Alone With You.

  • Daylight now available for pre-purchase on Steam

    Daylight, the Unreal Engine 4-built, randomly-generated survival horror from Blacklight developer Zombie Studios, is now available for pre-purchase on Steam. It’s only available in Windows flavour, but if you buy in ahead of its April release date you’ll save 33% off the cover price. Daylight is also coming to PlayStation 4.

  • Obscure 1 & 2 release on Steam, pricing inside

    Obscure and its sequel have launched on Steam. The horror series starts off in Leafmore High School, which is home to horrific occurrences, before the sequel sees the cast moving on to college where they find even more disturbing events. And people say being a teenager is all acne and sexual frustration.

  • Betrayer from Blackpowder Games releasing on Steam later this month

    Betrayer developer Blackpowder Games has announced it horror FPS sandbox title is leaving Steam Early Access. The studio, comprised of ex-Monolith team members, decided to go with a monochrome visual style initially, but according to PC Gamer, the style is now optional. Betrayer will see a full release on March 24.

  • THQ: where are they now?

    South Park: The Stick of Truth arrives in Europe today – many months later than anticipated by THQ. What’s happened to the shuttered publisher’s other lost gems?

  • Nevermind gets harder as you get scared - bare hours left to pledge

    Nevermind is a horror adventure game which uses a heart rate monitor or player behaviour cues to check how scared you are – and as your anxiety rises, so too does the difficulty. It doesn’t sound easy but it sure sounds rad; Valve has pre-approved it for Steam release on Mac and PC, and thatgamecompany […]

  • Resident Evil 6 prequel Manga coming west

    Resident Evil 6 received a prequel comic in Japan, and it’s now coming to North America this November. It stars Chris Redfield before the events of Capcom’s critically divisive sequel.


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